How to Tie a Bow With Ribbon


Bows made of ribbon can add the perfect finishing touch to gift packaging and are relatively straightforward to create.

Take a long piece of ribbon and use your fingers to weave it back and forth, creating loops. Continue this process until your desired loops have been formed before fluffing up those loops to give your bow fullness and beauty.

How to Make a Loop

Beginners seeking to create beautiful ribbon bows should create a primary loop. Start by identifying your desired width for a finished bow, and make a ribbon loop approximately this size. Continue making smaller loops around this larger one until you achieve the desired width, gluing them to keep them secure as you go. When all loops have been assembled, trim and notch the ends to complete this first attempt at bow-making!

To complete your bow, find a piece of ribbon shorter than the center portion of your loops and layer this over each of the two longer pieces before adhering them back to your bow with glue. This will create ribbon tails, which you can trim off at an angle for a cleaner look.

Once your bow looks great, use your fingers to fluff it up by pushing on its center to hide its tight center and give more volume to your bow. With this simple step-by-step technique, you can make beautiful handmade bows for wreaths, gifts, or other special events.

A twisted bow adds sophistication and elegance to any gift. Easy to create with some practice, this bow style can quickly transform from ordinary into extraordinary! To begin making one, measure about 4-5 inches from either end of your ribbon and mark them with pins or pencil. Next, loop it together so each side forms an even loop; once in the middle, twist and secure with a knot or tie for added security before repeating on the other side of the ribbon.

How to Make a Twist

This quick and straightforward bow-making method works great with any ribbon – especially wired stripe. First, determine the desired size of bow you want to create before using fabric scissors ($16 from Michaels) to cut an equal length of ribbon into that size.

Set your ribbon aside and gather its end behind you with your thumb and finger on your left hand. Twist it until its shiny side shows, creating a small loop in the center of your ribbon. Repeat this process, adding more loops on either side until there are three on one side and three on the other (imagine creating bunny ears with your ribbon!).

Once your loops are finished, fluff the bow and glue it down. If using a patterned ribbon, try to separate each circle so that its patterns alternate, or use this technique as an attractive accent to any gift or wreath for which a beautiful bow would make an elegant presentation.

Use this technique with different kinds of ribbon to achieve different looks. For an elegant yet classic style, tie a single-loop bow. For something different and unique, tie several loose loop bows around existing decor or your present package; be sure their loops can move freely if that is your preference! This can also make an excellent way of decorating wreaths, Christmas trees, and lanterns!

How to Make a Double Twist

Make a bow without frustration using these easy tricks for perfect ribbon bow tying.

First, determine how wide you want your finished bow to be. This will allow you to determine how long to cut the most prominent loop and how shorter to cut any remaining ribbons for your bow. Next, create a center by making a small loop in the middle of the ribbon; fold down each side so they meet at its base to form the center for your bow.

Once your bow center is complete, it’s time to add the loops for its outer portion. Please make a small loop in the center of your ribbon, starting from its lower left side, and twist it towards its center until all eight loops have been created, alternating sides until completed. For an added splash of color, try cutting your ribbon ends in a chevron pattern for extra flair!

To complete your bow, it’s time to fluff and adjust its loops. For an eye-catching bow effect, separate ribbons in each of its loops for added fullness if you are using different colored stripes.

Once your bow has come together perfectly, securing it as a gift is time. Use ribbon to form tails; alternatively, you could tie knots in each bottom for a cleaner finish using pipe cleaners.

How to Make a Chevron Cut

Handmade bows add the perfect finishing touch to a special present or project, and this tutorial will teach you how to craft elegant ones that can decorate wreaths, gifts, and Christmas trees.

Start with a ribbon measuring at least 12 inches (30 cm). This will allow you to make two loops and have enough left over for tails. If your ribbon is one-sided, ensure both ends are cut at an angle to avoid fraying.

Fold the ribbon in half to form a loop, adjusting its size according to how large of a bow you desire. Once satisfied with its size, bring one circle over and under another until they match – this should create an excellent bow shape!

If you plan on using your bow on something that doesn’t require tails, such as wreaths or garlands, tie it securely to the center with string. For added strength and durability, glue under its knot would also work great!

Once the bow is completed, fluff it with your hands by gently pulling apart its loops on either side and fanning them out with your fingers – this will hide its cinched center and give your bow a more polished appearance.

Now that you understand how to tie a bow, it’s time to decorate some gifts! Select a ribbon color that complements your advantage and follow this tutorial’s steps to create a gorgeous handmade bow – an effective way to express how much someone means to you! This handmade bow will add flair and show someone just how much they mean!

How to Make a Chevron Tail

If you love making bows and appreciate chevron cuts, try this beautiful version in your next project. Start with a long piece of ribbon, fold it back and forth so it forms two equal-sized loops at the center, cross one circle over another to create another small loop at their bases, scrunch it together as needed before scrunching up, and add it as a top or finishing touch on a wreath or Christmas tree decoration.

For this style, it helps to use wired ribbon with invisible bendy wire woven into its edges ($5 per yard, Michaels). This airiness allows the ribbon to shape easily without getting too floppy; additionally, this method can even be applied on single-sided ribbon by folding it back and forth (to form loops), but without knotting it; then use its loose ends to tie your bow around whatever object or surface you’re decorating.

Once your bow is tied, secure it with either hot glue or clear tape and fluff the looped ribbon using your fingers to hide its cinched center. Use this bow style for wedding arrangements and decor purposes or as an easy no-sew wrap-around gift or gift bag for an instant way of giving each item special care and attention!