Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit Ideas Plus Size


If you are one of the lucky Swifties who managed to score tickets to Taylor’s Eras tour, chances are you are looking for a fantastic outfit to rock at the stadium. Taylor’s onstage wardrobe is often glittery and filled with hidden messages.

Channel Taylor’s OG RED period with tea dresses and boho sundresses, or opt for her 1989 album-inspired aesthetic with Breton stripes and bowler hats.

Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is an exciting musical journey through her entire discography that takes three hours and will delight fans dressed appropriately for each era of her career. Taylor has chosen glamorous, eye-catching clothes with subtle messaging embedded throughout them for fans to wear for each performance, making the perfect photo or #GRWM video opportunity during their night with Taylor.

Taylor made headlines with her 2009 Fearless era set when she donned glittering gold mini dresses and cowboy boots reminiscent of what her 20-year-old self would wear. But this year, she has changed up the look by opting for sparkly crowns instead of cowboy hats and switching her black riding boots for heeled, pointed-toe boots featuring silver-tone ’13’ drawn on their backs – perfect to commemorate this era! To honor it yourself, pair gold mini dresses with silver-tone ’13’ drawn booties or your favorite pair of denim riding shorts & celebrate this era together!

To achieve Taylor’s look of tie-dyeing, lay your shirt flat and scrunch it together into a tight disk shape; use rubber bands to secure its shape before adding rubber-banded rubberbands around it to hold its form. Next, choose any color scheme from pink, yellow, and lime green (lighter hues should be added first); once everything has been mixed and poured on top of your shirt, wrap or place in a garbage bag and let sit for 12-24 hours so the dye sets.

While you wait for your order, begin planning your era tour outfit. When it comes time to style your new tee, pair it with high-waisted leggings or a denim miniskirt to complete the look – we love its excellent tucked-in design, which adds extra shine to concert attire!

Snake Ring

Dressing to attend Taylor Swift concerts is like playing Tag Yourself (Taylor’s Albums Edition). From an O.G. Speak Now fan secretly hoping Harry Styles loves them back to an unwavering 1989 supporter who’s going “Just Say Yes,” you can channel all your favorite eras through accessories that reflect them all.

This snake ring from Reputation tour outfits adds an undertone of darkness that can also serve as an everyday piece. This elegant interpretation of an iconic symbol throughout history symbolizes renewal and change – perfect for Reputation tour performances!

These retro pants will help you embrace your inner “Folklore” girl. Inspired by old newspapers, as popularised by Taylor during her Reputation tour outfits. Wear these instantly elevated tee-shirt and jeans combo into something unforgettable for an affordable way of adding Taylor-inspired flair to your wardrobe without making the trek across America this fall! Adding these sparkly face gems will also remind you of her latest release, Midnights.

Nostalgia Pants

If you are lucky enough to score tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour after years of hard work and sacrifice (not forgetting months’ worth of paychecks!), show day is sure to bring out your inner fan. From bedazzled sunglasses to fedora-type hats – there are numerous ways for fans to show their dedication during Taylor’s stadium shows!

Bring Taylor Swift-esque flair into your wardrobe with these nostalgic pants featuring an eye-catching print inspired by newspaper pages. Wear with a burnt Sienna newsboy cap for maximum effect.

Fans have gone all-out in honor of Taylor’s Eras Tour, from cowboy boots and rhinestone chokers to tulle dresses and head-to-toe ivy to represent “Folklore” and “Evermore” tracks. If you prefer more romantic aesthetics, opt for this stunning sequin dress, which fits seamlessly with her “Lover” music video and will pair nicely with these leather oxfords similar to what Taylor typically wears to concerts – guaranteed to take your ensemble to an entirely new level of Taylor-inspired elegance!

Tie-Dye Cardigan

One of the best aspects of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is seeing all of the ways she celebrates her music through her outfit choices. Fans have replicated Taylor’s looks, from glitter bodysuits that almost sparkled to heart-covered tulle dresses with long sleeves from WorldTrendz; all perfect pieces for celebrating Taylor’s music through concert attire. But for average fans looking for affordable yet appropriate concert merchandise can be difficult; WorldTrendz provides this Full Tie Dye Cardigan with Long Sleeves in Blue as a perfect match to her concert outfit.

This eye-catching cardigan boasts an eye-catching tie-dye pattern that’s sure to draw your eyes when you enter any venue. Crafted from cotton and polyester for ultimate comfort and featuring long sleeves to keep you warm when the temperature drops, this piece makes an impression wherever it goes!

Casually wear your tie-dye cardigan with a white tee and distressed jeans, then pair it with a fringe bag and oversized sunglasses to complete your ensemble. Or dress it up by layering it over a maxi dress and pairing it with heels for a night out with friends!

As Taylor Swift kicks off her tour this month, fans are already gearing up for each stop with outfit ideas to bring to each show. From updating your favorite sundress to finding a sparkly minidress that could catch Taylor Swift’s eye (we can dream!), we have everything you need to rock your style at every show. From country-infused tracks on her self-titled album to romantic ballads from her debut, this collection provides all of the Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas needed for every period.

Sparkly Mini Dress

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s 2010 album Speak Now, romantic purple sun dresses and side braids will help channel her magical world. She often danced around stadiums wearing shimmering sequin mini dresses fit for royalty or fairy godmothers; this paillette fringe cami shift mini dress might not quite match that magic, but it can bring Taylor’s sparkling aesthetic into an Eras Tour concert event quickly! Pair with black heels, a glossy black bag, and a glitter headband to ensure an unforgettable evening out!

Taylor made quite the style transition on her 1989 tour from country sweetheart to pop princess with a complete style transformation that coincided with this musical transformation. Fan favorites from this period, like Bad Blood and Blank Space, made up her setlist; you can channel Taylor’s classic ’90s look by wearing either red mesh skirts or Kelly green beaded crop tops and matching Kelly green tiered midiskirts for this period – perfect for dancing around onstage during her shows.

Folklore and Evermore were released within months of each other in 2020, both exuding cottagecore grandma picnic vibes. To channel this era of Taylor’s music, try sporting either a floral prairie dress, a flowy cream maxi that leans boho-chic, or one of Taylor’s outfits from her “August” music video flannel shirtdress or this rhinestone denim jacket and knee-high boots on sale for under $100.

Taylor brought back the Shakespearean look she made famous during her Fearless era with her 2019 Reputation tour. The singer donned a beaded skirt and T-shirt bearing “You Belong With Me,” as well as sporting an elaborate Shakespearean-style wig and chunky frame glasses reminiscent of what Shakespeare would wear himself. You could replicate her look with this shimmering maxi skirt, perfect for Eras Tour performances or festivals once the weather warms up!