Tiki Mugs Are a Tiki Paradise For Trader Vic and Tiki Trading Enthusiasts


Tikiland Trading is an oasis for those enamored of Polynesiana, from thatched fish traps and vintage ceramic parrots perching on cocktail glasses to thatched bamboo torches from Trader Vic’s, glass fishing floats tangled with rope, glass fishing floats reminiscent of Pago Pago and Bora Bora imagery, bamboo torches branded Trader Vic’s bamboo torches, glass fishing floats with knotted rope mooring lines, rope fishing floats tangled rope, as well as handcrafted carved tiki poles that bring Pago Pago and Bora Bora back into mind.

Authentic Tiki Mugs

When looking for an authentic tiki mug, ensure it meets all the necessary standards. Many items advertised as “tiki mugs” may not meet this definition. Instead, they consist of ceramic vessels with Polynesian-themed ceramic decorations and faux Polynesian themes – some even feature handles – yet claim they have some form of a “tiki theme.”

Tiki mugs are an ideal way to showcase your love of tropical lifestyle and can be found locally and online. Many people collect them, making tiki mugs a fantastic collectible.

A Tiki Mug is an iconic tropical decorative element, adding an eye-catching splash of color and low style to any room. These decorative items often depict Polynesian people or exotic animals and plants; others feature landscape designs, beach scenes, or ships.

The Tiki Mug has long been an icon of Tiki decor, dating back to the 1940s. These large ceramic cups can serve drinks like Rum Punches and Pina Coladas; coffee or tea may also be made from them. Made of either pottery or porcelain material, mugs may feature different colored glazes to give an individual aesthetic look.

Tiki Mugs for Sale

Whether you’re purchasing tiki mugs for home or gift use, there’s sure to be something beautiful and memorable available. From designs honoring Donn Beach and Trader Vic – two pioneers of the style – to celebrities and iconic cultural figures like this ghostly Frida Kahlo mug by London pottery studio with its 18-ounce capacity that features her mysterious figure as its subject (6.5 inches tall with 3.7 base height and 18-ounce capacity), you will indeed find something perfect to enhance their mystical aura.

This mug features a glaze color of bone with a deep orange/ochre wipe-away deep orange/ochre that highlights its sculpt. In 2018, its predecessor featured bone with a black wipe finish.

There’s also an assortment of mugs featuring images such as sand, sea creatures, and flowers, as well as Captain Nemo himself! Plus, there’s even one featuring Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction!

Cleaning Tiki Mugs should always be performed manually using warm soapy water and dried with a clean cloth afterward. As Tiki mugs often feature caverns and crevices that require reaching into, using an appropriate brush with bristles that go into these small spaces is vital for optimal cleaning results. There are numerous bottle brushes specifically tailored for Tiki mugs available online but make sure that abrasive materials do not scratch their glaze or cause permanent damage.

Tiki Mugs for Bars

Tiki mugs are essential for running a tropical-themed bar or adding island charm to your home collection. While you may find premade ones at party stores, handmade ones offer more quality and authenticity – perfect for showing off rum cocktails or coconut margaritas from your menu!

Tiki mugs are ideal for exotic beverages, while their intricate details serve as decorative pieces. Made of white porcelain with accents glazed to highlight its ghostly bride motif. Combine with two glowing cubes for an otherworldly tiki drink experience!

No tiki bar would be complete without some ceramic coconut cups to complement their decor and quality of drinking experience. These ceramic ones take a step up from the plastic versions you can find at party stores with high-grade finishes that mimic natural coconuts’ striations patterns, designed by Chicago artist Darick Maasen and created by Kosart Studios.

Tiki mugs honoring celebrities like Elvis, George Lucas, and Ernest Hemingway are nothing new. There are plenty of choices from London-based pottery studios honoring Elvis, George Lucas, and Ernest Hemingway. Still, none can rival this exquisite Frida Kahlo mug from a London-based pottery studio, made out of pottery stoneware that holds 11.8 ounces and stands 6.3 inches. This piece is a beautiful tribute to one of Mexico’s foremost artists!

Tiki Mugs for Weddings

The Wedding Tiki Mug makes an exquisite present for any couple. Boasting hand-painted details and glazed accents that add a sophisticated look, it features a glass float to hold drinks of choice and comes in various colors to suit your preferences. This wedding gift will undoubtedly become the star attraction at any reception!

Madame Leota-inspired mugs pay homage to Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 journey across the Pacific Ocean on his handmade raft Viracocha from South America to Polynesia in pre-Columbian times. This journey proved that people from South America could sail there.

Tiki Tony and Jeff Granito of California have collaborated to offer the ‘Hula Haunts’ mug + bowl set, available now for pre-sale with an expected ship date of Fall 2020. There is only a limited pre-order price, including mugs and US shipping.

Tiki Tony personally hand-sculpted each mug in this unique collection and made some changes from his 2019 production (e.g., waves appear greener now). All of these “Whoopsies” have been water tested and passed – though each may exhibit minor irregularities not shown in photos, such as extra glaze somewhere unexpected, tiny black dots from particles in the kiln, or superficial glaze cracks that do not compromise its integrity; each will also be permanently marked on the bottom to indicate membership of this group, should it ever become necessary. If needed. Mugs may also be permanently marked, so they may be marked off if required as part of this group.

Tiki Mugs for Kids

Are you shopping for the perfect present for any tiki fanatic? Look no further! This Keiki Bob mug features a quirky tiki character with large eyes and a small mouth. He is wearing an authentic green tapa pattern cloak while holding onto his coconut cup as the ideal addition to any home bar or lounge!

The hand cast and glazed mug is available in two distinct colors and comes complete with a frog swizzle stick and recipe card to showcase your love of Tiki culture. Additionally, there is an option to purchase five of them together!

You’ll meet all your favorite tiki artists and makers at this year’s Tiki Festival! Set on an idyllic property filled with historic buildings and working orange groves, ample public parking is nearby, and Dole Whips from Hula Girls Shave Ice and cocktails from an on-site pop-up tiki bar await your enjoyment.

Tiki Chippy and Thor are responsible for this mug from their “Whoopsies” series, currently in production and expected to ship by mid-late 2023. This date may change depending on global production delays and shipping.

Tiki Mugs for Home

Are you an enthusiast of all things tiki? Want something unique and creative to add to your home? Look no further than these tiki mugs – with different styles and colors sure to meet every style preference. Plus, they’re easy to keep looking their best.

This mug is a limited edition of 400 in its particular glaze variation. It holds approximately 22oz (may differ slightly depending on your face), weighing 1 lb 12oz with its stunning bone-colored overall glaze color and wipe-away deep orange/ochre detailing that highlights its incredible sculpt. It comes complete with its original packaging.

This ghostly bride may have been abandoned at the altar, but she won’t let you forget her! This tiki lady features a glowing aura that will illuminate any collection of mugs or glasses she graces – add glow cubes for added brilliance!

This TikiLand Mug Society exclusive will only be sold as part of membership and will ship during the first quarter of 2023.