NFL Sunday Ticket Moves From DirecTV to YouTube and YouTube Primetime Channels


This Sunday marks the beginning of the 2023 NFL season and brings with it a significant shift for sports TV. Sunday Ticket, an online streaming package that allows viewers to watch out-of-market NFL games during regular season Sunday afternoons on DirecTV, has moved over to YouTube TV and Primetime Channels for this season.

What is a Sunday Ticket?

The NFL season kicks off this week, and football fanatics everywhere are getting ready to tune into their local teams and national TV broadcasts. But for some viewers who need some additional assistance to catch their favorite team on Sunday afternoons, an extra helping hand may be required – that’s where DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket comes into play – this package allows access to out-of-market games not broadcast locally by CBS and Fox, plus additional extras like pregame coverage and NFL RedZone.

Now that the NFL has switched its satellite service over to YouTube TV (effective 2022, at least), they’re looking to broaden Sunday Ticket’s reach even further by making it available for non-DirecTV subscribers as well. YouTube TV subscribers will have access to Sunday Ticket for as little as $70-$90 per month — much cheaper than DirecTV subscription at $399 and including channels such as NBC Sports and ESPN!

There were concerns that YouTube TV’s Sunday Ticket would suffer the same delays as its satellite predecessor; however, so far, they appear to have been overcome. Mike Snider of X and Threads reports excellent streaming quality with minimal delays (or none at all!). You can watch up to four simultaneous streams per game simultaneously as well as multiview, Key Plays (which earned YouTube TV a technical Emmy earlier this year), and NFL Shorts features for added convenience.

You will still require a strong internet connection to stream these games, though that shouldn’t be too much of an issue with gigabit internet service plans. And if you live in one of seven states where YouTube TV is offered, Verizon Fios may even provide free Sunday Ticket subscriptions with its gigabit home internet plans!

How do I watch Sunday Ticket?

Sunday Ticket has long provided NFL fans with access to out-of-market regular-season NFL games via streaming, with its most notable home being Amazon and ESPN. Starting this year, YouTube/YouTube TV have won the bid and now have exclusive rights for seven years to NFL Sunday Ticket, though much remains the same – showing out-of-market games on Sunday afternoons during the regular season while including Scott Hanson’s RedZone to showcase all the greatest scoring plays and features of the game from inside the red zone – subscribers may notice some differences within these services compared with what Amazon and ESPN can provide – making this year truly remarkable in comparison.

Subscribers will also have access to both YouTube and YouTube TV apps on most devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs/Macs with the latest version of the YouTube app installed, Roku/Chromecast streaming players, and smart TVs/gaming consoles. Cable/satellite or OTT subscribers can also take advantage of YouTube Shorts to view NFL highlights and condensed game replays; similarly YouTube TV subscribers will also be able to stream multiple NFL games at once through this multiview feature; but only subscribers have this privilege – which won’t be accessible by non-subscribers/subscribers/subscribe/subscribers/subscribe/subscribe/subscribe/subscriber/subscribe/subscribe/subscriber/subscribe/subscriber/subscribe/subscriber/subscriber/subscriber/subscriber/subscribe/subscriber/subscriber/subscriber//subscriber/subscriber/TV subscribers can gain access NFL highlights/condensed game replays via YouTube Shorts tab/YouTube YouTubeTV subscribers may access NFL highlights/condensed game replays through Shorts tab, though non-subspc subscription may access some devices/sub/sub/sub subscribers but will not have this multiview feature available across some devices (but non-subs/n-sub subscribers only be accessible by nonsubsub/ subscriber only nonsubs/). YouTube TV subscribers will also be able/n able/ sub// OTT subscription to access NFL highlights/condensed game replays through the Shorts tab (YouTube TV-subs may watch up to access condensed game replays through YouTube Shorts tab, cable/sat OTT subscription service (line/OTT sub/OTT subscription access will access these tier./multiview capabilities when streaming only device and devices and nonsubscribers could only view simultaneously compared/view feature may or subscribe) YouTube TV subscribe iv

YouTube and YouTube TV apps will feature an NFL row that displays local and out-of-market games, similar to how local channels are displayed on these apps. Unfortunately, however, blackout restrictions still apply for Sunday Ticket service, meaning if you want to watch local NFL games, you must subscribe to cable, live TV streaming, or digital antenna TV service.

YouTube provides a convenient monthly payment plan for NFL Sunday Ticket that makes cutting the cord or moving easier. Once the initial 25% upfront payment has been made, four equal charges will be deducted automatically each month until all four payments have been made in full. Unfortunately, this option is unavailable in Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Nevada.

What are the benefits of Sunday Ticket?

Sunday Ticket offers numerous advantages to subscribers, such as accessing out-of-market NFL games as well as exclusive content and features such as the RedZone Channel, which provides live game highlights with real-time player tracking – beneficial for fantasy footballers looking for more insight into their favorite players’ performances in each game. Furthermore, a Sunday Ticket subscription grants live streaming access for mobile devices so that no matter where you may be, you can stay up-to-date on all the action, no point where it occurs!

Depending on which team you follow, NFL Sunday Ticket may be well worth it for you. With over 200 live games to watch at once and other unique features like multiview that allow for viewing up to four at once simultaneously – it works seamlessly on any device, so you can keep an eye on them no matter where life takes you!

DirecTV had long been the sole provider of NFL Sunday Ticket; however, that all changed this year when Google’s YouTube TV paid $2 billion per season for residential rights to this service. That means you now can access Sunday Ticket either with a YouTube TV subscription service or through Primetime Channels a la carte offering.

NFL Sunday Ticket’s new deal will be significantly less costly than its previous offering, enabling more people to afford subscriptions and watch their favorite teams play. Students can access SheerID for discounted subscription rates; Verizon customers can sign up and get NFL Sunday Ticket free when signing up for new phone or Internet connections through Verizon; however, this offer only lasts through to the end of this NFL season, so take advantage now while it still lasts!

How much does Sunday Ticket cost?

NFL Sunday Ticket prices remain relatively unchanged, which should come as no surprise given that CBS and Fox require out-of-market access at a premium. YouTube TV will offer the service as both an add-on for its 2023 season as well as separately as part of YouTube Primetime Channels subscription services (a la carte subscriptions to streaming services). Full-season membership starts at $349 or adds RedZone for an additional cost.

Signing up for this add-on gives you two simultaneous streams of NFL games – just like what most bundled sports TV channels provide – but without 4K streams, which may not be surprising considering most people today have high-speed Internet capable of handling HD streams. Unfortunately, no such 4K add-on is yet available, though that may also have something to do with weekly NFL games being produced and broadcast in only 720p resolution, leaving not much room for stretching footage out further.

Similar to other buy now and pay later offerings, the service will also offer monthly payment plans with 25% down paid upfront and the remainder over four months. Unfortunately, it will only be available in seven states: Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Tennessee, and New York.

Consider when signing up for any service the fact that once signed up, there is no cancellation or refund policy in effect if you’re uncertain if spending several hundred dollars might not be beneficial or enjoyable.

Note that NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV or Primetime Channels is only valid for a single season; to watch the 2024-25 NFL season, you’ll have to resubscribe again as the service forms part of a larger bundle with local channels, national networks such as CBS, FOX and NBC and local channels; it is unlikely the NFL would ever offer its standalone network version as this may violate agreements made with partners.