Essentia My Health


Essentia my Health Login Portal is a new online tool developed to manage medical records of its users online. Available both via web and mobile apps, the portal makes managing health records accessible from any location.

MyChart provides essential patient-related services like bill payment and proxy access for family members. Activation codes from after-visit summaries or enrollment letters allow you to create new accounts easily.

Manage Your Care

Essentia my health is an online patient portal that makes managing healthcare needs easy with secure website. Users can quickly and securely access electronic medical records as well as communicate directly with physicians. Furthermore, Essentia my health can also help obtain lab test results and refill prescriptions.

Essentia my health also offers patients the convenience of on-demand video visits with their physician 24/7 from the convenience of home or work, making for hassle-free doctor consultation. Furthermore, its user-friendly design makes essentia my health easy for anyone to navigate without difficulty.

An individual can access their Essentia My Health account using an activation code given after visiting or receiving mail correspondence, then use either their existing or newly created account to log on and create their essentia My Health login and get information regarding themselves and family members’ health statuses.

Essential my Health offers another feature to allow loved ones to request proxy access on behalf of themselves or another. This can be accomplished using a form submitted by either their parents or legal guardians; once completed, this access allows the proxy user to see confidential patient medical history information – making this service great for helping sick children when parents themselves cannot. Although the service itself will be free, please remember that any private data should remain private – do not share this data with anyone outside essentia my Health!

Get Your Prescriptions

If you take prescription drugs and are an Essentia Health clinic patient, MyChart provides an easy and fast way to access them quickly and conveniently. With just a few clicks, appointments and test results can be scheduled online, refills requested and sent directly to any pharmacy you select – plus long-term or maintenance medications (93 day supply at Essentia or Dakota Pharmacy or Essentia Mail Order service available as options.)

Essentia Health Pharmacy Services includes 19 ambulatory pharmacies, a prescription service center, decentralized inpatient pharmacy services and medication therapy management (MTM) services, in addition to offering specialty and infusion pharmacies.

MTM providers work closely with patients to review and optimize their drug regimen, provide education on best practices for taking their medication, collaborate with other healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive care, make referrals if additional care is necessary, and assist in making referrals as needed. Essentia Health has offered MTM since 2004 at their Duluth Clinic Internal Medicine department – expanding this service throughout other clinics over time.

Essentia Health is an established integrated health system serving Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota with 15 hospitals, 75 clinics, seven long-term care facilities, two senior living facilities, four independent living communities and five ambulance services. Their core values of Quality Hospitality Respect Justice Stewardship can be seen throughout their facilities; Fitch projects that Essentia will stabilize operating EBITDA at around 7.5% by 2025 as the organization works toward cost efficiencies labor optimization length of stay reduction and adequate cash generation to sustain its current debt levels.

Find a Provider

Essentia my health makes it easy to locate in-network doctors specializing in your condition and get prescription filled at your desired pharmacy. Plus, take a look at your deductible information and drug coverage!

Use our Symptom Checker to enter your symptoms and determine the appropriate level of care. For instance, if you’re suffering from an earache or stomach ache, it may advise trying home remedies first before scheduling an E-Visit with your physician; otherwise it could suggest visiting the emergency department or walk-in clinic if needed.

If you need specialty drugs, be sure to visit Essentia Health Specialty Pharmacy so your prescription is covered and will be properly dispersed. These specialty pharmacies can help treat complex or chronic conditions; you can find one near Essentia facilities. Furthermore, to check whether they’re covered, sign in to member portal and search the name of your condition or sign in as a patient in search mode on Essentia facilities’ websites.

Essentia offers numerous programs designed to assist employees in managing their health. By taking advantage of their resources, employees enrolled in employer-sponsored plans can utilize Essentia programs for improving fitness, managing weight and even preventing disease.

Essentia My Health offers you an easy and secure way to access your Electronic Health Records, communicate with doctors and pharmacists, get lab test results online, make bill payments, request proxy access for family members and more.

Schedule an Appointment

When making an appointment at Essentia Health, use MyChart’s Request an Appointment feature to set dates and times that work for you, or simply request the first available appointment. An appointment scheduler will then book it and send a secure message containing details about your visit.

MyChart offers the Symptom Checker tool, which allows users to enter symptoms at any time of day or night and identify care options that best meet them. This information will then be sent directly to providers and recorded into medical records allowing you to select the optimal option for treating your symptoms.

To schedule an appointment, log on to MyChart on either their website or mobile app and answer some verification questions in order to establish yourself as the account holder and begin managing your health. Your MyChart account is safe – only authorized users have access to it and its contents.

MyChart allows you to schedule appointments, view lab results, communicate with your physician and even set reminders for appointments via email or text messages – all at no charge! The service can even send text or email notifications when it’s time to schedule another visit!

Essentia Health’s “MyChart” patient portal now makes it possible for patients to obtain their COVID-19 vaccination easily, quickly determining their eligibility and booking an appointment with their physician – simply click the icon in MyChart or on MyHealth mobile for this vaccine!

MyChart/MyHealth is a secure Web-based and mobile application designed to give individuals 24/7 access to their medical records. Essentia Health has recognized MyChart/MyHealth as an Accountable Care Organization, giving individuals a better way to monitor and manage their own health and wellness.

Manage Your Health Plan

Essentia my health is a website and mobile app designed to assist individuals in managing their healthcare online. Patients can pay bills, see test results and schedule appointments; track medications; communicate with healthcare providers; keep track of medications taken; manage appointments with them as well as communicate between their healthcare providers; all from any device connected to the internet. Easy to use!

To begin using mychart, simply login with your username and password or register by following the link provided above on that same page and submitting your activation code from either an after-visit summary or email from Essentia. After registration has taken place, accessing either mychart online on your computer or downloading its mobile app on smartphones becomes possible.

Once logged in to mychart, you can access important services like bill payment and proxy access requests for loved ones. In addition, you can see your after visit summary, medication list and lab test results as well as connect mychart with Apple Health in order to import health-related data directly into mychart from devices on which you rely.

Mychart provides numerous other valuable features and benefits, including flu vaccination clinics, nurse care line support and e-visits. Members also can utilize TakeCharge wellness program that offers rewards and activities to encourage daily engagement with health goals.

Essentia Choice Care with Medica is an integrated health system dedicated to “Being Here with You,” serving northern Minnesota, northeastern North Dakota and southeastern Wisconsin with 14 hospitals, over 70 clinics and over 2,300 physicians and advanced practitioners – guided by values like quality, hospitality, respect, justice and stewardship.