Solo Leveling – Chapter 1


Ten years ago, gates began opening and unleashing monstrous creatures to attack our world. Ordinary people were granted superhero powers and became Hunters to battle these threats; Sung Jin-woo became one of these Hunters with determination. He hopes that one day, soon enough, he may be more robust.

Solo Leveling was an engaging action manga that could have been done without its romantic elements. However, at the end of it all, there is a touching montage featuring everyone he has met along with Hae-In, suggesting she is his source of motivation to live.


Solo Leveling has made waves among manga fans since its release and is quickly gaining fans across all generations. Set in an alternate reality filled with monsters, gates, and strange phenomena, Solo Leveling features some fantastic character designs and world-building that are sure to capture audiences everywhere it goes. Unsurprisingly, it has gained many admirers since being made available, but fans must note it may contain issues that render it less than ideal for everyone’s reading pleasure.

Sung Jin-Woo is the protagonist of Solo Leveling and an underdeveloped hunter in general, having earned himself the moniker of “World’s Weakest Hunter.” Though his strength does not even compare with an E-Rank hunter and often becomes killable by gate monsters, he continues hunting as an income stream to pay his mother’s medical expenses.

Hae-In is one of the most engaging characters in Solo Leveling. She remains unassuming despite being socially awkward, yet is determined to train diligently for raids with dangerous raiders in order to protect her guild and establish close ties with Sung Jin-Woo.

Baek stands out amongst his cast mates by being a severe yet ambitious guild leader with vibrant orange eyes, spiky orange hair, and an impeccable black tuxedo. He takes great pride in looking out for the well-being of his members.

The Architect is another primary antagonist in the manga. A man with psychotic tendencies he appears as a stone statue with six wings, eight hands, and red eyes. He created a magical program that can turn humans into vessels for monarchs; however, Ashborn betrays him and causes him to lose power.

Solo Leveling features several other notable characters, including Thomas Andre, an S-Rank hunter and leader of America’s Scavenger Guild. Thomas is known as an aggressive yet confident warrior who values teamwork, possessing unparalleled physical strength to launch opponents into the air effortlessly; skilled strategist, as well as master of various battle techniques.


Solo Leveling follows Sung Jinwoo, an E-rank hunter known for being one of the weaker hunters. Although he is considered invalid by other hunters, Sung is nonetheless persistent in entering dungeons to earn money to pay his mother’s medical expenses. After almost being killed during an encounter, however, something mysterious occurs, which allows him to see an alternate way to level up.

This manga will make you break your promise of reading just one more chapter over and over. Its vibrant art style will draw you in while its world remains captivating from start to finish. I have read the manga version several times now and have never once been disappointed in terms of entertainment; its fist-pumping action, goosebumps, and “HOLY CRAP! Moments keep me coming back for more.

Solo Leveling has made an indelible mark on the manga world despite its seemingly generic plot and story, cultivating an avid following of readers with impressive artwork and impressive illustrations. Furthermore, an anime adaptation is in development, which should provide even greater excitement for its followers.

Solo Leveling’s original illustrator passed away, yet its legacy lives on with over 100 chapters of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok that will satisfy fans of its predecessor.

Solo Leveling stands out as an exceptional manga in many ways. Set within an imaginative fantasy universe where video game logic has been employed to shape its rules and inhabitants; its characters also reflect gaming culture and tropes heavily.

Solo Leveling quickly rose to become one of the most beloved weekly manga series in its genre, garnering global fans who eagerly anticipated its latest chapters each week.

Now, A-1 Studios – best known for their work on Black Butler II, Sword Art Online, and Kaguya-sama Love is War – are set to adapt it into an anime series that is scheduled to air starting January 2024.


Solo Leveling is an enchanting manga that has quickly won over its audience since debuting as a serialized novel in 2016. Later that year, it was transformed into a weekly webtoon by March 2018 before finishing up in December 2021 with its final chapter. Set in a fantasy world filled with dangerous portals leading into dark places inhabited by monstrous creatures known as hunters fighting them off, Solo Leveling follows human protagonists fighting back with unique abilities known as hunters to defend humanity against them all.

Solo Leveling follows Sung Jinwoo, an E-rank Hunter often considered weakest among his peers. Although considered invalid by others, Jinwoo still participates in dungeon raids to raise funds to cover his mother’s medical costs. But an unexpected event changes everything: Jinwoo is saved during one attack by being granted powerful new abilities that enable him to make an impactful statement about hunting strategies and tactics in general.

Even though this volume does not dive too deeply into its central narrative, it does a beautiful job of introducing Sung Jinwoo and creating a likable character who draws readers into Solo Leveling. I can’t wait to read this series and see how everything plays out!

One thing that makes Solo Leveling such a fascinating read is its focus on character interaction; not only is the manga about someone with solid convictions, but how these willful actions will affect those around them as well. Most readers can connect to this aspect, which may explain its immense popularity among manhwa fans.

Solo Leveling will soon hit the airwaves next year, and I can hardly contain my excitement for its arrival! A-1 Studios is behind this production and has assembled some top talent. Shunsuke Nakashige from Sword Art Online and Keijo will direct, while Noboru Kimura (author of Sword Art Online/Keijo/Noboru Kimura/Hiroyuki Sawano’s soundtracks include Attack on Titan/The Seven Deadly Sins/Nobody Knows Who) will create its epic score!


Anime adaptations offer fans an enjoyable new medium in which to experience their favorite manga or manhwa series, but unfortunately, this industry is plagued by leaks and hacks that threaten fan excitement as well as the production itself. However, there are various techniques that studios and their fans can employ in order to protect themselves against these malicious attacks.

Solo Leveling, a Korean webtoon series that has become immensely popular for its intricate world-building and art, centers on Sung Jin-Woo, an extremely weak hunter known as “the world’s weakest.” He joins low-rank Gate raids to earn money to cover his mother’s medical costs but soon finds himself involved with an elaborate game called the System, which grants him unbridled strength gain.

His newly found power enables him to become an extraordinary hunter, entering an ancient war between rulers and monarchs – powerful humanoids who wish to control Earth – overpower struggles for its control. This story will certainly keep readers intrigued from start to finish!

Although the plot of this anime may not seem original at first glance, its animation and characters make up for any shortcomings in terms of originality. Character development is engaging – particularly Jin-Woo’s transformation from an unknown into a hero over time. Furthermore, this story features many fight scenes as its signature feature.

The first episode of an anime was leaked via Telegram and has made quite an impactful statement to fans in the anime community. If you have not experienced this episode yet, we advise waiting until its official release and not downloading or purchasing from untrustworthy sources.