Loot App Manhwa – A Review of the Manga ‘Yeonghwa’


Yewang arrives at Yeonghwa Academy expecting to become part of Korea’s future elite; instead, he finds himself struggling at the bottom of society due to vicious bullying and humiliation.

With captivating characters and an engaging narrative, this manga offers something for everyone – while successfully sidestepping some common stereotypes in high school romance stories.


Yewang enrolls at Yeonghwa Academy with high hopes, expecting his idol Jena Lee to guide him towards success among Korea’s future elite. However instead, he finds himself at the bottom of society and the target of vicious bullying, but he soon finds allies to help fight back against a system that seems to normalize school hierarchy and bullying.

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Tanaka, a young adult of tall build, owns and runs a bakery in town and takes great pride in his baking expertise. Known for his laid-back personality and casual clothing, he takes great pride in his work.


Manhwa comes in many varieties. Some can be more violent than others, so you must select the one that meets your tastes – for instance, if you prefer romance over gore, you may wish to forgo reading Akira, but there are plenty of romantic-comedy manga titles out there that could grab your interest!

For those just getting into manga, starting by reading an easy-to-read manga like Loaf App is ideal – providing lots of action with just one read!

Mongie’s Love Alarm manga series provides another popular series that is easy for beginners to start reading. This romantic comedy follows the story of a game developer and streamer and promises plenty of laughs throughout!

Cheese in the Trap by Soonkki is another highly recommended manhwa for beginners, being one of the OG romance manga on Webtoon and even being turned into a K-Drama adaptation!

Those seeking more wholesome manga may enjoy Dallas by Choonae. This manga focuses on cats and lost high school romances – the perfect palate cleanser after reading more violent manga!

Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu’s Noblesse is an exceptional historical fantasy manga with stunning artwork that will capture your attention. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel awakens after sleeping for one thousand years to find that modern society has changed drastically – this gorgeous story and exquisite visuals will keep readers hooked for sure.

Solo Leveling by Sung Jin-Woo is a fantastic adventure and action manga series set in a world where monsters have infiltrated real life, and our protagonist must battle through some of the most challenging dungeons to become an S-rank Hunter and gain entry. With fast-paced action and captivating characters, readers will love this fantasy manhwa when searching for their next great read!

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Yewang enrolled at Yeonghwa Academy hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jena Lee, expecting an idyllic life among Korea’s future elite. However, instead, he finds himself at the bottom of social hierarchies and the target of vicious bullying; after finding allies along his journey, he begins fighting back and challenging its strict order.

This classic romance manhwa has won over millions of readers worldwide over time, as its fast-paced plot and endearing characters keep readers engaged with every page update every Monday. You won’t want to miss it!

Although many of these manga series address serious topics, they’re not afraid to have some lighthearted fun occasionally. Wind Breaker, for example, is a sports manga that takes an unconventional approach to dealing with bullying and success issues such as violence against women in school. And its theme emphasizes finding your path toward success rather than following someone else’s.

Manhwas, like Cheese in the Trap and Mood of the Day, is ideal for readers seeking a bit of lighthearted escapism, featuring enjoyable plots with charming romance while touching upon real-world issues in an honest yet realistic fashion.

On the other hand, some manhwas take a more dramatic approach. Sweet Home by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang exploits an age-old truth: that our biggest enemies often lurk within ourselves. For something darker, check out Inwan Youn and Sunhee Kim’s Distant Sky for its use of contrasts and long vertical panels – it will leave an unforgettable visual impactful effect on its pages!

No matter your taste in manga, whether romance, shoujo, sci-fi, or shounen is sure to have something suitable. Just make sure that when selecting one for yourself, it hasn’t become overly popular; fortunately, you can find an extensive selection of manhwas on the LINE Webtoon app.

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As Country Boy Yewang enrolls at Yeonghwa Academy to emulate his idol, Jena Lee, he expects a life filled with glitter and glamour among Korea’s future elite. Instead, he finds himself at the bottom of the social hierarchy and bullied by fellow students, eventually finding allies who help fight against its oppressive hierarchy system.

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