How to Turn Off the Flashlight on an iPhone 12


People of all ages often struggle with flashlights that keep switching on at inappropriate moments. This can be incredibly annoying when trying to work in low-lighting conditions.

Worry not; following these simple steps should help you quickly turn it off. We’ll cover three methods.

1. Control Center Method

iPhone’s flashlight feature can be handy for many things, from finding your way through darkened rooms to taking pictures in low light conditions. Unfortunately, however, accidentally activating it when not needed may prove tricky, and turnoff can become challenging.

One of the easiest ways to switch off your iPhone’s flashlight is through Control Center, a special shortcut panel containing various shortcuts and applications. To open it, swipe down from the top of your screen; once inside, tap “Flashlight Icon” to deactivate it.

Lock Screen provides another easy way to control your flashlight without unlocking your device using Face ID or passcode. To access it, either press the Home button to wake up your iPhone or swipe from the top of the screen for “Raise to Wake”/”Tap to Wake.” Once this is accomplished, please scroll down and tap the flashlight icon at the bottom to turn it off.

If you own a more recent iPhone model, you can also control the brightness of your flashlight directly from the Lock Screen by tapping on the Camera app icon and then tapping again to set desired levels. Additionally, this method makes turning on/off the flashlight easier – particularly useful if using the flashlight feature for work purposes while keeping the device locked at the workplace.

If you’re having difficulty turning off the flashlight on your iPhone, closing any apps running in the background and causing its flashlight to remain active may help. One telltale sign of an offending app is when its icon resembles a flashlight beam next to the camera icon in Control Center – when this appears, close it immediately and turn off the flashlight on your iPhone!

If none of the methods above have worked to turn off your iPhone flashlight, a factory reset may be the way to go. Doing this will restore all of the original data and settings from when you bought your device; just be sure to back it up first with iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with a factory reset, just in case anything goes amiss during this process.

2. Lock Screen Method

An iPhone 12 flashlight can be handy for many tasks, from taking photos in low light to finding your way out of a dark room. But accidentally activating it when unnecessary can quickly become annoying and waste battery. There are multiple ways you can turn it off: Control Center is one such method, while Lock screen shortcut or Siri are other faster approaches;

Although a flashlight shortcut on the lock screen can be convenient, some have found it infuriating that they cannot easily disable it. This feature can mainly annoy those using their phones in dark environments who don’t want it to drain their battery or interrupt others by turning on its flashlight feature. Luckily, multiple methods exist to turn off this flash icon on your lock screen to avoid unwanted interruptions while simultaneously conserving battery power.

Your iPhone flashlight may unexpectedly activate for many reasons, from apps that trigger it directly to setting errors on your phone. If this occurs without warning or you are uncertain why, try restarting or checking for updates, as this could be the cause.

One source of this issue can be the Raise to Wake feature, which allows users to wake their iPhone by picking it up or lifting it but can easily trigger it accidentally while it is in their pocket or bag, turning on its flashlight by mistake. To prevent this from happening, disable this feature by accessing Settings and tapping Display & Brightness; to do so more directly, you could also say: “Hey Siri, raise to Wake!” or “Hey Apple, turn off the flashlight!”

As well as these methods, another way to turn off iPhone’s flashlight is by holding down and swiping up on the Home button – this will open Control Center, which lets you toggle off the flashlight with one tap; additionally, on the lock screen, you can swipe down from the top and tap flashlight symbol or use Siri to turn it off using “Hey Siri, turn off the flashlight.” Finally, when turned off, you will feel a vibration when the flashlight has been disabled.

3. Siri Method

iPhone flashlights can be an indispensable resource for quickly brightening up dark or dimly lit environments rapidly and effectively, yet overusing this feature can soon drain its battery. However, multiple easy ways exist to temporarily turn off an iPhone 12’s flashlight without unlocking its device.

If you want to save battery or prevent disturbing others, using the Control Center is an easy and efficient way to turn off the flashlight. Swipe from the top or bottom (if your iPhone supports Touch ID) until the Control Center appears; once inside it, tap the flashlight icon to toggle it off; this will then show as grey to signify that your flashlight has been turned off.

Lock Screen can also be a great way to disable flashlights on iPhones. First, unlock it. Next, swipe down from the top of the Lock Screen to access Control Center. Tap the flashlight icon to toggle it off/on; once turned off, it will become grey, showing that the flashlight has been deactivated.

Simply say: “Hey Siri, turn off the flashlight.” Likewise, this method can also be used to turn on or adjust the flashlight if required.

Your iPhone flashlight could turn on unintentionally due to being enabled by Raise to Wake or Tap to Wake. To disable it, navigate to Settings General Accessibility and turn off its switch.

Alternately, try disabling LED Flash for Alerts in your Settings app to stop the phone from using its flash to display notifications during silent mode. This should help reduce battery drain by reducing unnecessary usage of its moment.

Reinstalling the Camera app may help, mainly if there’s an issue within its code or any bugs, but be sure to back up any photos or data before doing this, as this will ensure nothing important is lost during this process. Furthermore, try adjusting the flashlight brightness settings – although this may prove challenging due to how unintended this functionality is in the app, it might do the trick – it might work! Best of luck!