Smile Direct Club Review


SmileDirectClub provides an efficient method for straightening teeth. Their teledentistry platform enables dentists or orthodontists to review patients’ teeth remotely and create treatment plans, all from within Nashville, Tennessee. Established in 2014 and currently headquartered there.

Customers of SmileDirectClub can begin the process by visiting one of the SmileShop locations where a SmileGuide takes 3D images of their teeth, then dentists or orthodontists monitor progress through a virtual check-in system.

The total cost

Smile Direct is one of the leading at-home transparent aligner brands, known for being significantly cheaper than traditional braces and invisible aligners, without needing in-office visits to make adjustments. Payment can be made upfront or monthly using your health savings or flexible spending account. At the same time, an HD video chat is available so your dentist can monitor your progress!

Smile Direct Club costs $1,950 upfront if paid all at once, including your aligners and premium teeth whitening treatment. Alternatively, a payment plan of $89 over 24 months is available to spread out costs more evenly.

Once you make the initial payment, a customized treatment program designed by licensed dentists and orthodontic professionals will be designed specifically for you. Your plan may include clear aligners to straighten teeth and clear overlay templates guiding jaw movement.

Once your aligners arrive, they must be worn at all times except while eating and drinking, keeping teeth clean by brushing at least twice daily – the company provides a kit to assist in this endeavor and replacement aligners if required.

The total cost of Smile Direct Club depends on how many aligners and duration of treatment needed; most commonly, treatment plans consist of 20-30 aligners; however, if more teeth need straightening, they will require additional aligners. You may also require a retainer at an average price of $99.

The cost of insurance

Smile Direct Club offers at-home teeth straightening at up to 60% less cost than traditional braces and invisible aligners, offering options explicitly tailored for nighttime clear aligners and meeting specific needs. Payment for treatment can be made in one lump sum or monthly fees with discounts and rebates often offered; initial impression kits cost $59, but special deals and rebates may apply when submitting impressions/scans of teeth for submission. Upon receiving these images, they generate 3D ideas of both upper and lower teeth that can then be customized as treatment plans that incorporate all four dimensions of an ideal smile-based program, complete with top and bottom tooth plans customized according to the personal specifications of the smile.

Smile Direct Club accepts payment from HSA/FSA accounts and CareCredit accounts, while it is in the network of many major insurance providers such as United Healthcare and Aetna. You should check with your provider to determine coverage availability; for an online eligibility-checker tool to help assess whether Smile Direct Club falls under their purview, visit here.

At-home clear aligners offer adults more convenience than traditional braces as they don’t require frequent trips to the dentist and have a smaller treatment area, making this procedure less time-consuming. It would be best to visit your dentist more often so they can monitor your progress and address any potential issues as needed.

Additionally to the cost of clear aligners, additional items such as an aligner case and bright on premium whitening could add several hundred dollars more than initially estimated. Smile Direct also offers a one-time payment option of $2,250 that covers your complete alignment treatment and these items (plus the “Outie” tool for aligner removal).

Smile Direct’s cost is significantly less than other in-office treatments like Invisalign due to not requiring visits or consultations with a dentist; plus, its at-home treatment can usually be completed in six to twelve months.

The cost of a payment plan

Smile Direct is an increasingly popular option for treating mild to moderate dental issues at home under the supervision of licensed dentists, offering flexible payment plans from single payments to monthly installments that meet every budget imaginable. In addition, their Money Back Guarantee and free Bright on Premium Teeth Whitening are also widely renowned.

Smile Direct’s cost per course of treatment is substantially less than traditional in-office solutions like Invisalign clear braces or traditional metal braces, typically costing an estimated average of $1,800, including fees associated with their 3D scan and at-home impression kit if they determine that you are not suitable candidates for aligners. The kit cost can be refunded upon deciding it was not an ideal match.

SmileDirectClub uses cutting-edge technology to offer high-quality treatments at more competitive rates. Their iTero 3D scan can quickly identify which clear aligners would best fit your smile; no gagging or discomfort is ever experienced during treatment – usually lasting around 12 months; post-treatment, wear your retainers at night to maintain its straightening effects.

SmileDirectClub treatments cost roughly 60 percent less than traditional in-office procedures. They can be paid through monthly installments or a lump sum with no interest or credit checks required. Furthermore, there’s a mobile app to manage your treatment remotely.

SmileDirectClub goes beyond direct-to-consumer service by accepting insurance and flexible spending accounts (FSA/HSA cards from employers to redeem tax-free funds from them). In addition, its products are covered by most major providers, including United Healthcare and Aetna.

SmileDirectClub may or may not be suitable for you depending on your situation and preferences. Some patients prefer working with local orthodontists instead of the company’s licensed dentists; others may save money using discount codes or sales offered through third-party sites like Groupon or RetailMeNot.

The cost with a one-time payment

Smile Direct Club provides a single-pay option at $2,050 that covers everything you’d need: an impression kit you can buy online or from Smile Shops; 3-D imaging of your teeth and a customized treatment plan developed by dental experts from this company; additionally, a set of clear retainers will also be included with this plan.

Clear aligners differ from traditional braces in that they’re removable and don’t require tightening every so often, making them more comfortable to wear and less likely to irritate gums. You can even take them out while eating or drinking but remember that results may not be optimal without wearing them as directed.

Price for Smile Direct Club will depend on multiple factors, including the length and number of aligner sets you need for treatment as well as payment method (insurance providers, HSA/FSA plans, or monthly installment plans with deposits of $250 followed by payments of $89 monthly over 24 months are accepted).

SmileDirectClub was established by Jordan Katzman and now holds 87 million Class B shares, giving him control of 65-75% of voting power in the company. David Katzman also invested through Camelot Venture Group – which invests in direct-to-consumer brands such as 1-800-Contacts and Quicken Loans.

While SmileDirectClub’s pricing is considerably less than Invisalign or Clear Correct, its cost remains significant. A remote impression kit typically costs $59; however, discounts and rebates may apply. Additionally, if results don’t meet your standards, you may even opt to return the equipment and request a refund.

SmileDirectClub provides a practical, convenient method of straightening teeth without physically seeing a dentist, but to make sure any solution offered by teledentistry service fits with your unique requirements, an initial visit with one may be beneficial as an initial evaluation and consultation can ensure your chosen straightening or whitening solution will meet them all.