How to Undo in Notes on iPhone and iPad


While typing or sketching, it is easy to accidentally delete or alter something you didn’t intend. Luckily, the iPhone and iPad provide several ways to reverse these changes.

One way is to use the Undo button (it looks like an arrow pointing left). This appears when editing text or adding strokes.

Shake to Undo

Shake to Undo on iOS devices allows you to quickly revert your last change by shaking. This feature can be utilized through a markup menu, finger gestures, keyboard shortcuts, or recovery of deleted notes using the Recently Deleted folder.

To activate this feature, open the note you want to edit and tap the Markup button at the bottom of your screen. Use arrows on either side to make edits; alternatively, you can use finger gestures – handy for iPad users – for quick changes.

Apple’s shake-to-undo feature can be found in its Notes app, Messages app, and third-party messaging apps that support Handoff and Instant Messaging features. To disable it, navigate to Settings app > General > Accessibility Shake to Undo > Unswitch the toggle switch next to “Shake to Undo.”

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can also undo or redo your last change by using Command+Z and Command+Y keyboard shortcuts, or on Mac computers, use a three-finger swipe to undo or redo changes.

Apple introduced in iOS 13 and macOS 13 a new gesture that you can use to replace its shake-to-undo feature: a three-finger swipe from right to left on your screen will undo any recent change you made; should an accidental mistake happen during typing, you can quickly undo by swiping from right to left again; additionally a Redo notification will pop-up at the top of your screen notifying you about what just occurred – helping prevent mistakes when writing essential documents or emails.

Shake to Redo

Whether you just typed text or made an edit in Notes, shaking your iPhone or iPad is the simplest way to undo what was just done. Simply shake your device, and a popup will appear with options such as Undo Typing or Undo Add Strokes – tap Undo again to restore deleted text or undo previous changes.

You can enable Shake to Undo from within the Settings app by going to General > Accessibility and toggling on Shake to Undo in General Settings Accessibility.

Finger gestures and keyboard shortcuts provide convenient ways to undo actions on iPhone and iPad notes. Swiping with three fingers anywhere on the screen will undo your last move, which is much simpler than using backtick/sign buttons at the bottom. Furthermore, keyboard shortcuts such as Command+Z (for undoing) or Shift+Command+Z (redoing) allow multiple rollback actions simultaneously.

If you send a message without knowing it is meant for someone else, tap and hold the message bubble until a notification of unsending appears in both of your conversation transcripts.

The markup icon allows simple undo/redo functionality on iPad and iPhone devices. This pencil-like icon contains an arrow for undo and a square with a plus sign for redo actions. However, this button only appears on devices running iOS 13 or newer of the Notes app – look in the lower right corner when opening or creating notes to find this tool!

Finger Gesture

Notes is an efficient and versatile app on iPhone and iPad for creating grocery lists or meeting notes, keeping track of ideas, deleting unwanted text, or making mistakes that accidentally delete or modify content in your note. Thankfully, various methods of undoing actions are taken within the Notes app to revert to its previous state – use either the Undo button, keyboard shortcuts or shake your device!

If you want to reverse a recent action in the Notes app, shake your device quickly with a jerking motion and fast release. This gesture will open an “Undo Typing” menu that reverses all typing and drawing activities. To switch your changes again, shake and tap “Redo Typing” when presented in the popup menu.

Use the three-finger swipe gesture in Notes app to undo actions more easily – this gesture also works in other apps like Pages! However, this gesture won’t work in handwriting mode or landscape mode.

On a Mac, you can undo your actions using either the Edit menu’s Undo or Redo button or Shift+Command+Z as a keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, use the Markup tool to undo changes made without saving, while gestures might not work well enough – check out tips for alternative undo methods in the Notes app on iPhone/iPad!

Markup Icon

If your note contains digital signatures, they can easily be removed by tapping the Signature button. Once deleted, blank spaces will replace them – this feature works on all notes! Plus, you can easily create new signatures or select from an existing list using the Default Signature Template.

On iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 14-15 or later, you can undo your recent typing or sketching actions using either the Markup toolbar or the Edit menu. In iOS 15+, you may also use Shift-Command-Z for undo and redo actions.

To use Markup tools in Notes, open one and tap anywhere on the screen to bring up a software keyboard and then tap anywhere within it to access Markup tools. Alternatively, older iOS versions allow this feature by opening PDF documents in Notes before selecting the action pop-up menu to access Markup tools.

Once the Markup window opens, you can draw directly on your screenshot image or add shapes and arrows. Additionally, you can rotate and crop photos or pictures, write text or sketches, add signatures, rotate or crop, write captions for captioned pictures, write signatures on drawings, write text captions for text documents, and even sign them electronically! To save your work for future reference, tap the upper-right corner arrow or Share, then the Files/Photos option before tapping “Share.”

Notes on an iPhone or iPad can be managed easily using these helpful features. From using shake gestures to undo mistakes to employing finger gestures or external keyboard shortcuts for quick edits – and should you accidentally delete an item, the Recently Deleted folder provides the perfect place to recover it!

Keyboard Shortcuts

iPhone or iPad provides several methods for undoing changes made to notes. You can use an on-screen button, keyboard shortcut, or finger gestures to backtrack changes made. Finger gestures may prove particularly useful when working with tables since they allow you to undo multiple modifications simultaneously quickly.

If you make an editing error, shake your device to undo it quickly and efficiently. This method works whether you are typing or sketching; shake with quick, jerking motions from side-to-side or up and down until the menu option asks whether to “Undo Typing” or “Undo Add Strokes.”

Alternative Method of Undoing Changes In Notes on Mac Computers: You can also use the Command+Z keyboard shortcut to reverse any recent change to Notes, just as with any app on a computer. With Smart Keyboards, use either on-screen buttons or Shift+Command+Z to undo changes made in Notes.

Notes offer several helpful shortcuts, such as pressing Command + J to format text as a table and Command+A to format an entire message easily. Moreover, applying Title formatting to highlighted text is helpful when sharing notes with others, and pressing Command + Y will show/hide highlights within notes – perfect if reviewing old versions before presenting them – plus Notes keeps deleted messages in its Trash for up to 30 days, should any need arise later on.