Plumtree App Alternatives


The Plumtree app makes creating dynamic family trees that map out sims’ legacies simple and enjoyable. Plus, it lets you publish and make them visible in galleries!

Plumtree’s experience with portlets taught them that all components must be interconnected via Internet protocols for an effective portal to function correctly. Their parallel engine was explicitly created to support high-speed, large-scale communications.

Create a Tree

Plum Tree App is an intuitive family tree maker explicitly made for The Sims, offering an enjoyable user experience. Despite its limitations (such as not allowing users to add spouses/partners’ parents and grandparents), it remains a fantastic way to track your Sims’ legacies!

To create a tree using the Plumtree App, navigate towards Your Trees & locate “New Tree.” By tapping this option, you’ll arrive at the Tree Editor screen, where you can begin creating your new tree!

Here, you can both name and describe your tree. Both will appear when the tree is displayed in a gallery or info pane, and Bold/Italic formatting options allow you to highlight different sections.

Once your tree is complete, you have two options for saving and publishing it to your gallery. Saving will automatically save any changes made by you, while publishing will allow anyone visiting your gallery access to it.

Once your tree is complete, to make it public, you need to switch to the Actions tab and choose “Publish Tree.” Your tree will be visible to anyone visiting your gallery without an account on Plumtree.

Edit your tree by going into the Tree Editor and clicking over the Wrench Icon. Here, you can use the Set Node Partners tool to add current and past people as partners of nodes on your tree. This method works as effectively against former partners as it does for current ones.

Plumtree app’s ability to display children and siblings of Sims can also prove helpful when tracking which parents are responsible for which offspring, especially during The 100 Baby Challenge.

Add People

Plumtree is a portal platform that enables you to manage various functions, such as allowing guest users to view portal pages and personalizing user pages. Additionally, it integrates identity management functions such as password policies, self-registration, and single sign-on with other portals into the portal experience. To start using it on your server, download and install WebGate for the Portal Server version that corresponds with it.

For optimal LDAP integration, create a job that runs immediately or at periodic intervals and completes full synchronization before using Portal Application Manager to manage access and personalization of the portal. When this job finishes, all information from LDAP data sources replicated into the Portal Application Manager database will become readily accessible.

If your portal is configured to allow guest users, the Knowledge Directory feature will enable you to post documents that link directly to Identity System- and Access System-protected resources. When visitors click these links, their ObSSOCookie is sent off to each resource for authentication – making Portal Application Manager possible and helping facilitate authentication between different security systems.

Add Sims to a tree by clicking on the wrench icon on a node and choosing Set Node Partners. You may add as many partners for any Sim you desire; ex-partners may be added if necessary but must not currently be in any relationship.

When all your Sims have been added to the tree, it’s time to organize them into an orderly structure. An easy way is by creating Parent Rows for each person and placing them below their siblings – once done; you can delete any children from these Parent Rows who no longer belong on your tree.

Once your tree structure is complete, you can start adding people. To do this, open the People In Tree tab in the Editor Toolbar and navigate to it; here, you can select which Sim you would like to add and click over their link button to set them as partners in your tree. After adding all desired Sims, you may edit their details, such as names or birth dates, as partners.

Edit People Listed on the Tree

Plum Tree is a widely-used app for documenting their families in The Sims 4. Players can create family trees, edit individuals, and add heirloom items. Unfortunately, it will soon be discontinued; many players have asked what should happen with their family trees in this situation. To provide guidance, the team at Sims Community has put together an alternative list for consideration.

Upload a picture of the person you wish to add as part of your tree in your account’s Edit Family Tree Photos settings, enabling you to edit and share with friends and followers.

As with the Sims 3, linking Sims can also be done in this app by entering their tree ID and person ID. To find these details, go to whichever tree you wish to link from; in their details panel there should be a small link called Show Link Details that allows you to note down their tree ID and person ID. Once done this way, you can go back into your tree and click the Link Person button; enter both tree ID and person ID into that window; the Sim will now appear there!

On this same screen, you can change their career, maiden name, occult powers (if applicable), and children’s relationships, including stepchildren relationships. Furthermore, you can edit how a Sim was conceived on this page, such as by cloning or adoption.

Add photos or alter its color scheme; use the Set Node Partners tool to change Sim partners; add up to five exes per Sim on one screen!

Update Your Tree Details

Plum Tree App is an interactive family tree creator for your chosen game. It lists out your sim’s legacy while including vital details about its aspirations and traits; furthermore, its visual interface helps communicate its story effectively.

However, it should be noted that the Plum Tree App is in its final phases & will soon be closing down. According to Tobias of Plum Tree App’s creators, players can download their family trees before its closure; The Sims Community team will soon release an instructional guide.

First, log onto the Plumtree website & choose “View My Family Tree.” Next, click “Download Your Tree” at the bottom of the page & save both files ( and an HMTL version) so that your Sims’ legacy is accessible later.

Though an HTML version of your tree will only function on computers running browsers supporting HMTL markup language, file will provide more complete records of your family tree for future import into another family tree tool in-game.

Once you’ve downloaded your tree, the next step should be editing its information. You can do this through the tree editor option found on the toolbar and utilizing various areas such as Actions, where you can add or change details such as its name/cover image/description, etc. Furthermore, select Publish Tree to make your tree publicly available or get listed under your gallery.