PAX East – A Celebration of Gaming Culture


PAX East is an annual gaming convention dedicated to celebrating gaming culture. It features engaging panels, a massive expo hall, and tournaments; in addition, PAX East hosts concerts, digital streaming panels, and other events.

This year, they are offering a Bring Your Computer area and various LAN games to try.


PAX East, an annual gaming convention, offers many of the latest titles and exciting events each year. Over four days, attendees will experience theater panels, performances, tournaments, gaming sessions, and concerts, as well as various exhibits. The Boston Convention Center in Massachusetts will play host this year; attendees should plan to arrive early as parking lot spaces fill quickly; police details will also be present to direct traffic and pedestrians safely through their visit.

At PAX 2022, I played several noteworthy games that are worth keeping an eye out for. One such title is Tinykin – an unusual platformer with 2D and 3D visuals that offers split-screen co-op for two players to experience the experience together. Another noteworthy title was Signalis from Rose-Engine; its retro survival horror elements will leave you breathless!

For those in search of something challenging and new to play on their computer, PAX East hosts an area called Bring Your Computer that features hundreds of tables and thousands of library titles to choose from. Furthermore, console tournaments allow participants to show off their gaming talents.

PAX provides several areas dedicated to tabletop gaming for those who enjoy this activity, with plush bean bag chairs to help relax and socialize with fellow tabletop gaming enthusiasts. There are dozens of tabletop games you can try for free, as well as tournaments that allow gamers to compete against one another.


At PAX, you’ll have the chance to sit in theater rooms and hear from some of your favorite game creators in panels that may be entertaining, educational, or both. Panelists will offer insight into why their game exists as well as reveal intimate knowledge about its creation process. Furthermore, most panels include Q&A time, where attendees can ask more about their favorite titles!

PAX East will play host to an unforgettable FINAL FANTASY XVI panel. Fans can join producer/director Naoki Yoshida and localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox as they discuss its decade-long journey, streaming this live Q&A session so players worldwide can witness it live!

PAX East panels that focus on gaming culture include discussions of the esports scene as well as ways that gaming can be integrated into education. Some boards even incorporate musical performances at PAX East; this year’s lineup includes rocking bands like Bit Brigade and Living Tombstone as well as swinging-and-skipping performers like Raspberry Pie as well as psychedelic experience Into the Blue.

PAX is also well-known for its diversity initiatives, like PAX Together. This initiative seeks to integrate underrepresented groups into gaming culture as well as help gamers make new connections from all walks of life and form lasting friendships.

PAX’s Expo Hall is home to some of the latest and greatest video games, tabletop games, and more. Each year, thousands of video game enthusiasts – many in cosplay costumes – attend PAX for four days to check out these titles, meet their heroes, and participate in tournaments and expert panels about gaming culture.


PAX East is an event dedicated to gaming culture that features thought-provoking panels, an impressive expo hall featuring top publishers and studios, game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and an unforgettable community experience. This year’s show floor is more significant than ever, therefore making it difficult to see everything in four days; download the app now so that you can plan your itinerary and maximize your time at PAX East!

PAX was initiated in 2004 by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, authors of the popular Penny Arcade webcomic. Although initially created as an event for gamers only, PAX has since evolved into an international series of expos held annually at Seattle, Boston, and Melbourne, Australia locations. Each PAX event also hosts panels featuring game industry leaders discussing everything from virtual reality to gamification of education.

PAX provides plenty of events to keep fans occupied, yet some visitors find the experience too hectic for their liking. This is particularly true for exhibitors who may become overwhelmed by meeting so many people during the expo. To ease this pressure and alleviate stress for attendees, PAX has set aside areas where attendees can relax and play games, such as the Handheld Lounge for Android and iOS games and the AFK Room, to give attendees some peace after a hard day of marketing and selling.

PAX East is an annual gaming convention held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center that draws thousands of attendees from across the world. Events at PAX include theatre panels, concerts, digital streaming panels, and tournaments – among many other things!


PAX East offers gamers an incredible variety of games. Many leading and emerging developers, publishers, and studios display their products at attractive booth displays; game industry professionals meet here as well; gamers come from around the globe; indie developers and small studios also utilize this opportunity to show their games to gaming communities at PAX East.

PAX features various gaming tournaments where participants can put their skills to the test in a competitive environment. Furthermore, panels explore gaming’s impact in society while attendees can buy merchandise from participating companies and vendors, such as T-shirts designed and printed by independent artists that put money directly back into their pockets when purchased by attendees.

PAX East 2018’s merchandise lineup celebrates its 50th anniversary by offering multiple t-shirt designs that pay homage to its legacy: one is themed in retro-80s fashion, while another shows Gabe, Tyco, and Kemper hanging upside down from an anchor chain. There is also an assortment of pins you can exchange among attendees of PAX East 2018.

No matter where they live, those unable to attend in person can still experience all that the convention has to offer virtually through its website, with an extensive list of exhibitors and events, as well as registration information available online; hotel options are provided through Connections Housing for attendees. Two hotels near the convention center will offer discounted room rates: Boston Park Plaza and Westin Copley Place.


PAX East stands out as an industry-specific event by being inclusive and welcoming of gamers of all types, providing panels and events designed to appeal to them all, merchandise sales, and music concerts galore. PAX East is the largest gaming convention in the US; organizers have taken great care in adhering to safety protocols by updating their website with all mask and vaccination requirements so that you can rest easy at this year’s show!

Additionally to the main halls, attendees will also find numerous pop-up areas to relax and meet new people. Popular venues include Lawn on D, which boasts ten food trucks and an expansive lawn – perfect for enjoying some food and beverage while playing games with friends! In addition, the Jackbox stage provides players an opportunity to compete in nonstop challenges like Mario Speedruns.

PAX will also feature the AFK Room this year, an intimate and peaceful mental health space for attendees and exhibitors alike, featuring trained clinicians and volunteers available to alleviate anxiety or help manage stress levels. PAX stands out as being proactive by offering such a service, making the event genuinely worth attending!

PAX was launched by the authors of Penny Arcade webcomic in 2004 as an event dedicated to gaming culture, uniting gamers from all around the globe. Since then, PAX has expanded with conventions in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Melbourne, Australia, hosting over 750 gaming companies as well as an enormous fanbase. PAX also dedicates time each year towards celebrating diversity within both gaming community events themselves as well as PAX itself.