Solo Max Level Newbie


Solo Max level newbie is an incredible manhwa packed with action and captivating characters that is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in fantasy or gaming.

Kang Jin-hyuk, an accomplished gamer and streamer who had successfully navigated his way through the Tower of Trials, finds his fame waning over time and must leave Barrier for new pastures.


Solo Max Level Newbie is an exciting action and fantasy manga that features an engaging plot with many thrilling events, making this must-read manga a must for fans of fast-paced adventure and fantasy alike. With its captivating story and beautiful artwork, readers are guaranteed an immersive reading experience from start to finish!

Jinhyuk, an experienced game broadcaster and content creator, becomes obsessed with Tower of Trials, an online video game that challenges players to clear all floors within 90 days. However, as its popularity began to dwindle, he began to feel his time was coming to an end, but fate had other plans.

Kalakal rewarded Jinhyuk with two special skills after defeating Michael. He prepared an outstanding meal for his friends and then enjoyed picking on Yoosung mercilessly. But after learning about Michael’s plan to use Porwayth’s necklace to seal Alice, Jinhyuk decided not to investigate further right away.

Chapter 98 of the manga takes readers on an exhilarating trip into Gray Temple, one of the tower’s most well-known exchange offices. A priest asks Jinhyuk to switch jobs, which he accepts; however, shortly after that, he runs into an ancient Greek monster within its labyrinth and must battle him to defend against its attacks while simultaneously searching for someone superior.

Readers of Solo Max Level Newbie can read its latest chapters online via its official website or publisher’s sites, such as ManhwaBookShelf and Naver Webtoon, with weekly updates in several languages, including Japanese. MangaPark and TappyToon may offer the latest chapters but may require waiting until the download is available; you may also find other titles published by this publisher under the Manga List menu of these platforms.


Solo Max Level Newbie is a fantasy manga following Kang Jinhyeok, an experienced game streamer and content creator who has completed the Tower of Trials video game. When his popularity wanes, and it becomes time to retire from it altogether, fate intervenes with an unexpected message: humanity could perish unless every floor of the tower can be cleared within 90 days – Jinhyeok decides to accept this challenge since he knows all its complexities inside-out!

As he begins his journey, he encounters many engaging characters. Kalakal, a member of the Brawl Father Guild with two special skills designed for battle, becomes his friend; another notable acquaintance is a scholar of ancient Greek who can translate ancient texts and provide invaluable information. There are also powerful enemies, such as a mysterious vampire unfazed by attacks.

Chapter 99 of Solo Max Level Newbie is now live! Read it online or download it from one of its official websites like Manhwa Bookshelf or Naver Webtoon to access it directly.

Jinhyuk battled Michael to prevent him from killing all the vampires. While exhausted from their battle, Jinhyuk felt content having stopped Michael. After telling Alice they would meet again soon enough, Jinhyuk made plans for them both to meet again soon enough – an event expected on April 27, 2023, when another chapter will be released.

Solo Max Level Newbie features engaging characters and an action-packed plot, keeping readers engaged from its first page to the last. The manga features breathtaking artwork that brings both setting and characters vividly to life; events take place that thrill readers of adventure and fantasy alike while fascinating people, making this book a must-reading material for those interested in perseverance and following one’s passions. While at first glance, its story may appear predictable or generic, there are numerous surprises along the way to keep things exciting!


Solo Max Level Newbie is an engaging, fast-paced read that won’t disappoint manga lovers. From its thrilling events and captivating characters to its message about teamwork and following your passions, this story won’t fail to keep readers entertained throughout its pages – making this book an absolute must-read!

Solo Max Level Newbie’s 98th chapter takes readers on an incredible adventure as Jinhyuk Kang takes an exciting visit to Gray Temple, one of the tower’s most prominent exchange offices. Here, a priest asks Jinhyuk to switch jobs with an ancient Greek monster living within its labyrinth he decides to attack; also necessary is finding someone better than themselves in order to succeed.

This manga boasts not only an exciting plot but also stunning artwork that brings the story world to life. Character development is also vital; the author uses various techniques to add depth and tension. Though initially the protagonist may appear shallow, their growth throughout the narrative makes him an engaging protagonist who ultimately makes for an intriguing and intriguing protagonist.

Solo Max Level Newbie is an essential read for fans of fantasy and adventure fiction. Its captivating setting and plot make it accessible to readers of all ages; moreover, its protagonist serves as an outstanding example of perseverance in pursuit of one’s dreams, even when obstacles stand in your way.

At its core, this story follows a man who believes in himself and persists through many challenges despite facing endless odds. His determination and resilience make him the ideal hero to lead this story – leaving the reader inspired with positivity and desire to achieve their own goals. The author does an exceptional job of creating a world that transports you away into another era; you’ll love this manga’s beautiful illustrations as much as its characters!

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Solo Leveling Chapter 99:

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This manga offers an engaging plot. The author’s imagination and creation of unique characters make this read enjoyable; I recommend it for those seeking an entertaining tale. Plus, its art is excellent, and its characters are very likable!

Solo Leveling manga is an exhilarating, action-packed read for any anime and fantasy fan, featuring exciting events and memorable characters that will keep them engrossed throughout its storyline. Available on Tappy Toon and Manga Buddy as well as in multiple languages – its riveting story will keep you engaged throughout!