River James Murray


River James Murray was born to American actor Sean Murray and Carrie James. He has one sister, Caitlyn Melissa Murray – as well as grandparents, such as Vivienne Bellisario and Craig Harland Murray.

The 13-year-old celebrity kid is not active on social media and sports blonde hair. Additionally, he’s an accomplished musician and frequently performs in concerts across the world.

Love Affairs

James hasn’t had many romantic relationships but has always shown great devotion to his family. Since November 2005, he and Carrie James have been married. Together, they share two children, Caitlyn and River. James has become an accomplished entrepreneur while being passionate about social justice causes such as women’s rights advocacy – she founded BRA (Business Resources Association) in 2015 as a way of helping other businesses succeed.

Murray has found a healthy work-life balance and remains an active parent to his three children despite his success. Additionally, he’s an accomplished voiceover artist, having performed in Broadway shows as well as featuring in numerous popular movies like Hocus Pocus and JAG; additionally, narrating Awakened, an audiobook by author and psychiatrist David Ebershoff, is another talent of Murray.

John Carleton and Darren Aronofsky have also collaborated with Murray on his filmography. His work has received critical acclaim, earning an Oscar nomination for Hocus Pocus as Best Supporting Actor in 2014. Murray also appeared in other popular movies such as This Boy’s Life and Todd Field’s Too Romantic. Born April 22, 2010, under the Taurus sign, Murray follows Christianity for religious belief. Caitlyn Melissa is his younger sister.

Net Worth

River James Murray is an energetic young child who has yet to embark on any moneymaking ventures. For now, he enjoys an average height and weight for children his age while having stunning blue eyes with blonde locks – and loves his family, all of whom he holds dear.

Carrie James and Sean Murray enjoy a close, strong bond with their children Caitlyn Melissa and River James. Together, they work hard to give their kids an enriching, healthy upbringing; even as successful career people, they always make time to spend quality time with their kids and ensure they feel loved and supported.

Both stars boast large fan followings and are widely revered for their acting and comedy talents, philanthropic acts, films and television series work as well as exceptional acting abilities that have garnered them accolades across industries.

Murray is an iconic American actor known for playing Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS and many movies like Hocus Pocus and JAG.


River James Murray was born on April 22nd, 2010, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California, United States, with his parents, Sean Harland Murray and Carrie James. He has an older sister named Caitlyn Melissa; Sean Harland Murray is best known as Special Agent Timothy McGee on the American television drama NCIS, while Carrie James works as a teacher. Additionally, he has several aunts, such as Leslie Bellisario-Ingham Troian Bellisario and Julie B Watson Bliss Bellisario-Jenkins, as well as cousin Aurora Adams and grandparents Vivienne Bellisario and Craig Harland Murray, respectively.

Murray’s parents have struck an excellent balance between their professional aspirations and meeting the needs of their children. Murray’s father has garnered notice for his work on NCIS and other projects, yet he still prioritizes family life. He boasts numerous acting credits, including the Disney Halloween movie Hocus Pocus and military drama JAG; additionally, he appeared in the BBC One show Suspects, which was an entirely improvised drama.

As Murray is only 13 years old, it can be not easy to assess his financial status accurately. His parents possess a significant net worth, which enables them to provide him with a comfortable lifestyle. Since he is still young, Murray has not engaged in any money-making ventures yet and prefers spending his childhood with his family while hoping that true love may one day find him.


River James Murray is the second child of actor Sean Murray and Carrie James, his wife. He has one sibling, Caitlyn Melissa Murray, who currently resides in Los Angeles, United States of America, with their respective parents.

His height stands at around 4 feet 2 inches, and his average weight for children. He boasts gorgeous blue eyes with blonde highlights that contrast perfectly. Additionally, he prefers not to engage with social media handles in order to live a whole and everyday life.

He has acted in various TV series, including Primeval (as Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter’s lab technician) and It’s Alive (2008) by Larry Cohen – both remakes. Additionally, he made appearances in Channel 4’s 20 Things To Do Before You’re 30 as Glen and BBC One’s Cutting It season four as Liam Carney.

He is a highly gifted young boy with an incredibly bright future ahead. At present, his focus lies in academics as he sets himself up for success in life. Being smart himself, all his spare time goes towards studying. Being attractive as well, many girls will indeed show interest in dating him in time; being the son of such an iconic public figure and celebrity bodes well for him as his future looks bright.