Trends in Mens Fashion From the 2000s


Many styles from the 2000s are returning, such as baggy clothes, double-denim, and tracksuits featuring throwback jerseys. You can even sport preppy aesthetics with polo shirts and rugby jumpers!

Add a hint of the 1990s with trucker hats or outfits featuring zippered pants that unzip at the knee to convert to shorts.

Graphic tees

One major fashion trend of the 2000s was wearing oversized graphic tees featuring bold prints and logos, popularized by hip-hop culture and music artists such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. These garments were often paired with baggy pants, cargo shorts, platform flip flops, or Crocs; trucker hats completed the ensemble.

Another era trend was the grunge style, characterized by tight jeans, plaid shirts, black boots, band tees, and unique hairstyles. Men and women both adopted this aesthetic which often featured black hues such as studded belts or Vans shoes with classic white soles; choker necklaces featuring plastic tattoo designs became particularly trendy at this time.

The preppy aesthetic was another popular fashion trend of the 2000s, drawing from styles from the 1920s and 1980s. Preferred by dudes looking to emulate Steve Urkel from Family Guy, the preppy aesthetic consisted of multiple-colored polo shirts in various hues with white trousers and rugby jumpers, along with pop collar polo shirts often worn with bowties or boat shoes (also called Wayfarers).


The 2000s may be long gone, but some of its fashion choices remain relevant today. For example, polo shirts with popped collars remain fashionable today and can be worn with skinny jeans and Converse sneakers as an eye-catching statement piece. Also popular then were double denim looks seen on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at events like the American Music Awards 2001, as well as baggy clothes, trucker hats, and throwback jerseys from this decade.

In addition to large clothing sizes, the 2000s witnessed an impact of emo culture on men’s fashion. Emo dudes donned band tees, studded belts, Vans, choppy hairstyles, and black jeans paired with J. Crew dress shirts featuring stripes for an eye-catching look. Geek chic was another popular trend; dudes often donned hoodies bearing images from video games or geek-related interests on them during this era.

Are You Searching For Preppy and Sleazy 2000s Menswear Style? Pair a button-down shirt with a striped sweater and ripped jeans for an eye-catching 2000s menswear look. Alternatively, try teaming a leather jacket with a plaid flannel and brown Chelsea boots to complete this casual ensemble that works for any event.


Fashion is an expression of self-expression for many individuals. Celebrities, cinema, innovations, climate, creative explorations, designs, and social, economic, and political factors can inspire fashion. There are specific trends that seem to repeat themselves every few years: white tank tops were popular during the early 2000s when paired with luxurious turtlenecks and chunky gold jewelry; celebrities favored denim jeans embellished with butterflies, flowers, or even rhinestones as part of their attire; in addition, scarves became skinnier and were worn casually to elevate casual outfits.

Cargo pants were another trendy trend of the ’00s, often boasting large pockets and intricate embroidery. These pants provide men a stylish way to stay fashionable without feeling restricted by traditional clothing. If you want a sexy look, pair your baggy cargo pants with fitted rock tees or classic rock band t-shirts; pair them with basketball sneakers for an old-school feel that will turn heads. Plus, these versatile pieces come in various colors and prints!

Baggy clothes

Rappers of the 2000s popularized baggy clothing as the hallmark of hip-hop fashion, often sporting oversize tees and long silhouettes that highlighted street style while showing off wealth with large jewelry pieces. Along with singlets, men’s hoodies and baseball jerseys were other fashionable choices popular in this genre; also popular were bomber jackets with velour suits paired with dad hats or wayfarer sunglasses; platform shoes were an integral component of 2000s menswear.

In the 2000s, scarves became fashionable accessories for both men and women. Draped around their neck or as a scarf, these pieces added flair to simple outfits such as jeans. Furthermore, circle scarves or keffiyehs brought warmth to casual looks.

Some trends from the past can still appear today, such as striped polo shirts that can be incorporated into today’s wardrobe. Relaxed-fit jeans can be worn with sneakers for an easy weekend look, featuring trucker caps or rimless sunglasses with daisy duke necklaces to complete this look.


During the 2000s, wearing cloaks that snapped closed at the front and featured large buttons of complementary hue became fashionable. This look became exceptionally stylish among streetwear aficionados. Rugged short jackets featuring colored stripes similar to rugby shirts were another must-have among men’s wear.

Men’s clothes from this era featured trousers that could be unzipped from the knees to transform them into shorts, which was one of the defining trends for this period. Made of technical fabric, these shorts were often worn with button-down collar oxford-collar shirts – making a famous statement among rappers and other celebrity influencers of the time.

Modern fashion makes recreating the ’00s style easy; wear baggy clothing paired with sneakers and casual bags for an instantaneous retro aesthetic. Achieve this by pairing a hoodie with a denim jacket and jeans from Axel Arigato to achieve that Y2K vibe, or opt for tracksuits like those popularized by K-Pop megastar BTS; to complete the look, add some rimless sunglasses and beret to transport yourself back in time instantly!

V-neck sweaters

V-neck sweaters were an increasingly fashionable fashion statement in 2000s men’s fashion. Worn with either tees or pullover nylon tracksuits zipped up the front with ribbed cuffs to prevent their reaching your sneakers, they became one of that decade’s more desirable fashion statements.

Global events heavily influenced the fashion trends of the 2000s. Blogging and 24/7 news cycles provided instantaneous access to new styles and trends from around the globe; as such, clothing styles became more relaxed and casual than ever.

Denim was a fashionable staple during the 2000s for men’s fashion. A unique new trend that emerged was bootcut jeans; these pants were similar to straight legs but with wider openings at their bases, making them popular with those seeking to look fabulous without donning skinny denim jeans.

Low-rise jeans were another fashion statement of the 2000s, with many distressed styles to resemble faded looks or bright red or silver hues and often worn alongside crop tops and belly jewelry. The scene movement emerged from the emo genre in the early 2000s to embrace bright colors and childhood icons; members often wore multiple rows of hair clips in one style, Hello Kitty, or other childish characters on tees for added flair.


When it comes to 2000s men’s fashion, there is plenty of variety. From dresses and velour jackets, outfit ideas from this decade ranged from dresses to velour jackets; many were designed for comfort, while others could be more formal. If you want to recreate an authentic 2000s look, start with basics – skinny jeans with light-wash chambray shirts would make an excellent look; similarly, ripped jeans paired with denim jackets are another timeless 2000s look.

In the 2000s, “pop-punk” fashion was resurgent, thanks to bands such as Blink-182 and Good Charlotte. This era’s baggy clothing became a trend, as did jeans with exposed midriffs and chunky belts. Many women looked up to their favorite singers for fashion inspiration by donning crop tops, short skirts, and body jewelry.

Velour clothing was popular during this decade and could often be found as outerwear at events and public functions. Reminiscent of futuristic adolescent attire, this trend was beloved by celebrities and trendsetters alike. Velour is an excellent choice for casual occasions and is readily available in online stores; some designers, such as Gucci, have even brought back this vintage style!