How to Evolve Finizen Into Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Pokemon Evolution provides an exhilarating combination of logic, intuition, and game expertise to provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet utilize several innovative evolution methods, with one such approach involving Finizen: evolving it into Palafin! This guide will teach you how to develop Finizen into its next stage: Palafin.

Level 38 or higher

Pokemon games feature many unconventional methods of evolving Pokemon characters, from penny-pinching for Girafarig’s halves to betraying Primeape outright; players must undertake various acts to get their Pokemon to grow into its final form.

One of the more intriguing ways to evolve a Pokemon is through co-op sessions with another player. This method works exceptionally well when dealing with Finizen, a Water-type Pokemon found in the Paldean region of the game that requires extra work to evolve into Palafin. Leveling Finizen up quickly is no problem at all – however, developing into Palafin takes additional time and dedication from both parties involved.

To transform Fizen into Paladin, you’ll first need to raise its level to 38 through either battle against wild Pokemon or collecting EXP candy. Once this goal has been accomplished, visit Union Circle with another player and start co-op gaming!

Co-op sessions between friends can help your citizen level up more rapidly than usual due to taking advantage of each partner’s experience, increasing its chance of evolving into Palafin more quickly.

The process is straightforward as there are various places where you can easily find players to join your session. From Paldean islands to Club Union’s Union Circle feature, finding someone is simple. When you find one, enter their world and start playing together.

Though the evolution method differs slightly from others within the game, it still provides an enjoyable way to obtain strong Pokemon without spending much time or EXP. For players hoping to fill their Pokedex with as many Generation 9 Pokemon as possible, this can be an excellent way of doing so – remember to bring plenty of EXP candy when searching for someone to play with!

Local or online co-op

Finizen the Dolphin Pokemon has quickly become a fan favorite since being introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, thanks to its unusual evolution method, which requires multiple players working together to evolve it into Palafin, its super-heroic form. Players should familiarize themselves with all aspects of Finizen before becoming a hero. Additionally, here are a few key facts you need to know before turning this water type into one!

Players must level it to Level 38 during a local or online multiplayer session to transform a finalized into Paladin. This can be accomplished by opening Club Union and entering a friend’s world or joining any of the many multiplayer sessions found at Pokemon centers across Paldea. Finizen should begin evolving automatically once it reaches Level 38, but players must keep the game open to ensure this takes place.

Evolution into Paladin will also enable it to switch into Hero Form when not engaged in battle. It gives its ripped fish form massive stat increases, making it an invaluable ally during fights. When sent back out into battle it will revert into Zero Form for a seamless transition.

Finizen is an interesting Pokemon to evolve into, as its appearance may surprise many players when reaching its evolution point. Instead, Finizen is an imposing creature with muscular mass and terrifying teeth – something trainers should watch when out and about in nature.

However, Palafin remains a mighty Water-type Pokemon worth striving for. Boasting impressive base stats and an innovative evolution method, this new hero should undoubtedly become part of any collection’s roster.

Rare or XP candy

Finizen, the Water-type Pokemon that resembles an adorable dolphin, can be found early in the game and makes an invaluable asset to any team. However, for it to evolve into its more powerful Paladin hero form, it must follow two steps.

The first step to leveling up a Pokemon is reaching level 38 or above through either battle with wild Pokemon or using XP candy. When this has been accomplished, players must bring it into a Pokemon Center and join a Union Circle session, which may be local or online, depending on their preferences.

Once in the Union Circle, players should ensure they keep Finizen as part of their party and are responsible for leveling it up – this may require giving rare or XP candy. Still, the key is for one player alone in the room to evolve Finizen.

The second step involves having the other player level up their Finizen in the same manner; they would level any other Pokemon by engaging with wild Pokemon or giving it Rare/XP candy. Only if their party contains a level 38 Finizen will it become Paladin when it reaches level 38.

Players who fulfill all requirements will see their Finizen transform into Palafin when facing off against another Trainer during a battle, unlocking its hero form to transform it into an agile dolphin Pokemon that can dominate its opponent teams.

Though this takes more effort, it’s worth investing if players wish to acquire one of the strongest Pokemon available in-game. Furthermore, it provides a fantastic way to complete one’s Pokedex, as many species can be difficult to capture from nature, even within Area Zero.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring with them many water-type Pokemon. Still, one stands out for its particular evolution method: Finizen can evolve into Paladin (who resembles Superman), but only during multiplayer sessions. This guide will show how you can reach Level 38 to allow Finizen to transform into its Hero form.

Finizen’s evolution method is straightforward: Play him in a Union Circle session with another player (local or online, regardless of type), in which both of you battle wild Pokemon or trainers to level up to level 38; at that point, Finizen will automatically change into its Hero Form.

Find Union Circle at any Pokemon Center and use any one of several methods to start or join sessions: the Poke Portal in your main menu can help find sessions; online resources like Reddit or Pokemon Union Circle Discord servers may also have sessions available for joining.

As soon as your Pokemon has reached level 38 and you are in a Union Circle session, you must teach it the move Flip Turn. Without this step, Finizen won’t be able to evolve into its Hero Form, and you may risk its death!

If you don’t have any friends to play with, plenty of people online are looking for players through sites such as Reddit and Discord servers who would love to join your session and help transform Finizen into Palafin. Finding someone willing to help should not be too difficult.

Finizen may seem underwhelming at first glance, but this water-type Pokemon still packs a pretty impactful punch in battle thanks to its ability to transform into Hero Form in combat and make for an invaluable team member. Its quick evolution process and ease of capture in the wild make this Pokemon an essential member. So ensure that if it’s not already part of your roster – or level up its evolution process quickly – by including it on your team and leveling it as soon as possible!