T3 Trading Review


T3 trading is a brokerage firm explicitly designed to meet the needs of proprietary traders. Their services include the T3 trading platform, trade ideas, and customer care support.

T3 members look out for temporary market pullbacks, placing long trades that capitalize on the possibility of a reaction rally. Members earn commissions and are charged monthly software, data, and desk fees.


Trade Ideas is a comprehensive market research and trading platform with an expansive suite of tools. This software features an advanced stock scanner, broker integration, automated trading, backtesting, and AI scanning features to assist traders in discovering opportunities in the market. Users can customize the system according to their unique requirements while choosing from hundreds of pre-configured strategies and scans available through Trade Ideas’ trading chat room; comprehensive data sets library and an integrated charting tool.

Trade Ideas stands out from its competition by automatically analyzing charts to detect buy and sell signals for each stock through an Alert Window feature, making quick decisions easier and enabling traders to instantly see risk/profit levels at any moment for each selected stock. This unique offering sets Trade Ideas apart from its peers.

Trade Ideas’ main advantage lies in its ability to compare stocks and industries. The software can quickly identify which stocks are suitable for each portfolio, creating a list of similar stores based on sector or principle for every selected stock, making this especially helpful for investors looking to diversify their holdings.

One helpful feature of Metatrader 4’s chart windows is their ability to quickly track prices over time and use technical indicators to spot short-term trends. Furthermore, Metatrader also features advanced features like setting event triggers for each strategy – perfect for traders who wish to stay informed and maximize profits in real-time.

Trade Ideas’ interface is easy to understand, with clear instructions and support videos guiding use. With its user-friendly features and powerful functionality, Trade Ideas caters to users of all experience levels, from beginners to market technicians. Customers are treated to excellent customer service from start-up companies with its FAQ page and support staff offering great assistance, not to mention encryption technology that protects user data and communications while accepting multiple payment options, including credit cards and wire transfers.

T3 Trading Platform

T3 trading platform is a proprietary trading firm offering elite solutions for active traders. It provides unparalleled training, cutting-edge technology, and an environment with value-added services for those aspiring to improve their performance in financial markets. Members can use direct access trading options at low commission rates with access to education and mentoring services designed to help members become successful traders.

The company offers various products, with day trading being its main focus. This should raise red flags as day trading is often illegal gambling where most investors lose money. Instead, consider investing in systems with long-term advantages, like quantitative strategies.

T3 Live provides trading information through virtual trading floors, articles, commentary videos, blogs, and social media. However, T3 does not offer personalized investment advice or recommend particular investments; viewers should consider all information presented before making any decisions. Traders should evaluate their financial circumstances, such as risk tolerance, liquidity needs family commitments, before making investment decisions.

Are You Considering Joining T3 Trading Group as a Trader? Before doing so, you must keep a few key details in mind before joining their program. First and foremost, to open an account with this company as a trader, you must be at least 21 years old, be a US Citizen, pass a background check, and fulfill other requirements.

Once you meet all requirements, T3 Trading Group will review your application and approve or deny you. Afterward, a minimum risk capital contribution deposit of $7,500 and monthly desk fees are due.

T3 Trading Group is a registered SEC broker-dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC, with members including Scott Redler, Daniel Darrow, and Derrick Oldensmith. T3 offers its members elite trading platforms, market research, and educational resources through T3 Live – providing direct access to its trading experts!

Customer Service

T3 Trading Group provides an impressive suite of customer support services designed to make trading more rewarding, from placing trades and creating account balances to monitoring positions and account management. Their knowledgeable representatives are available via phone, email, or live chat for any assistance needed – they may even help find you the appropriate account!

Scott Redler is an associate member of T3 Trading Group LLC (T3TG), an SEC-registered Broker-Dealer, and a Member of FINRA SIPC that executes his trades. According to his initial complaint, his joining application was denied due to age discrimination.

T3 Companies LLC (“T3”) has made waves in Manhattan’s financial district with several strategic acquisitions and consolidations across proprietary trading and trader education industries. At T3, their main aim is to offer distinct yet complementary services built around three “T’s”: Trading, Training, and Technology – their purpose is to fund any qualified retail or professional trader up to $10M+ of real money buying power without needing professional licenses or special permission from authorities.


T3 offers its traders an intensive training program designed to build strong foundations. This includes an online platform and live virtual trade floor; free education and mentoring sessions; an active blog; videos geared toward helping traders; and courses on risk management and technical analysis.

T3 Trading LLC is an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC that serves retail and proprietary traders. According to their website, their profit sharing begins at 70/30, with profits increasing gradually over time; however, no specific details regarding fees levied against traders or criteria used for allocating total funding have been shared with visitors.

T3 Live’s Virtual Trading Floor, articles, commentary videos, and blogs should not be taken as personalized advice or recommendations to buy, sell or hold any securities; rather they are provided solely for educational purposes, and you should consult with a financial advisor, attorney, accountant or other qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

T3 Trading Group may provide an excellent starting point for new traders, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Due to T3’s strict policy for accepting candidates with at least PS10K to invest and attending at least one seminar before getting underway, T3 may not be suitable for everyone.

T3 Trading Group is a premier proprietary trading firm in the US. Offering multiple platforms and trading styles to both retail and proprietary traders alike, their low latency execution platform specializes in both stocks and options trades; their innovative technology advances market research capabilities further still.

T3 Financial Services LLC (T3) is a diversified financial services provider with operations spanning proprietary trading, capital markets, and trader education. T3 has completed several strategic acquisitions and led consolidation in both industries; its headquarters are based out of Manhattan, while it maintains offices all across America. Some of T3’s flagship companies include T3 Trading Group LLC (T3), T3 Securities Inc. (T3) Live LLC, and T3 Professional LLC (T3) Technologies LLC. (T3)