The Best BJJ Rash Guards


Those searching for an ideal BJJ rash guard have many choices, each boasting high-grade materials and stylish designs. The most desirable rashguards should feature high-quality construction and appealing aesthetics.

These apparel should fit tightly enough to compress muscles while remaining loose enough to enable a full range of motion and airflow during training sessions. Furthermore, breathable material should help alleviate sweat accumulation.

1. Sanabul Funk Strike Rash Guard

Sanabul’s Funk Strike Rash Guard is an eye-catching, unique, and high-quality BJJ rashguard designed to stand out on the mats. Featuring an eye-catching tie dye design that is both durable and comfortable to wear, this product comes in five different color choices and sizes to ensure you find your ideal fit. Additionally, IBJJF’s legality is an excellent option for training or competing in no-gi BJJ.

This rash guard is constructed of performance fabric that is both breathable and sweat-proof to keep you dry and comfortable while rolling on mats. Featuring flatlock stitching for maximum mobility and four four-way stretch for ultimate mobility, it comes in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions to meet all your preferences.

Hayabusa provides another great rash guard option with their Fusion Long Sleeve Rash Guard, designed to take your Jiu Jitsu game to new heights with its geometric design resembling calculated measurements and analytical decisions required in Jiu Jitsu. Plus, its performance fabric features sweat-wicking properties. Finally, this IBJJF legal option ensures unrestricted movement during training sessions!

RDX is well-known for its simple yet dependable MMA gear, such as its rash guard. Constructed of polyester and spandex materials – with 85% polyester and 15% spandex to provide durability – this rashguard has an integrated cooling system to keep you comfortable throughout a roll session.

This rash guard is constructed of soft yet durable cotton blend fabric. Designed to wick away sweat and provide a comfortable fit so that your training session doesn’t become an unnecessary distraction, its abrasion resistance withstands even rough rolling sessions on mats without getting in your way. Available with both short and long sleeves in multiple colors for your selection – you won’t find better protection on any carpet!

2. Elite Sports Kraken Rash Guard

Elite Sports’ Kraken Rash Guard provides a stylish rash guard to make you look badass while training. It features flat ergonomic seams to prevent chafing, while its UP SPV protection can safeguard against cuts and scrapes. Made of durable polyester/spandex blend for comfort wearability; IBJJF approved; suitable for no-gi and gi training sessions.

This rash guard offers 28 designs perfect for matching your gym colors or tastes! Furthermore, its sublimated designs won’t fade after repeated washings! However, please remember that rash guards differ from compression tops, which support muscles while training.

The Kraken stands out among its competitors because it comes in multiple sizes to meet everyone’s needs and costs just under $20, making it affordable for virtually everyone.

XMartial has long been known for its stylish BJJ and MMA gear, so it is no surprise that it offers an excellent rash guard. The XMartial Heroes Long Sleeve Rash Guard was explicitly created for all forms of training, so you can wear it while striking or grappling. IBJJF-approved, this sublimated graphic rashguard also stands up well after frequent washings.

Although this rash guard lacks the unique design of its counterpart, the Hayabusa, it still delivers results. Crafted from durable polyester and spandex blend material for comfort while training. Plus, it has flat ergonomic seams designed not to irritate skin irritation and is up SPV protected for added safety against cuts and scrapes.

The XMartial Heroes Long-Sleeve Rashguard is an ideal option for anyone seeking stylish yet cost-effective protection in the form of a long-sleeve rash guard. Crafted with durable polyester and spandex material for maximum comfort during no-gi and gi grappling sessions, it is equipped with a UPSPV protection feature to stay safe while training.

3. Raven Fightwear Aztec Rash Guard

This rash guard is another excellent option if you want something that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable during training sessions. The fabric is lightweight yet breathable, featuring flatlock stitching, which won’t irritate during practice sessions. Plus, it comes in various colors to fit with your gi!

The Raven Fightwear Aztec rash guard features an 80/20 blend that provides durability while remaining flexible and lightweight. The percentages of each material determine its feel; higher polyester percentages generally offer more durability, while lower spandex ratios create a looser sense.

Another fantastic aspect of this rash guard is its versatility – long and short sleeves allow you to find precisely the length that best fits your body type and multiple colors, including IBJJF legal options in black and white that work for all ranks of Jiu Jitsu competition.

Sanabul offers the Gold BJJ Rash Guard as our final recommendation, providing all the basic features necessary for comfortable grappling training sessions. IBJJF-approved and affordable, this IBJJF-approved option can make training sessions run more smoothly without breaking your budget or creating undue burden during practice sessions.

This rash guard has earned itself an exceptional customer rating, with numerous users commenting on how comfortable and well-fitted it is. Furthermore, its soft, stretchy fabric allows for ease of movement, while its range of colors and sizes means you’re sure to find one to suit your style!

This versatile rash guard can be worn while training both no-gi and gi jiu jitsu, making it a suitable option for anyone training MMA or martial arts in either style. Furthermore, its many uses also extend to boxing or HIIT classes.

4. Sanabul Funk Strike Rash Guard

Sanabul has built its name by producing quality combat sports gear at affordable prices, including this BJJ rash guard with sublimated graphics that won’t peel or fade over time – perfect for BJJ competitors! Available both long and short sleeves to best meet your training needs.

This rash guard is constructed of high-quality, breathable, and anti-odor fabrics, providing optimal conditions during rigorous workout sessions. Crafted from polyester and spandex fabrics for ultimate comfort while moving, its flatlock stitching prevents ripping, and its anti-odor technology keeps you fresh during workout sessions.

The rash guard has black-and-white options to accommodate your desired color scheme. IBJJF certification allows it to compete, making it an excellent choice for BJJ practitioners. Unfortunately, color bleed is possible with this garment; therefore, it should always be washed in hot water before wearing it.

This RDX rash guard is perfect for grapplers. Constructed from polyester and spandex for stretchiness and flatlock stitching to prevent rips during rigorous training sessions, as well as being anti-odor, it will keep you fresh and ready to go when training hard.

The IBJJF-approved rash guard comes in black or gray to fit your color scheme perfectly while also helping protect you from mat burn. Plus, its high-quality materials will maintain hygiene at your gym or dojo and reduce skin-on-skin contact between opponents for reduced injuries and infections!