How to Evolve Primeape


Primeape, introduced during its inaugural generation, is an aggressive fighting type Pokemon that can make for influential pivotal figures in competitive play when equipped with a Choice Scarf.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allow their Pokemon Annihilape to evolve by repeatedly using its Rage Fist ghost move 20 times, either fighting low-level wild Pokemon or by visiting a Poke Center.

Rage Fist

Rage Fist, one of the newest additions to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is an exciting Fighting/Ghost attack that increases in power with each hit against Primeape or Annihilape. This unique ability enables Primeape or Annihilape to unleash a devastating punch that will shatter targets at their core – creating one of the more dynamic experiences within any team! This exciting new move certainly makes gameplay much more enjoyable.

To transform Primeape into Annihilape, players need to teach it Rage Fist and use it 20 times in battle. This shouldn’t be too challenging as Primeape learns it at level 35, and you should easily reach this feat by participating in multiple battles while using Rage Fist. For optimal results, it would be best to do this near a PokeCenter as its PP will deplete each time the attack is used in combat; an Ether may help replenish its supply, however.

If your Primeape level isn’t relatively high enough, try looking in the West Province near Great Crater and Medali. Another way is to head north and search for them in the Tagtree Thicket region of North Province; these creatures often lurk among woodland areas and don’t appear often enough.

If your low-level Mankey has learned Rage Fist, you can evolve it into an Annihilape by using it 20 times in battle and leveling back up after each use. This simple procedure will provide your team with an invaluable ally – as Annihilape will soon become one of its most versatile members! However, if Primeape had Anger Point as its ability when it evolved, an inner Focus ability will need to be switched in as its replacement ability instead.

Level Up

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced many exciting new creatures for players to discover while at the same time giving some old fan favorites new forms that may surprise some people. One such Pokemon is Mankey, which now comes equipped with Annihilape that combines Fighting with Ghost elements into one powerful puncher – though if you want your own Mankey to turn into this deadly form, you must know precisely how.

The first step to becoming an Annihilape trainer is capturing a Mankey, which can quickly be done by exploring early parts of the Paldea region. Once charged, level it up by engaging in battles against wild Pokemon or trainers until level 35, when Rage Fist will have been learned, and you can begin evolving it further towards Annihilape status.

This simian ape is notorious for its inexhaustible anger. Legend has it that its fury can even be seen in its Poke Ball; However, this may be a stretch in canon lore, as its power remains undiminished: this Pokemon is an uncontrollable source of fury that won’t stop until they have struck fear into whoever it has an issue with.

That’s why it makes sense that the first step to becoming an unbridled fury slugger should be relaxing and letting its rage do its work. By unleashing its fury to fight other Pokemon and use Rage Fist 20 times without losing a level, your Primeape should reach the required 20 times of Rage Fist use before losing status and evolving into Annihilape – this condition must be fulfilled to develop into Annihilape; and it shouldn’t take long since there are countless low-level trainers and Pokemon around Paldea regions where low-level trainers and Pokemon to help out – head to mass outbreaks or find low-level areas and start using Rage Fist as soon as possible for maximum effect!


Striking their opponents with mighty fists filled with anger, they shatter them to the core.

Fury helps increase their blood circulation, strengthening their muscles even further. Unfortunately, its anger clouds its judgment and even leads to death from becoming so incensed with its opponent(s). But it has never forgiven any person or thing who caused its anger to flare.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced an upgrade to Generation 1’s mono Fighting-type line by adding Annihilape, an Annihilape-evolution of Primeape that gives trainers new ways to approach playing the game and adds powerhouse support for their teams.

To evolve Primeape into Annihilape, it must level up by engaging in battles and catching other Pokemon. Once it reaches level 35, Primeape will learn Rage Fist as part of its repertoire; using it 20 times should trigger its evolution – whether naturally while engaging in low-level Pokemon battles or using Rare Candy candies on it.

As soon as you do this, Primeape will automatically evolve into Annihilape and gain more power, including healing itself while dealing damage! Annihilape is sure to add tremendously valuable potential to any team and is worth making an effort for.

Annihilape has also learned to protect herself with Vital Spirit. This new ability comes with this evolution and prevents sleep, so she can fight more frequently, giving you access to more experience to help speed up leveling up faster.

Rage Fist has ten base PowerPoints (PP), making it easy to use quickly. Should your PP runs low, replenish them via Ether or stop by any Pokemon Center to top them back up.

Final Words

Primeape, a Fighting-type Pokemon found in the Paldea region, boasts a high Attack stat and can learn Cross Chop, Close Combat, Focus Punch, as well as Rage Fist, which increases strength by improving blood circulation – although this move has become notorious due to Primeape’s uncontrollable anger, killing multiple individuals using it despite appearing peaceful during death.

Primeape can be challenging to capture. But the game allows players to evolve this fierce monkey using an unconventional method. Unlike most Pokemon, Primeape doesn’t grow by leveling up alone; to achieve it, players must use Rage Fist at least 20 times against enemies or trainers using either battles or trainer battles, and when their PP falls low or they have been hit multiple times during combat. It is recommended to utilize this attack.

After performing their task, players can level up Primeape. Doing so will cause its evolution into Annihilape, an even more powerful Ghost-type Pokemon. Acquiring Moon Stones from battles won, prizes at Celadon City Department Store prizes won or visiting NPCs can help achieve this. Afterward, once they possess one, they must use it on Primeape to unlock its new form.

Primeape has made several appearances throughout the Pokemon anime as both a wild Pokemon and a member of Team Rocket. During the episode Let’s Get Dangerous!, Primeape led a herd of Mankey into attacking Yellow and her temporary master Blue; however, they were defeated and sent back into the wild by Porygon.

Primeape appeared in the Battle Royal Preliminary Round of the Manalo Conference and was ultimately defeated by Gladion’s Silvally. Additionally, it has been used as a Trainer’s mount during some episodes of Pokemon animation series; for example, in “Defeat the Elite Four!” one was used against Volkner from the gym.