Spanish Food Catering Near Me in NYC


Taqueria Diana (TD), located in East Village, has quickly become an esteemed dining institution since opening its doors for business in 2013. Since 2013, locals have enjoyed its California-inspired cuisine, which includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos!


Lena’s menu is inspired by fire, an essential and mysterious element in any kitchen. Inspired by Spain’s adores and steakhouses in Basque Country and Asturias, nearly everything at Lena is cooked over hot embers — including vegetables and more significant cuts of meat.

Lena offers delicious Spanish food at an unbeatably reasonable price, making this my go-to restaurant when I am in the mood for it. Additionally, their staff was so attentive! I highly recommend it!

Jose Andres, one of Spain’s premier chefs and humanitarians, will open his inaugural New York City full-service restaurant this spring at Hudson Yards’ massive Mercado Little Spain development. Spread across 35,000 square feet and featuring three dining spots – Lena for live fire cooking, Mar for Spanish seafood offerings, and Spanish Diner offering breakfast for lunch and combination plates at dinner time – in this 35,000-square foot space.


Mar is an inclusive cantina and restaurant in La Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society, established in 1868. Since its opening, this historic brownstone building has provided shelter to many immigrants coming to America while remaining an essential cultural institution today.

Fire is at the core of their culinary offerings; almost everything on their menu is prepared over glowing embers – including significant cuts of meat and seafood. Their seafood tapas pay homage to Spain’s diverse coastal regions and their love affair with all things marine; think paella’s lighter cousin fideua featuring mussels, shrimp, squid & clams! Finally, their bar provides delicious cocktails & wine to complete this unforgettable dining experience!

La Barra

This beautiful space is ideal for hosting your wedding reception dinner, providing a private area with views overlooking 7th Avenue. In addition, the open-air dining room can also be reserved for various events – for more information regarding prices and availability, contact them directly here:

Hudson Yards Spanish Market/Food Hall offers an idyllic tapas restaurant to satisfy any Spanish food lover, offering classics (such as patatas bravas and croquetas) as well as regional specialties like Sevillan molle de pringa served on crusty buns or Mallorcan ensaimada with spicy chorizo spread. Though there’s often a line, it moves swiftly, allowing happy hour drinkers and wine connoisseurs a memorable culinary journey! It’s a must-visit for foodies!

Casa Dani

Casa Dani is one of New York City’s premiere restaurants for authentic Spanish fare, such as paella and tapas. Their large dining area features contemporary decor with attentive servers specializing in authentic Spanish food such as paella. Their wine list boasts an exceptional selection; their chef, Dani Garcia, boasts three Michelin stars for creating innovative flavors, textures, and temperatures without deviating too far from traditional cuisine.

Visitors enter a restaurant adjacent to a quick service restaurant with a rotisserie and carving station, where a custom marble host stand greets them, and displays of terra cotta and glazed pots recall the chef’s heritage. An open kitchen framed by glass and brushed stainless steel welcomes them and features an eye-level cook line facing guests for maximum theater.

This airy restaurant offers exquisite Spanish dishes and tapas in stylish surroundings. Their menu boasts dishes made with saffron, cumin, and orange blossom for maximum flavor!


Nai, situated in an East Village space that previously housed a tapas bar, continues to offer a cozy darkwood dining room with high tables that create a sense of intimacy and warmth. A great spot to celebrate special events with family and friends, Nai offers delectable dishes such as creamy salt cod croquettes, shrimp in garlic cauldron, and exceptional Spanish wines!

Nai offers an unforgettable dining experience created by Galician native Chef Ruben Rodriguez, who pays homage to traditional homemade recipes from his mother and his culinary artistry to offer something genuinely distinctive in Spanish cuisine. It provides an excellent opportunity for exploring its depth and history!

Nai is known for its delicious and authentic Spanish fare and friendly service staff. Additionally, their old-world ambiance creates an enjoyable dining experience in NYC. If you want a delightful Spanish experience don’t hesitate to stop in. This restaurant should make the list!

Son Cubano

Son Cubano is one of the most distinctive musical genres in Latin music. This genre combines elements of Spanish cancion with African rhythms and instruments such as bongos, timbales, claves (two thick sticks used to play patterns or meters), and Cuban guitar, creating a dynamic mix. Son Cubano serves as the foundation for salsa.

Classic Son enjoyed its peak of popularity during the 1920s. This growth can be attributed to an influx of rural workers who brought Afro-derived and Hispanic-derived cultures into Cuba for the first time, leading to an amalgamation of instruments used. Guitars, tres cubano, bongos, and maracas became staples among these musicians until other tools such as pianos, extra trumpets, and other percussion devices were added by musicians performing son.