Dirt Track Racing Shirts


Are You Looking Into Dirt Track Racing? When getting into dirt track racing, specific apparel is necessary. This includes high-quality helmets, gloves, and boots, as well as tires designed for optimal traction on the track.

Choose from a range of shirt styles, such as v-neck or crew necklines; short, baseball, or long sleeves; as well as light or heavy fabric weight options.

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Dirt track racing drivers usually wear t-shirts and other garments made of breathable materials for wearing in hot temperatures, like cotton. They feature various styles, such as crew or V-neck necklines; short, baseball, or long sleeves; slim or relaxed fit designs; light fabric weight options or moisture-wicking capabilities, with sizes ranging from XS to 5XL in stock – many even feature designs such as midget illustrations!


Pitt Stop USA offers an array of helmets from some of the industry’s top brands that will ensure proper fitment for racers of any level, with Snell SA2020 and FIA homologated options suitable for open wheel, dirt track, formula, and kart racing as well as head/neck restraint systems, suits shoe gloves, and other safety accessories to meet any particular need.

Designed specifically to meet the demands of racing, the Bell M8 Helmet represents a step forward in performance, value, and style. Perfect for open or closed-cockpit motorsport applications alike, its lightweight composite shell technology, energy management system, advanced ventilation features, and forward-thinking design have been longstanding favorites among racers worldwide.

The Impact Carbon Air Draft Helmet is the go-to choice of many professional dirt track and asphalt racers. Equipped with Impact’s Venturi Cowl air induction system, which features three low-profile channels to channel air directly onto the inside visor without fogging up, eliminating fogging while preventing contaminants from entering via three “whisper” channels directing their flow onto its inside surface, its built-in chin deflector and Nomex covered eye port gasket help prevent dust or other contaminants from interfering with their field of vision.

Pyrotect Pro Sport and Youth Duckbill Helmets are ideal entry-level options for dirt, pavement, and kart racing. SFI 24.1-20 certified, this helmet provides superior protection in Quarter Midgets, Junior Dragsters, Junior Sprints, Mini Dwarfs, and Trophy Kart competitions, with factory-installed M6 threaded anchor posts suitable for your choice of head and neck restraint system.

Arai’s mission is to craft the finest racing helmets on earth. Through their dedication to research and development, Arai continues to be at the forefront of helmet innovation and technology – producing helmets that offer unsurpassed protection for drivers while meeting or exceeding international safety standards. Each Arai helmet is hand-crafted and engineered to the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring an outstanding product experience for every rider.


Gloves are an integral piece of racing gear worn by all drivers to improve grip on steering wheels or handlebars. Gloves should fit snugly while being made from fire-retardant materials that will endure extensive use without becoming worn out quickly.

Drivers can select their racing gloves according to a range of options, including cuff style, palm padding, and mitered fingers. Cuff styles range from comprehensive to narrow, with wider ones designed to go over driving suits and narrower ones designed to tuck inside them. Palm padding plays an integral part in steering wheel feel; mitered fingers also offer less bulkiness for greater hand mobility when driving the car.

UPR racing gloves are SFI 3.3/5 Certified (SFI-5 homologated), made of high-grade materials to provide racers with protection in case of crashes or fire in their car. Our inventory features Velocity Race Gear and Alpinestars Sparco RaceQuip in sizes XS-3XL. Most sanctioning bodies require SFI-rated gloves in drag racing, circle track racing, road racing, and kart racing; some accept FIA-homologated racing gloves instead.


Racing shoes and boots are essential pieces of equipment when out on the track. Not only can they protect in case of fire, but they also allow easy stepping between clutch, brake, and gas pedals. At JEGS, we carry an impressive selection of race footwear brands such as Simpson, Sparco, and Impact Racing to meet every racer’s needs on track.

Fox dirt bike boots bring cutting-edge technology directly to where it matters most–where your feet meet the pegs. From beginner and aspiring pro riders alike to low-cut Bomber boots that provide ankle coverage, Fox dirt bike boots offer something suitable for every skill-level rider.