Reel Food Llc – The Future of Seafood Revealed


Your chefs are the heart and soul of your restaurant. Consider asking them to create short videos that reveal their methods for creating certain dishes, then string them together as part of a storyline to build customer trust and increase attendance at your establishment. This can help boost business.

Reels are also an effective way to promote your delivery or takeout service, helping increase online sales while enriching customer experiences.

We’re on a mission.

Reel Food aims to craft flaky, cultivated fish fillets that taste indistinguishable from wild ones while making seafood accessible and affordable to all, offering excellent job opportunities for those interested. Established in 2013, the Hook & Reel franchise is rapidly expanding, having 23 locations nationwide by now. Chef Marcus is friendly and knowledgeable when ordering items for each site; this location does not provide prepared foods as its predecessor did.

We’re excited

Reel Food LLC’s culinary artisans are eager to explore what the future has for us. Our mission of crafting flavorful and flaky cultivated fish fillets that taste just like their authentic counterparts remains unchanged.

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