Imperial Plumbing Services


Matt Powell established Imperial Plumbing Services with just $1,000 and the vision to deliver outstanding service and craftsmanship in both the residential and commercial fields. Today, Imperial offers full-service residential and commercial plumbing for new construction as well as repairs – they’re even licensed and insured!

Water Heater Installation

Imperial Plumbing Services can assist with installing a water heater that adheres to current energy and environmental standards or switch from conventional to tankless water heaters, which can save both money and energy usage. They may even offer rebates and tax credits. Plus, they provide emergency repairs for broken toilets!

Some plumbing companies provide annual inspections at an annual flat fee to prevent problems like backed-up toilets or burst pipes from occurring in the future. While these services tend to cost more than standard plumbing repair, they can save you from more costly damage over time. Furthermore, plumbers can detect and address home gas leaks, which can be very hazardous.

When hiring an Imperial plumbing company, always verify their licenses and credentials as well as customer reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings. Check for membership in a plumbing union, which may have strict training and experience standards for their members; additionally, it may help if your chosen provider has extensive local experience as they will understand any unique challenges to be found within your community, allowing them to respond faster when emergencies arise. If unsure which provider best meets your needs, request quotes from several providers to compare rates before making your final choice.

Water Heater Repair

Imperial plumbers specialize in all manner of water heater repairs, from leaky tanks and gas lines to installations and routine maintenance services. Additionally, they test for home gas leaks that often go overlooked by homeowners themselves. When selecting an Imperial plumber with the appropriate licenses and certifications, they must be experienced to avoid shoddy workmanship or even dangerous accidents; you can learn more by reading reviews or consulting your state licensing agency.

Reputable companies stand behind their work with satisfaction guarantees and discounts for repeat customers, as well as home warranty programs to cover parts and labor for some repairs. Furthermore, they should be licensed by their state and belong to an industry group that requires stringent screening processes and training standards for its members.

Imperial, Missouri, residents require heating systems to protect their homes against harsh winter weather conditions and keep pipes and plumbing fixtures warm enough to avoid freezing and damage from occurring. While heating systems can be expensive to repair when neglected, Imperial plumbers can help save homeowners money by repairing or replacing heating systems before winter hits; they can also repair leaks and fix clogged toilets – most plumbing companies provide competitive rates and free estimates!

Toilet Repair

Imperial Plumbing Service can come to the rescue when your toilets need repair or are broken, quickly diagnosing the issue before employing various tools and techniques to address it. When dealing with blocked drains, an experienced drain specialist can use advanced equipment to clear blockages, locate hidden obstructions in pipes, and unclose main line drains leading to sewers.

Imperial plumbing companies offer more than just repairs and water heater replacement; they can also install new faucets, toilets, shower heads, and more – including finding parts for toilets and urinals!

Selecting a plumber with licensed, insured, and bonded status for plumbing services will protect you from scams or unreliable work. Furthermore, selecting one with local experience is preferable as they understand the unique challenges facing local homeowners more readily and may provide more reliable services.

Reputable Imperial plumbing companies should boast excellent customer reviews and referrals. In addition to offering an estimate before commencing work, some providers also provide satisfaction guarantees to ensure the job is completed satisfactorily; some even offer manufacturer warranties on fixtures and appliances they install.

Sewer Repair

A damaged or clogged sewer line can present severe challenges for your home, including water damage, backups of sewage waste, and health hazards. However, most sewer issues can be solved with professional repair services.

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to replace your entire sewer line. If your pipe has become blocked with debris or has reached its lifespan limit, replacement may be the answer. We provide various sewer line repair options, including excavation and trenchless repair, as solutions in such instances.

When you choose our sewer repair service, we begin by using a video camera to trace your pipelines. In addition, we mark any underground utility lines, sprinklers, electric dog fences, or any other items that our work could impact.

Utilizing this information, we create a repair plan explicitly tailored to your needs and budget. Depending on the nature of the repair needed, it can often be completed in just one day.

Our team offers preventive maintenance services like drain cleaning and sewer line inspections to keep your sewer lines free from significant debris buildup, decreasing the chances of blockages or bursts that could cost money and require costly repairs in the future. Regular inspection can save time, money, and trouble down the line!