Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113


Fans of Solo Max Level Newbie are thrilled about the release of Chapter 113. This manga series is beloved among readers for its compelling plotline and captivating cast of characters.

Jin-Hyuk will face his ninth-level boss, Atasha, and her army of creatures in this chapter. He will make her regret her choice to flee from the eighth floor.


Solo Max Level Newbie is a beloved manga series known for its captivating plotlines that keep readers gripped to their seats. Eager fans have eagerly anticipated Chapter 113 for months now, with speculations as to its release date and mode rife on social media and beyond. Fans eagerly anticipate more information regarding its arrival.

Chapter 113 promises to deliver an explosive showdown between Jin-Hyuk and Atasha, an impressive ninth-level boss who has descended to the eighth floor with her army of monsters. Jin-Hyuk stands up well against Atasha despite her immense power, even summoning Special Forces of five elemental spirits to help clear away obstacles in his way. Jin-Hyuk remains undeterred as he plans on defeating Atasha and making her regret coming down here in any way possible.

Jin-Hyuk must team up with his allies on the eighth floor to defeat not only the ninth-level boss but also three other challenging bosses, which pose a significant danger. Jin-Hyuk will need all their strengths combined in order to complete this crucial test triumphantly and eventually claim victory within the Tower of Trials.

While Kang may be struggling, his guild members are working tirelessly to save humanity. Their goal is to clear out the eighth floor before other bosses arrive – but this won’t be easy! Kang must devise some creative plans if he wishes to succeed in this battle.

This new chapter will reveal more of Kang’s past and his relationship with other characters from Manhwa while also introducing critical antagonists like Alice von Ataraxia, Kimb Gitae, and Hana Park, who will all play essential roles in Kang’s final confrontation against other bosses.


Solo Max-Level Newbie has gripped readers’ imaginations since its release. Its compelling storyline and character development have left readers engaged, and Chapter 113 of this manga series will soon come if you are an avid follower. Make sure not to miss it!

Jin-Hyuk’s confrontation with Atasha from a higher level will be the focus of this chapter, which sees him confronting her mob of creatures on the eighth floor and managing to summon five elemental spirits in order to clear out all of them quickly and successfully.

But, when Atasha witnesses Jin-Hyuk’s full strength, she becomes terrified and attempts to flee; but Jin-Hyuk doesn’t let her escape easily and forces her back onto the eighth floor despite Atasha pleading with their emergency unit to save her. Unfortunately for Atasha, no rescue could come from them either.

In the next chapter, fans can expect more details regarding the newbie’s sword and its ability to create barriers, its attack power as it grows older and more robust, its role in fighting Demon King, how it helps the Slayers work together, their relationship with Jin-Hyuk as they continue their mission against Demon King as well as how it could play into future collaboration between them. Fans have also expressed excitement at seeing more, as its cliffhanger ending has left many wanting more! To stay updated about its release date, visit official authors’ websites like TappyToon or read it online by visiting author websites or downloading it from TappyToon manga sites!

Release Date

Solo Max Level Newbie is a widely read manhwa that follows the exploits of a gaming YouTuber who finds that his favorite game has become real life. Since it first debuted 100+ chapters ago and gained such an avid following due to its captivating plot and beautiful artwork, fans were thrilled when two chapters were released at once! Even after its extended hiatus due to schedule issues, this week was met with much joy as two chapters were published simultaneously!

Jin-Hyuk takes on Atasha from level nine after she descends with a mob of monsters to the eighth floor, using determination and skill to hold his ground against her and summoning the five elemental spirits Special Forces as reinforcements to clear any pathblocks that arise in his path. Meanwhile, Ashley suspects Jack may be in danger and attempts to seek assistance from the awakened association; unfortunately, they cannot provide her any help in saving Jack.

Jin-Hyuk soon realizes his freezing skill is useless against Zalgaroth, so he employs his fire skill instead. Murim forces attempt to retreat, but Jin-Hyuk refuses to allow them to leave without stopping them – unleashing fireballs at them, but they manage to dodge them easily.

Chapter 113 of Solo Max Level Newbie will be available online this Friday on ManhuaScan as well as other publishing sites that feature manhwa. Additionally, creators’ official websites should provide more information as to when new chapters will be made available for reading.

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Where to Read

If you want to read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 113, there are multiple places you can do so. Downloading manga from ManhuaScan or LINE Webtoon, reading it on its official website, or finding it via Tappytoon and Naver Series are all viable options.

This manga’s story and characters are highly engaging, and its plot moves quickly with many exciting turns. Furthermore, its high-quality artwork brings both setting and characters vividly to life; therefore, it makes an excellent read for fans of adventure or fantasy-based tales.

Jin-Hyuk finds himself pitted against Atasha and her legion of demons on the ninth level and is determined to defeat them using five elemental spirits’ Special Forces to clear away monsters in his way. Unfortunately for Atasha, though, Jin-Hyuk is formidable and cannot let her leave quickly; Atasha flees the eighth floor but will soon regret her decision as Jin-Hyuk does not let go either rapidly! Meanwhile, Ashley attempts to reach out for help from the awakened association’s emergency unit, but they cannot respond in time despite Ashley reaching out for assistance through the awakened association’s emergency unit, which proves ineffective as she attempts to save Jack, no help arrives from them!

This chapter is sure to delight manga fans! Already, it has caused much discussion and speculation on Reddit forums, and many are eagerly waiting to see what comes next – its release is expected this Friday, August 11, 2023!

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