LED Shop Lights – 8 Foot LED Shop Lights


LED lights in your garage or workshop can make an incredible difference in lighting. LEDs are less expensive than fluorescent bulbs, use much less energy, and offer better illumination at less upfront cost. Read the Best info about led beam angle.

This 8-foot LED shop light is ideal for illuminating a large workspace. Using minimal power consumption and bright daylight white lighting, it produces an easily manageable bright daylight white illumination that’s easily linkable with 1.5″ connectors for flush connections or 8″ cables for more space between chained lights.


This light boasts an impressive 14000-lumen output, which makes it significantly brighter than traditional fluorescent tube lighting. Perfect for warehouses and offices alike, its energy usage is considerably lower than other LEDs – an additional benefit when looking to boost sales at shops by improving visibility and visibility – plus, it has dimmable capabilities so you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

If you are searching for an easy and cost-effective light solution, look no further than the KIHUNG 8ft LED Shop Light. Perfect for showrooms, workshops, garages, entertainment rooms, and basements alike – its V-Shape design will illuminate every corner of your workspace; plus, its high efficiency of 120 lumens per watt will save money over time – plus, its 3-year warranty is added peace of mind that this product is safe and long-term reliable.

The BBOUNDER 8ft 72W Led Shop Light is another fantastic solution for those seeking brighter illumination in their garage, workshop, or basement. Perfect for replacing fluorescent lightbulbs cost-effectively while offering maximum coverage via its 240-degree beam angle and easy setup with minimal energy consumption, this fixture provides brighter illumination with less hassle and energy consumption.


A quality shop light should stand the test of time. Look for models featuring metal housings with sturdy mounting hooks to secure them to surfaces securely and heat sinks that dissipate heat produced from their bulbs.

LED shop lights are highly energy-efficient and require less maintenance than their traditional bulb counterparts, boasting higher lumen counts with reduced electricity usage while producing more light with the same amount of electricity used. Furthermore, these fixtures can easily replace fluorescent tubes in existing institutions to save installation time and costs while providing greater resilience against shock damage.

Quality LED shop lights should boast a CRI rating of 80 or above, which measures how accurately colors and objects are depicted by light. Achieving this goal without producing glare or eye strain is vital when working with hands all day. The color temperature should also be carefully considered depending on its use in each space: for basement rooms, it may provide more astounding white illumination, while higher numbers such as 6500K provide more natural daylight effects; install your light close to where people will be working to prevent shadow formation in your work environment.


LED shop lights are energy-efficient options with lower power usage and longer lifespan than fluorescent fixtures, producing less heat while creating a more focused light beam. Furthermore, compared to fluorescent fixtures, they’re much cheaper to operate – ideal for precise or detailed work in spaces requiring special illumination. Additionally, their affordability also makes them the best choice in many instances.

Linear LED shop lights are energy-saving for workshops with ceilings lower than 20 feet. Utilizing up to 50% less energy than a standard 4-foot fluorescent fixture with two tubes, linear LED shop lights use up to 50 percent less utility costs over time and are quickly surface or suspension-mounted for ease of power cable connection – further saving energy by linking together.

8-foot LED shop lights differ from other commercial-grade lighting in that they do not require a ballast for operation, which lowers installation costs and eliminates compatibility issues that might arise when upgrading older fluorescent fixtures with more energy-efficient technology. Furthermore, these fixtures come in either plastic or aluminum materials with various warranties.

Barrina 8FT 72W 9000LM 5000K Daylight White LED Shop Light is ideal for garages, basements, work areas, and rooms. Easily plug-and-play or hardwire-to-wall switch for use up to four lights linked in series; ETL-certified quality and reliability certification complete the package.


Are You Searching for Bright, Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions in Your Garage or Workshop? Consider LED fixtures. LED fixtures use less power than fluorescent bulbs and emit no heat, making them safer to install in your work area or garage. Furthermore, LEDs switch on instantly without flickering or degrading over time; additionally, they last much longer than fluorescents!

There are various 8-foot LED shop lights to choose from. Some models are intended for direct mounting onto ceiling joists, while others can be suspended from chains or wires. Many can also be plugged directly into an outlet or hardwired to a wall switch for power and can even be linked together so multiple fixtures can be run off one source.

Consideration should also be given to the lumen and wattage ratings when selecting lighting fixtures, which depend on your workspace size and required brightness for specific tasks. A simple calculation would be to divide your square footage by the recommended number of foot-candles per workspace from IES.

Linear LED shop lights have become an increasingly popular choice for garages and utility rooms due to their performance value and easy installation. Available with various lumen options, linear LED shop lights often replace fluorescent tubes in garages or utility rooms.

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