Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 15 Raw Scans


Raw scans of Solo Farming in the Tower usually become available several days prior to its official release; this chapter was no different.

Sejun’s miracle crops capture the imagination of everyone across the Tower, with his cherry tomatoes helping players shed weight and green onions curing poisons. Moments of intrigue, gratitude, and reflection further enrich this tale of intrigue and appreciation.

1. Theo and Iona

Sejun’s cherry tomatoes have become immensely popular with hunters who come to buy them, even leading one of them to find love through this miraculous produce. He hopes the widespread recognition will enable him to earn enough money and regain his representative position; hastily packing them into a bag, Sejun left to return where it all started – stopping only briefly at his old trading post on his way out of town.

As Iona strolled through the shopping district, she happily hummed along and took in all that it offered her. Unexpectedly, though, she was stopped in her tracks by an unexpected visitor: an impressive yellow cat who approached with pride to show Iona its goods for sale! Unbeknownst to him, however, he was an intermediary merchant!

To avoid getting demoted, he had to conceal his identity as the grower. The only way out was for him to sell 1,000 tower coins and become a mid-level wandering merchant; unfortunately, he couldn’t tell Iona this, and yet another issue presented itself.

Elka was terrified that Iona, as a mighty destructive wizard, would use her magic to attack Theo if Elka revealed his identity to Iona instantly. If that happened, she knew Iona would immediately come after Theo!

But Theo didn’t buy her story – he was confident in his victory in this battle of wits! With unique abilities like being invincible, Theo wasn’t going down quickly – he would prove his superiority over Iona!

2. The red bear

Martin Red Bear (Hehaka Gleska – Spotted Elk) is an enrolled member of Rosebud Sioux Nation and an accomplished artist who has made art for over ten years, exhibiting in galleries, museums, and private collections nationwide. His paintings and sculptures reflect his tribe’s mystical worldview, while his pieces address the contemporary and historical struggles of people residing on his reservation while sensitively reflecting spirituality and cultural history.

Sejun was leading an ordinary life at the beginning of this tale until he came upon a mysterious tower full of dangerous terrains and menacing monsters, yet offering promise of riches and treasure.

In the final chapter, he achieved success when his team leader received a message from his daughter declaring her love. It was an enormous boost for him as it wasn’t something he often experienced.

As such, he will now be more busy than ever as there will be more mouths to feed. We expect him to manage it well, however, as he isn’t weak compared to some others and should manage through these chapters without much difficulty; but when they hit a higher level and face even stronger monsters, that is when his survival skills will truly be put through their paces.

3. The minotaurs

Minotaurs were legendary creatures of Greek mythology. These monstrosities with bull-like heads and human bodies first appeared due to a curse placed upon King Minos of Crete. Minos wanted to demonstrate to his family that he could ask anything of the gods, and they would grant it, so he asked for a magnificent bull that he could sacrifice; only when it arrived did he become so entranced by its beauty that he didn’t kill it after all! Instead, Daedalus blinded it and placed it at the center of Daedalus’s Labyrinth maze created by Minos. Daedalus used tribute offerings from humans as food for its Minotaur to feed on. Athens hero Theseus eventually managed to overcome and defeat this beast and was successful in killing it off.

Pasiphae, Queen of Crete, did not want her unborn offspring to become Theseus because of his potential reversal of Minos’ chains by becoming Theseus himself. To prevent this outcome from occurring, she sought help from famed Greek inventor Daedalus, who created a wooden heifer for Pasiphae to lay with the bull in; from this intercourse came out the Minotaur with its two distinct heads: bull head and human body – the source of its escape being locked behind doors by Daedalus himself who created a maze that left no escape route out – until it found its end point!

This labyrinth, commonly referred to as the Minotaur Labyrinth, remains one of the most difficult in history. Scholars and archaeologists alike have tried to locate it without success; many speculated that its remains might lie beneath the ruins of Minos’s palace, but no sign of its existence has ever been discovered.

4. The fox

The fox is an iconic animal with a reputation for intelligence and stealth. Their quick movements and quick thinking make them skilled hunters. Additionally, in druidic and Native American beliefs, they represent adaptability and the ability to move quickly through environments without being noticed by others.

The story starts with Sejun, who leads an ordinary life but finds himself thrust into an unexpected adventure after being invited into a mysterious tower filled with treacherous terrains, menacing creatures, and undiscovered treasures that could either aid him in survival or hinder it.

He must learn how to fight, gather resources, and explore this dangerous world while remaining alive – no easy task; with help from monsters he befriends however, this might work in his favor!

One day, a group of men visited Sejun’s farm and met his group. While searching for tomatoes, they were amazed to meet Queen Bee. Her appearance seemed much more human-like than what they had encountered thus far – she looked fun and beautiful!

At that moment, Sejun’s life changed irrevocably. He quickly gained celebrity status amongst his fellow humans, so much so, in fact, that even his team leader shed tears when her daughter told him how much she loved him. It was a significant turning point for Sejun; this will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in his success in the future; he will work tirelessly on his journey back towards the surface if only for that chance to return one day.

5. Queen Bee

A queen bee is the center of any thriving hive. She sets the pace when it comes to raising new queens and ultimately shapes what happens with her entire colony. When an injured or less productive queen needs replacing, her workers usually decide it is time to raise a replacement queen; alternatively, she may choose to swarm, leading half of her workers away in search of new homes.

Once a queen bee decides it’s time to raise a new queen, it emits a pheromone signaling this action, and the female worker bees respond by building queen larva chambers in preparation. Suppose an emergency queen needs to be produced quickly due to an unexpected death. In that case, worker bees will create emergency queen larva chambers so they can continue providing egg-laying services while being less prolific and longer lived than their predecessors.

Fighting the Queen Bee can help players despawn her, though unlike most bosses found in the Underground Jungle, she will not immediately do so.

If a player gets too close to an angry Queen Bee when she becomes angry, her attacks will increase and fire faster than usual, dealing more damage as well as inflicting the Poisoned debuff that lasts 2-8 / 2.5-10 seconds.

Although Queen Bee may not be as quickly farmable as some other bosses, she can still provide valuable drops and an income stream. With one of the highest drop rates among pre-Hardmode summoner bosses and dropping significant amounts of Gold upon death, she makes for an excellent option for Summoner players looking to farm this boss as it allows for the crafting of Queen Bee armor sets – two out of every three drops are guaranteed on them (excluding Hardmode sets).