MD Sports Foosball Table


Foosball is an immensely entertaining tabletop game commonly known as baby football or table soccer that can provide hours of family fun! MD sports has designed their foosball table as an economical yet fun solution for your rec room, ideal for anyone seeking an inexpensive yet engaging addition.

This table is constructed of solid materials to withstand frequent use. Its steel rods provide firm hand grips for fast-paced action. Furthermore, this table comes equipped with an integral manual slide scorer.


The MD Sports Foosball Table is one of the finest available on the market, thanks to its easy assembly design and top-quality construction. Perfect for home game rooms and kids alike, its built-in cup holder and lightweight weight make this table ideal. Produced by Medal Sports (a family-oriented company that also has darts, air hockey, arcade games, billiards tables, and multi-game tables), this MD Sports table makes an excellent addition.

This MD Sports 58-inch Hamilton Collection Foosball Table is an ideal addition to your home, office break room, apartment, or college dorm room. The sturdy legs can be adjusted to provide a level playing field; its robot-style soccer players are controlled via steel rods with solid handle grips while playfield aprons and top rails have been reinforced to withstand intense gaming; additionally, it also includes classic manual scoring at both ends of the table!

MD sports table options also include the five-in-one combination converter table featuring billiards, slide hockey, foosball, and basketball, all in a compact footprint. This model is ideal for kids who enjoy multiple forms of entertainment without getting serious about any one game; its quality materials enable it to switch between activities quickly.

There are various MD sports tables to choose from, ranging from essential to professional models. Most are designed for casual use, while some are built specifically for commercial use in arcades, pubs, and restaurants – coin-operated and non-coin models are both available; basic models are often made of plastic or particle board, while more advanced tables may contain materials like birch veneer.

An ideal MD sports foosball table should be simple to assemble and can be set up quickly. Additionally, it must provide an easy method of keeping score, such as a manual slide system or electronic scorer, and be robust yet easily transportable.


Materials used in making a foosball table can have an enormous effect on its quality, with high-grade tables constructed from materials designed to withstand heavy use and last years. Solid wood tables tend to be more popular; other combinations might include acrylic. Thickness also matters greatly: too thin a table may become unstable quickly, while thicker materials make for more robust tables with more excellent durability.

Medal Sports make some of the top foosball brands, an umbrella company for family gaming and sporting goods that also offers other family game and sporting items like billiards, arcade, foosball, and multi-game tables, as well as coin-operated tables meant to be used in public places like bars and pubs.

Foosball tables typically measure 54 inches long by 2 1/2 feet wide; however, you may opt for a smaller model if space is an issue. There are numerous features available on foosball tables, including adjustable leg levelers and manual slide scorers.

Keep in mind that the surface of a foosball table should be made from hard, smooth material to make it harder for balls to bounce off of it and lessen bounce-backs. Furthermore, laminated surfaces help prevent scratches and stains.

Beginners looking to test out foosball will likely prefer an economical table made from particle board or other inexpensive materials; these models are easy to set up. A higher-quality model might feature solid wood or composite materials for more extended durability.

If you are an experienced foosball player, it may be worth considering purchasing a higher-grade table. A professional-grade table is specifically designed for more severe play and will cost more than its recreational counterpart; however, there are still affordable foosball tables on the market that will provide hours of fun playback.


Those looking for a durable foosball table should choose one made of quality materials. Stick-on designs may peel and disrupt gameplay; additionally, smooth, hard surfaces help the ball travel more quickly across the tabletop.

This MD Sports foosball table is tailored for kids and adults who live in homes with limited space, featuring 10 inches shorter in length than full-size tables and a smaller footprint, making it easier to fit in tight spots. Equipped with leg levelers and an easy manual sliding scoring unit to keep track of gameplay action, its design blends in perfectly with most decors. Assembly takes less than 15 minutes.

MD Sports Foosball Table offers classic design as well as fast-paced gameplay thanks to a three-man goalie setup for fast games, making this ideal for children or inexperienced players who enjoy immediate action. Furthermore, its three-man goalie system can also help advance foosball skills! It makes an excellent gift choice!

This MD Sports foosball table is constructed from wood and steel for maximum durability, supporting up to 75 pounds in weight capacity. Plus, its easy cleaning procedure and straightforward layout make it suitable for players of different skill levels – making this MD Sports foosball table an essential addition to any living room or game room!

Another feature that makes this table perfect for families is its multi-game functionality, enabling users to switch between air hockey, ping pong, and even chess! Plus, it comes in multiple colors to complement any home decor!

This table comes equipped with LED lights and stadium sound effects to add even more enjoyment, yet assembly requires no tools – making it the ideal solution for families with limited space in their homes.


If you’re shopping for foosball tables for kids, the MD Sports 54″ ESPN table is an excellent choice. Crafted with steel rods and firm handles for fast-paced play, assembly is quick and includes a manual scorer; additionally, it even comes equipped with leg levelers so it can be used on uneven surfaces.

This table is an ideal solution for those who want to add fun gameplay to their home without breaking the bank. While not as sturdy as professional foosball tables, it still provides hours of fun while teaching children teamwork skills. Plus, it takes up minimal space!

Foosball tables come in all kinds of prices, from $20 for tabletop models all the way up to $4,000 for tournament-style models. Prices typically reflect size and quality – for instance, higher quality tables feature durable materials that withstand frequent play by multiple people at the same time while keeping the ball airborne for extended play so players can score more goals!

There are three different kinds of tables currently available on the market: stand-alone, tabletop, and combination game tables. Stand-alone models tend to be more significant and more durable, while combination game tables combine multiple games into a single unit – these options make great use of storage space and maximize living area utilization.

Foosball is an entertaining table game enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages. Both physically challenging and enjoyable to play, foosball makes an excellent addition to any family room or game room, creating great bonding opportunities between family members.