Three Mothers Sue Garden City School District Over Disabilities


Three mothers whose children have special needs are filing suit against Garden City School District over its treatment of them, alleging that it attempts to hold down disabled students and suppress their talents.

Garden City Heritage Foundation annually invests and reinvests PS4m back into its community, providing services such as a garden center, cinema, gallery, and museum; running minibus service; estate maintenance management; and more.

Mister Parent Portal Login

The Mister Parent Portal provides a window into your child’s school day. Use it to view grades, attendance records, class schedules, immunization information, and more – and communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators. To access it successfully, you need a PIN and password, which will be emailed when registration has been completed; should these not arrive within five working days, please contact their school for support.

To access the Parent Connection, it’s necessary first to have an active email address registered with your district – this must either belong to an adult or legal guardian and can also include help guides and FAQs on the site.

Once you’ve created an account, click the link and access all the information on our website. From grades and assignments for students to cafeteria balances, food service purchases, and updates on personal details – even updating yourself! Use the “Update Your Personal Info” link in the menu bar to update yourself!

Parents and students should keep their login information in a secure place for use when accessing the Mistar Parent Portal to check their child’s grades, assignments, and attendance records. Staying informed on progress at school is vitally important.

MISTER ParentPortal is an informational resource available at no charge to every family. It helps parents become acquainted with classroom routines, view grades and attendance activity, and pay for school lunches. Parents should regularly monitor these data to stay abreast of what’s happening at school.

MISTER will launch Student Connect, a tool similar to ParentPortal but tailored specifically for student use, this September. Students will have access to their information while not being able to see anything related to other members of their household, helping prevent the sharing of personal data between family members or others.

Mistar Parent Portal FAQ

MISTAR ParentPortal is an invaluable informational resource provided free to every family by MISTAR School District. It allows parents and students real-time access to their child’s grades, attendance records, class schedules, immunization records, announcements, and any essential school news published daily and available any time of day – making this service genuinely valued by its families. MISTER ParentPortal updates daily so its content stays fresh and can be accessed any time of the day by its users – something the district takes great pride in offering these valuable services to its families!

Once you register for MISTER ParentPortal, you will receive a pin and password valid throughout your child’s enrollment at Ferndale Schools. A valid email address must also be on file before being eligible to receive this account email; should you need to change this, please get in touch with their building directly for help.

Once logged in to the MISTER Parent Portal, you can navigate between its various sections using links on the left-hand side. These include Student Data, Classroom News, Attendance Activity, Class Assignments, Report Cards and Progress Reports, Transcripts, Standardized Testing Results, Food Service Transactions, and Behavioral Incidents; each has its FAQs section.

Mister Parent Portal features FAQs as well as helpful videos demonstrating how to navigate the site, plus helpful information such as usage tips. In addition, mobile device users can access the MISTER Parent Portal using its free app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play; both versions support English and Spanish translations of its contents. If any questions arise, please get in touch with their Support Team for help.