Sun Trading LLC – How to Trade in Pokemon Sun and Moon


Sun Trading LLC operates as a financial services provider, trading stocks, equity options, foreign exchange rates, fixed-income instruments, and futures markets for clients worldwide. Sun Trading services all financial needs around the globe.

Hudson River Trading recently agreed to acquire market-making firm Sun Trading, making the latest takeover in an ever-shrinking high-speed trading industry that faces low prices and rising costs. No details of this acquisition deal were made public.

What Is Sun Trading?

Hudson River Trading LLC (HRT) announced an agreement to acquire Sun Holdings LLC as high-frequency trading (HFT) continues its decline amid low market volatility and rising costs. The acquisition is scheduled to close by Q1, subject to regulatory approval; terms were not disclosed.

Sun Markets is a global market maker providing liquidity across 115 exchanges and trading venues worldwide. The company offers market-making services for equities, options, futures, currencies, and fixed-income markets and provides liquidity in over 1,000 European cash equities at multiples of the standard market size (SMS).

Sun Capital utilizes advanced risk management systems to control all trading elements, offering its clients a range of products and tools for tailoring trading strategies based on research data and risk parameters. As a market maker in all the markets it operates within, it stands out among Europe as one of the largest bespoke equity stream providers under MiFID I.

Sun is part of Cboe Europe Equities’ suite of MiFID II compliant Systematic Internaliser (SI) services, including quote distribution, bilateral connectivity, and matching solutions. Their SI connectivity solution helps reduce costs associated with connecting to multiple exchanges and trading platforms while simultaneously connecting users with fellow European SI community members via one safe provider considered safe by regulators – this allows SIs to quickly onboard new counterparties and customers. They also offer an automated trading platform known as RT+ that automates trade execution to enhance operational efficiency.

How Do I Trade With Sun Trading?

When trading Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are a few essential requirements. First, make sure both people on your friend list are connected to the internet, then activate both instances before heading towards the festival plaza.

Sun Trading is one of Europe’s premier bespoke equity liquidity streams and operates as a MiFID II Systematic Internaliser (SI). Cboe Europe Equities offers SIs various services such as quote distribution, bilateral connectivity, and matching services.

What Is Sun Trading’s Trading Platform?

Sun Trading’s platform supports various trading strategies, from high-frequency trading (HFT) to automated and algorithmic. Their multi-asset and multi-product trading technology enables market makers and other market participants to access global liquidity.

This platform provides market-making for stocks, options, foreign exchange, fixed income, and commodities across multiple asset classes on exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, and CME. Their market-making team strives to bring liquidity and price improvement for investors through continuous two-sided quotes, commitment of capital commitment, and pricing discovery between market participants.

Hudson River Trading (HRT) announced its acquisition of Chicago-based market-making firm Sun Trading as it expands its presence into off-exchange markets and strengthens liquidity provision capabilities. “Sun’s highly regarded team and approach to market marking are complementary with those offered by HRT”, stated Jason Carroll, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at HRT.

Sun has taken steps to provide its clients full transparency by making it’s Systematic Internaliser (SI) available through QuantHouse’s qh API ecosystem, powered by QuantFEED and QuantLINK. The solution allows both buy- and sell-side participants, exchanges, prime brokers, trading venues, market makers, hedge funds, and vendors to access Sun SI liquidity quickly. MiFID II requires SIs to reduce infrastructure costs and streamline connectivity. Sun SI liquidity was previously only accessible through large tier 1 brokers with sophisticated connectivity solutions – making access difficult for most traders and leading to negative Sun CFD reviews online. With Sun’s SI, this has now changed. Traders now have access to Sun’s liquidity via any broker. That should result in improved connectivity, faster time-to-market for new services, reduced infrastructure costs, and connectivity issues.

How Can I Trade With Sun Trading?

Sun Trading operates as a Systematic Internaliser (SI) under MiFID II in Europe. As such, Sun Trading provides liquidity in European cash equities by communicating quotes and matching processes directly to sell-side firms. Sun Trading uses Cboe’s SI connectivity solution to reduce connectivity costs while increasing reliability through technology providers known for trustworthiness and dependability.

To engage in Sun Trading, both parties must be on each other’s friend lists and connected to the internet. Once that has been accomplished, head into multiplayer mode and click the Festival Plaza button in each instance of multiplayer mode.