Runway Fashion Exchange


Runway Fashion Exchange, established in Grand Junction, CO in 1996, provides customers with gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories from both current fashion trends as well as older collections – suitable for the whole family – at competitive prices. Open Monday-Saturday.

What is Runway Fashion Exchange?

Runway Fashion Exchange is an exciting place to shop! We buy and sell gently used clothing and stock a large selection of new clothing at much more reasonable prices than your average retail store. Visit and see that Runway Fashion Exchange looks better, smells better, sounds fantastic,c and offers a more fun shopping experience than any store out there! Plus, we boast some of the best customer service with employees who love what they do – it shows!

Why Runway Fashion Exchange?

The back-to-school shopping season marks a hectic period for resale clothing stores, and their annual best month is rapidly approaching. Brad and Ari Onstot, owners of two years in the Great Falls resale business at their current location after seeing success at another franchise, have experienced unprecedented success due to shoppers finding better value fashion while the fashion resale market has grown 21 times faster than retail, according to ThredUP (an online thrift store).

Flagstaff Clothing Store is my go-to spot for quality clothing – their staff is terrific – screening everything that goes out onto their rails, so it’s only fantastic!

What do I get when I shop at Runway Fashion Exchange?

Runway Fashion Exchange offers new and pre-loved clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags at reasonable prices – perfect for upgrading your wardrobe! With hundreds of new and pre-owned items for men and women ranging from fashion-forward looks to essential staples.

With its diverse selection of styles and dedication to sustainability, Runway Fashion Exchange has something for everyone – making the experience far more fun than shopping in an average retail store!

If you’re searching for a thoughtful present for a friend or family member, look no further than Runway Fashion Exchange. Their store features an assortment of items that will surely please any recipient, including trendy dresses and statement jackets – and why not add a unique accessory like a necklace or scarf for extra impact?

Runway Fashion Exchange makes shopping fun while helping local business owners. Their unique shopping experience with knowledgeable staff members always available to assist is unparalleled! So why not treat yourself today by stopping in at Runway Fashion Exchange?

Acquiring the runway fashion exchange parent company could be lucrative at the appropriate price. While the financial statements of this business appear healthy and indicate continued profitability, its current royalty structure may create future difficulties down the line, and its point-of-sale computer software has had issues and must be upgraded; nonetheless, purchasing runway fashion exchange parent company still makes financial sense.

Why shop at Runway Fashion Exchange?

At our retail store, our goal is to give you an experience unlike any other. You will save money and have more fun shopping for yourself or your kids without exceeding your budget. Furthermore, our staff members are available Monday-Sunday so you can get all your shopping done efficiently in less time – our clothes will meet both needs quickly! Visit and see for yourself; I know I won’t regret working there for over five years!

(This review was originally written in April 2016; since then, I have revised my opinion of Runway Fashion Exchange).