The Rules of LSF Reddit


Ludwig maintained that while LSF initially benefitted him, he now believes the website to be harmful to streamers due to multiple large channels frequently accessing it and using it as a resource. According to him, LSF creates drama, which hinders channel growth.

Content posted here must directly pertain to live streaming or official streamer news, such as clips, tweets, and articles. Duplicate submissions will be removed so as to keep this subreddit fresh and free of inorganic activity and brigading.


This subreddit exists to bring people together to discuss streamers they follow, from discussing personal lives to content decisions made by these streamers. We strive to maintain an optimal discussion experience; thus, there are specific rules that must be observed.

Posts that aim to promote streamers or their social media accounts are prohibited; this also includes “swatting,” or making false police reports against them to try and get officers out to their houses,” and posts regarding major injuries of streamers.

The Poggers Community is an intimate network of Twitch and YouTube streamers who are interdependent and support one another closely. It initially emerged from the Livestream Fail (LSF) subreddit as a means for reviewing LSF submissions depicting members of this particular subculture.


Content that pertains directly to live streaming or streamer news should generally be allowed; any clips that focus on inorganic activities like brigading or dogpiling will likely be removed; clips with generalized themes (such as “he said/she said” posts where one or more streamers make negative statements against each other) or discussing topics like swatting will likely also be banned as this exposes streamers to having the police come knocking on their door will also likely be blocked as these tell them to possible police intervention in person or online.

Content that is non-consensual and inappropriate will not be approved; this includes accidental nudity, groping, and non-consensual sexual activity. We will also not permit clips depicting death without sufficient explanation and consent from its streamer; in general, though, we will remove such pins if they become excessively distressful for other streamers or when someone wants no exposure to them.

We have noticed that many streamers, from Ludwig and Mizkif to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, place great importance on the LSF subreddit. Unfortunately, this can encourage viewers to engage in aggressive debate on LSF threads, leading them to fight back and get the last word in on each argument – something that doesn’t provide a great viewing experience. Though complex rules to enforce will make this difficult to implement effectively, we hope to curtail such behavior as much as possible.


If you are passionate about gaming, this subreddit offers plenty of information and advice about various titles. Furthermore, you can discuss your favorite streamers as well as share tips. However, be mindful that there are specific rules you must abide by, such as not posting anything related to politics or encouraging subscribers to channels promoted within it.

Ludwig Ahgren, an esteemed YouTube streamer, recently uploaded a clip claiming that LSF no longer serves the needs of the streamers who created it. According to him, large streams have begun placing too much focus on using LSF, which is fuelling drama culture and harmful to industry development.


Although LSF welcomes discussions surrounding streamers and gaming, some topics are off-limits for this subreddit, such as politics or streams with clear political messages or content that isn’t focused on live streaming. Our guidelines help maintain an orderly subreddit free from inorganic activity such as brigading and dogpiling.

Personal attacks against individuals based on inherent or cultural characteristics, including (but not limited to) gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, nationality, ancestry, and religion, are not permitted here. Although civil discourse on such topics may take place freely without violence or attacks that seek to increase drama, are strictly forbidden.

Ludwig Ahgren recently uploaded a video discussing LSF and its effect on streamers. While acknowledging its initial exposure for him early in his career, Ahgren asserted that its negatives outweighed any possible benefits. According to him, large streamers spend hours looking at LSF, which is toxic for industry. Finally, he concluded by suggesting the community take control and make LSF better.