Tractive – A Review of the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker


Tractive is a GPS tracker you can attach to your pet’s collar for tracking purposes. While designed specifically with cats in mind, it fits on most collars without issue. Furthermore, this lightweight, waterproof device boasts a low profile to avoid getting caught on obstacles like tree branches. Have the Best information about dog tracker.

Location tracking is the star feature of this tracker, offering updates every few minutes in default mode or every two to three seconds in Live mode.


The Tractive GPS tracker for cats is fully waterproof (IPX7) and designed with a sock-like design to keep it securely attached to their collar, with shockproof properties providing peace of mind for pet parents. Users can track their cat in real-time through an app on their smartphone or web browser, view history, or set virtual fences to keep them safe – giving owners peace of mind over their pet’s wellbeing. The tracker offers peace of mind!

Tractive works like any phone and connects directly with mobile networks in its immediate location – unlike other pet trackers that need to be linked to your wireless network to receive location updates. Furthermore, Tractive includes its own SIM card so it can access networks worldwide rather than being limited by just your carrier’s reach; moreover, Tractive updates regularly and reliably without lag or disconnections.

One of the best features of this tracker is its virtual fence feature that can be monitored in real-time on the Tractive App. When your cat wanders out of this safe zone, notifications will appear on your phone so you know when they have left – giving them the freedom to explore without worry that they might stray into dark alleyways or get lost.

This cat tracker is the first to use a heat map to track where your pet has been and monitor their activity over time. Furthermore, the tracker can identify areas without cell signals, particularly useful for rural settings or underground spaces like culverts.

This one is straightforward to set up and use compared to other pet trackers on the market. The instructions are clear and concise, accompanied by a short video to explain how the app works. Furthermore, its small yet lightweight tracker attaches via a magnetic clip to your pet’s collar easily, unlike adhesive devices, which could lead to its detachment from its attachment point or be swallowed up entirely by your pet.

Shock Resistant

The Tractive GPS Tracker is constructed of rigid, shockproof plastic and silicone materials for durability and waterproof performance. Easily attachable to any collar with clips, its low profile makes it less likely to get caught on trees or bushes. There’s an app-controlled light and buzzer feature to help locate lost pets quickly and safely.

Tractive offers several features to make keeping track of your cat easy, such as LIVE Tracking mode (updating every two or three seconds), Power Saving Zones, which allow the tracker to pause updates to conserve battery life, and Power Saving Modes that enable it to break updates at times when power savings zones have been set up.

Another great feature is the Virtual Fence, which allows you to mark safe areas around your home where your cat can freely roam. The app will notify you if they leave these designated zones so you can look for them – and will also alert you as soon as they return inside!

Tractive provides several activity-tracking options that will allow you to monitor your pet’s health, such as an accelerometer for tracking movements and estimated calories burned; it even comes equipped with a community leaderboard to compare how active your pet is with others!

The tracker has a five-day battery life, while its charger plugs directly into any standard USB port. When charging is underway, its LED glows solid red for easy identification.

The Tractive stands out from other GPS trackers by featuring its SIM card that connects it directly to any network worldwide without needing a monthly subscription fee. This makes it ideal for travelers and anyone traveling with cats; its faux leather collar makes attachment easy!

365 Days of Location History

Tractive is a GPS cat tracker designed to help monitor your pet’s location, health, and wellness. The lightweight device fits easily onto their collar. Furthermore, its augmented reality tool tracks speed and altitude data and offers virtual fence alerts if your cat goes outside its designated area.

The device was built to work in over 150 countries, and it’s compatible with multiple network providers – meaning you’ll avoid costly roaming charges if your pet travels internationally or if traveling is in your plans. Android and iOS users can access the Tractive app, which has an intuitive user experience featuring clear icons for easier reading.

The Tractive GPS Tracker can update your pet’s location every two to three seconds in live tracking mode, detect speed information, display it on a map, and provide an augmented reality view with a handy compass showing their travel direction.

Tractive stands out from other GPS trackers by being able to store up to 365 days’ worth of location history for you and your pet in its app, which automatically saves it onto your device and makes it available whenever needed. Furthermore, the app also displays an activity timeline, which lets you identify patterns in their behavior or habits that might suggest behavioral issues or changes that need attention.

Tractive was explicitly designed with cats in mind, offering a lightweight and small device that attaches easily to collars of most pets, water resistance, shockproofness, snag-resistance protection, and LED lighting and buzzer sound for quick emergency notifications.

The tractive app’s main screen contains an Activate button for quickly activating tracking capabilities with just one tap so that once enabled; you can select a tracker name and profile photo for your pet. Furthermore, changing batteries, setting notifications, or creating virtual fences are also simple features of Tractive trackers.

Activity Monitoring

Tractive’s GPS Tracker is an excellent solution for cat owners looking to monitor their pets’ movements and activities throughout the day. It tracks activity levels as well as rest periods for optimal calorie burn. Users can set a virtual “safe area” in the app that alerts them whenever their cat leaves it; you can also access their entire location history through Tractive.

The Tractive GPS tracker appears well-made and attaches securely to your pet’s collar using a rubber clip. Its only button–the power button–is housed in an inconspicuous recess to help prevent accidentally pressing it while they explore their environment. LED indicator lights are bright and easily seen; remote app or web browser operation is available.

The company provides an apparent and informative website featuring helpful articles explaining how the Tractive GPS works, a downloadable manual, blog updates about their products, pet tech news updates, and a discussion forum where customers can share their experiences using it.

Tractive offers various subscription plans, such as a two-year basic plan at $5.39 monthly and the Premium plan with global coverage and access to public and family sharing – plus premium customer support – and includes worldwide tracking capabilities.

The Tractive GPS is reliable because it uses multiple networks to send tracking data (unlike AT&T cell towers, as in the Whistle Go). This gives it more chances of connecting even in areas without GPS coverage.

As an added feature, the Tractive GPS offers you the option of adding an extra battery that will provide up to 24 additional hours of tracking capability in case you misplace your pet or your battery dies unexpectedly. This extra backup makes a perfect emergency solution if your battery runs dry!

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