Dead Space Shirt


This sleek black t-shirt from Dead Space will help keep away the Necromorphs. Featuring the official Dead Space logo, this item will surely become a fan favourite!

Dead Space video game series takes place in an alternate universe set during the 26th century and has been adapted into other media such as films and a comic book miniseries.

Dead Space T-Shirt

Dead Space debuted in 2006 and quickly became an industry classic among horror video game enthusiasts, winning several industry awards as well as critical praise for its atmospheric gameplay and realistic sound design. Since then, two sequels and numerous spin-off titles – comic books and an animated film – have followed in its wake. Express your admiration of this franchise with this black tee featuring its iconic quote: “Cut off their limbs”.

No matter where your adventures take you, this t-shirt will have you feeling and looking like a true hero! Boasting the official Dead Space logo, this piece of attire will get noticed.

Sunspel has become widely recognized thanks to Daniel Craig wearing one of its shirts in Casino Royal, but its heritage dates back as far as 1860. This Sunspel tee features a classic regular fit from soft cotton-jersey material, with features including round neck, short sleeves and straight hem; ideal for pairing with jeans, chino shorts or sweatpants! Made in the USA.

Dead Space Logo T-Shirt

This black Dead Space T-shirt makes the perfect addition to any gamer’s wardrobe, featuring its iconic logo on it. No matter whether you’re fighting off Necromorphs or exploring USG Ishimura, this tee will keep you looking and feeling like an action hero!

Machine wash cold inside out with similar colors, and tumble dry low. Sideseamed to provide a curved silhouette and relaxed fit; 100% cotton fabric.

After an exhausting day commanding your starship’s crew, it is necessary to take time out for yourself and relax. Head into Quark’s Bar in style by wearing this cozy women’s scoop neck tee featuring soft fabric with an arched silhouette adorned with the iconic vintage logo screen printed onto it.

Officially licensed product, this t-shirt displays the cover art from Dead Space: Remake of Cover Art videogame and will make an ideal addition for fans of the franchise! Made of premium heavy weight cotton fabric with an embroidered patch logo sewed onto it – your account will only be charged upon shipping of this item from our supplier! Please allow up to 28 days for order processing before your account will be charged accordingly.

Dead Space Necromorph T-Shirt

Our fitted t-shirt is crafted from soft yet sturdy 100% ring spun cotton that has been preshrunk to maximize comfort. Featuring a classic crew neckline and available sizes XS-5XL. Available colors include the best-selling black, classic white or various heathered shades.

Dead Space is the spiritual successor to System Shock, sharing its quasi-cyberpunk universe, parasite zombie monsters and survival horror gameplay. EA’s revamped graphics add even greater fear-inducing effect with its terrifying third-person monster design; additionally it incorporates more linear structures that reduce backtracking while enabling you to collect items from fallen foes – adding an RPG element into its sci-fi thriller formula.

Dead Space stands out from many remakes in that it retains its integrity, unlike many of its counterparts which often feel like rehashing old stories. The USG Ishimura setting from the original is expanded upon in this iteration with more details and atmosphere; most character arcs remain similar as well; with Chen’s receiving additional screen time and more horrific twists.

While Dead Space 1 was more of a straightforward science fiction horror, its remake has introduced elements of sci-fi fantasy. Isaac can now read Marker texts in his head to decipher alien invaders’ language but also becomes paranoid and schizophrenic due to this ability. Additionally, Isaac hallucinates dead crew members stalking him.

The other major addition to the storyline is the discovery of a fourth uniter: an alien creature known as a Divider that is more powerful and dangerous. These tall, lanky creatures are terrifying to encounter; thanks to improved physics they now move more gracefully, while their spine-chilling moans have been updated so as to be even more terrifying and their attack animations now show them dismembering players rather than simply taking off pieces from their bodies or shooting out their heads.

Dead Space Cut Off Their Limbs T-Shirt

Necromorphs have been taking people’s hearts and limbs, but there’s a way to stop them: cut off their limbs! This black Dead Space shirt features the iconic phrase, “Cut off their limbs,” from the sci-fi video game series. Perfect for fans of Dead Space video game series; wear casually or add to your collection; this t-shirt is sure to impress.

Dead Space, created and developed by Electronic Arts and Motive Studios, follows Isaac Clarke on an Antarctic mining station where mysterious necromorphs threaten him and must use an Engineering Suit to fight them off – commonly referred to as Markers.