How to Evolve Pawmo Into Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Like real pets, Pokemon require time and care to evolve – something especially evident with Pawmo, who grows into an electric/fighting hybrid at Level 18!

For your Pawmo to evolve, a straightforward requirement must be fulfilled: walk 1,000 steps with it in Let’s Go mode. This guide will show you how.

Level Up

Pawmi is one of the cutest Pokemon in Gen 9, and its two evolutions only add to its adorable appeal. Evolving Pawmo into its first form is straightforward, while getting it to grow further may prove more complex. While developing Pawmo into Pawmot requires multiple steps and some tricks for faster level-up time – there may even be ways to speed up that process!

Step one is to level up Pawmo to level 18. This can be accomplished by catching it in the wild, leveling up through Experience Candies, or using Experience Candies quickly. Once Pawmo reaches level 18, it will automatically transform into its Pawmot form.

Leveling up can be done quickly with Pokemon Go: visit any Poke Center in your game and walk for several minutes around it – depending on your distance from it, this should soon add up to thousands of steps! Just ensure that running or fighting with Pokemon doesn’t prevent you from reaching your desired number of steps!

After you’ve equipped your Pokemon, take it out for a stroll! There are various methods of doing this, but the most efficient approach is adding it to your party and pressing ZR until it follows you wherever you walk. This will earn XP and Friendship points while walking along routes or taking them into parks where they can roam freely.

Keep your Pokemon close; it will only gain experience by being part of your team, not battles or trainer battles. After just a few minutes of walking, you should easily reach the 1,000 steps necessary for Pawmo to evolve into its second form. However, if not, keep walking until, eventually, your Pawmot will appear!

Send it Out

Pawmo is one of the newest Pokemon to arrive in Scarlet and Violet. Popularly regarded as this generation’s Pikachu clone for its adorable looks and powerful attack capabilities, Pawmo can only truly shine when evolved into its dual Fighting/Electric type form using a specific evolution method.

Once you’ve obtained a Pawmo by either capturing it in the wild or leveling it to at least Level 18 using the Let’s Go feature, the next step in its evolution will begin. To do this, take at least 1,000 steps while walking with Pawmo using the Let’s Go feature; remember, this process may not happen immediately since you will likely encounter wild Pokemon along the way!

To send out Pawmo, make it the first Pokemon in your party and press R or ZR. Pawmo will then walk alongside you and start counting miles; alternatively, the auto-battles feature of Let’s Go can count steps automatically while automatically engaging wild Pokemon that comes its way – although please be aware this method won’t work if leveling up using XP candies rather than in-game battles.

Once you reach 1000 steps, Pawmo will transform into its final form: Pawmot! This adorable new Pokemon is an invaluable asset to any team. It is an electric and fighting type with high attack and speed stats, allowing it to combat most early-game Pokemon easily. In addition, Pawmot can learn Revival Blessing to revive fallen teammates when activated – truly making for an ideal addition!

Pawmo may not be the most decisive early-game electric-type Pokemon, but he or she is helpful if you’re trying to complete your Pokedex or need thundershock power. Evolve Pawmo into its complete form quickly; it should only take minutes!

High Jump on Koraidon or Miraidon

If you want your adorable small companion to develop into a cuddly Pawmot, some hard work may be required. But it doesn’t have to be complicated – walk with it outside its Pokeball for approximately 1,000 steps, and it should transform over time into its new form.

Step One is to find an area where it’s safe and easy for you to walk freely without bogging down or bumping into wild Pokemon, ideally somewhere near home. Once there’s an open path, set your Pokemon into battle mode and begin walking – using rare candies or leveling it up combat to boost its evolution speed – which will speed up reaching your 1,000-step goal faster!

After defeating the Quaking Earth Titan, you’ll unlock more nifty abilities for Koraidon and Miraidon. For instance, with Sprinting Build opened from that fight, B can jump while riding you into the air, providing an easy and fun way of traveling Paldea.

Another great ability is the ability to swim. To unlock this, you must beat Scarlet or Violet Open Sky Titan, an altered Donphan that appears more like an armored mammoth and poses a formidable opponent. Once defeated, however, you can take your partner Pokemon into the water together for swimming sessions that allow them to move much more rapidly than they could on land alone.

As well as using them to explore more of Paldea, Koraidon, or Miraidon Herba Mystica sandwiches made by Arven whenever you defeat a Titan will allow them to learn this ability as well. So if you come across one of these animals, feed it so it can learn this new skill and help you discover even more!

Walk Around

Pawmi is one of the first Pokemon you will meet on your adventure and can prove decisive. As an Electric/Fighting hybrid, it makes an effective opponent against Rock/Ground Pokemon and possesses Revival Blessing – making him an invaluable ally during early game battles. While it can be caught and leveled up through action alone, there’s another method available to players for making Pawmi evolve into its more potency Pawmot form that many overlook.

To evolve a Pawmot, walk with it while it’s out of its ball. While this process might sound easy enough, there are some key steps you should remember for optimal success: firstly, while your Pokemon is level 18 or higher; nextly, ensure you crouch or run slowly; moving too quickly may cause it to give up trying to keep up and go back into its Pokeball; also all steps must be completed simultaneously as any time the Pokemon returns into its ball during your walk, its step count will reset and start again;

Since there’s no pedometer in the game, keeping an eye on your step count will fall upon you. Players have discovered some methods for simplifying it; one form involves laps around Mesagoza while crouching to rack up steps quickly. Another is taking advantage of Koraidon or Miraidon’s high jump on top of Pokemon Center roofs to get them running around constantly and stacking up steps rapidly.

Follow these tips, and your Pawmi should evolve into its more powerful and unique form, the Pawmot! This versatile Pokemon can add powerful range and power to your early-game team against Rock/Ground types – so give this adorable creature a chance and see why so much attention has been directed toward her!