Ye Old Fashioned in Charleston


Rod Lapin founded Ye Old Fashioned Restaurant in West Ashley in 1972. Since then, this chain has expanded into seven Lowcountry locations, each one offering its distinct menu and interior design. Yet, all offer large portions in a family-friendly environment.

Ye Old Fashioned opened its newest location at Ashley Landing Shopping Center off Sam Rittenberg Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, and we swung by. Here are our favorites!

Multi-Award Winning Ice Cream

Ice cream brings people together at summer cookouts or can be enjoyed alone on Friday nights while watching television – an indulgence that cannot be denied! Charleston provides many tasty spots to indulge in this classic cold treat.

Ye Ole Fashioned is one of the area’s go-to places for frozen sweet treats, founded by Rod Lapin in 1972 and now with six locations (two each in Mount Pleasant and Summerville) under his care. While each area may feature its unique touches regarding menu and interior, Lapin remains dedicated to quality food served in generous portions – something each Ye Ole Fashioned shop strives for consistently.

Praline treats product safety and cleanliness with equal importance as flavor innovation. Their team works diligently to follow a detailed list of cleaning steps while regular inspections from state inspectors test their facility. In addition, employees inspect all ingredients that come through their plant; employees immediately reject any suspicious items.

Ye olde fashioned cafe is known for its massive sundaes, signature banana splits, shakes, malts, and classic milkshakes. Additionally, this venue has received several awards from various local publications and makes an ideal spot to grab lunch or an ice cream cone.

Massive Sundaes & Banana Splits

At this 1950s-style diner, the giant sundae hanging above the entrance gives visitors an indication of what to expect inside. Classic memorabilia decorate the walls, while there’s even a jukebox featuring your favorite tunes as you sample over 30 flavors of dairy-free ice cream (there are dairy-free options as well!). Sundaes are also a specialty here – whether simple two scoops on a bowl, crushed cookies and peanut butter, or M&Ms and Gummy bears on a waffle cone or cookie cone!

A classic banana split should not be missed on any visit here. Legend has it that its invention came about due to a clever soda jerk looking to avoid outlawing selling ice cream sodas (a combination of soda water, ice cream, and flavor syrups). So instead of removing bananas from the bottom of his dish and placing them with other components (such as chocolate sauce, hot fudge, and chopped nuts), he added them along with one bright red maraschino cherry!

Ye Ole Fashioned features an extensive menu of shakes, malts, and old-school soda fountain favorites as well as delicious lunch and dinner items like burgers, all-beef hotdogs, chicken fingers, crinkle cut fries, their signature BLT with ten slices of bacon! Their food has earned many local accolades, including awards through local publications for excellence. However, what draws customers in is their award-winning ice cream; you can order online for delivery or pickup from their Rivers Ave location today!

Old School Malts & Shakes

Malt beverages don’t only come in one flavor; there are so many delicious uses of malt in food ranging from milkshakes to single-malt Scotch, that require this delightful ingredient! For those opening diners or throwback soda fountains, having an extensive menu with various drinks and flavors to attract as many customers as possible is critical for their success.

Milkshakes are among the most beloved desserts, boasting classic creamy consistency and offering various add-in options such as chocolate sauce. Whip cream and chopped candy can also add an indulgent treat. Plus, for that authentic diner experience, you can even garnish your shake with a straw and spoon for extra fun!

Ye Ole Fashioned’s menu boasts more than just milkshakes; their popular old-school malt (commonly referred to as malted milkshake) is one of their top sellers. Blending ice cream, milk, and malted milk powder creates a more prosperous, toastier flavor while giving this drink its unique texture.

Malt is the perfect treat to make friends and family squeal in delight, from traditional vanilla or chocolate versions to unique variations such as cherry vanilla or orange pineapple. Add even more sweetness by swapping out malted milk powder for chocolate sauce or caramel – guaranteed jaw dropper!

Authentic Soda Fountain Menu

Visits to classic old-fashioned soda fountains are like returning to the 1920s or 1950s. Once a staple in pharmacies, candy stores, department stores, and more, these diner-like establishments provided delicious ice cream sundaes, malted milkshakes, and egg creams to generations of happy families – today, this tradition lives on in just a handful of surviving soda fountains and diners.

With nostalgic decor or an extensive menu, family-friendly restaurants will delight both young and old alike. Even though modern soda jerks (known for creating sweet treats with cutting-edge technology) might use different techniques than past ones, they still bring contemporary culinary values.

Ye Ole Fashioned in Ashley Landing shopping center stands up to its Charleston roots. While it already boasts six locations (two being Summerville-based), this newest one in West Ashley stands out with the replica of its black marble soda fountain, wooden back bar, and phone booth from its predecessor shop.

Creating an authentic old-fashioned soda fountain at home is simple, no matter where you live! All it requires is mixing syrup and carbonated water from a soda siphon, seltzer bottle, or SodaStream carbonate – and serving with nostalgic classics such as root beer float with chocolate syrup or strawberry vanilla milkshake for the maximum nostalgia factor. To ensure optimal glassware usage and temperature settings when serving these treats – for best results, chill cups/tumblers in the freezer before pouring your creation!

Cuban Sandwich

A Cubano sandwich features Mojo pork (marinated with citrus, oregano, and garlic) with ham on soft Cuban bread topped with mustard, pickles, and Swiss cheese – something new on Ye Ole Fashioned’s menu by accident!

Ye Old Fashioned has long been a Charleston institution since founder Rod Lapin opened the West Ashley location in 1972. Now with seven locations spread out across Charleston – two in Mt. Pleasant, one in Summerville, and four Goose Creek stores, as well as one new addition in Ashley Landing shopping center off Sam Rittenberg Boulevard – each has its menu, interiors, and service unique from one another, yet remain committed to serving quality food in family-friendly environments with large portions.

Ye Ole Fashioned in Mount Pleasant’s vintage cafe atmosphere draws many families to its establishment, providing delicious menu items, classic ice cream treats, and old-school soda fountain treats that are perfect for everyone in the family. Be sure to stop in and experience one of its 32 flavors of ice cream, shakes, or malts from its retro soda fountain and one of its massive deli sandwiches!


Since Rod Lapin first established Ye Ole Fashioned at Charleston’s South Windermere Shopping Center, fifty years have passed. Since then, their nostalgic diner atmosphere has lured scores of Lowcountry residents in for one or more scoops from 32 flavors, a massive sundae, old-school malt, or a sandwich. While every location adds its flare to its menu and interior designs, Ye Ole remains committed to serving large portions at reasonable prices in every area – and Ashley Landing store #7 stands out with one item that stands out: an off-menu BLT with ten slices of bacon has become its signature item!

A staple on many customers’ menus, the BLT has become an official Ye Ole Favorites feature. Enjoy it alongside grilled or fried chicken sandwiches, overstuffed egg salad or tuna, chicken or ham salad, huge chef salad, and delicious banana split for dessert!