How to Evolution Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced many new Pokemon into their world. Yet, one, in particular, was less effective until they evolved: Gimmighoul can become Gholdengo – a steel/ghost type with enhanced stats – by developing.

Players must collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins to evolve Gholdengo into its final form. There are various locations where Coins can be mined for easy harvest.

Chest Form

Gimmighoul is one of the more intriguing new Pokemon introduced with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and many players have been eager to obtain it. Gimmighoul is a coin-shaped ghost/steel hybrid monster that can evolve into Gholdengo – an adorable hybrid monster with both steel and ghost elements with an informal lifestyle. Many players have been wondering how they can acquire this creature.

Gimmighoul stands apart from most Pokemon in that it cannot be captured directly – instead, to transform it into Gholdengo, you must evolve it first. To do this you will need 999 Gimmighoul Coins, which can be earned from Roaming Form Gimmighouls roaming Paldea Region; find these walking Pokemon by looking out for locations with coins shimmering around them like Pokedex entries do and interact with them directly; once enough coins have been collected then level up Gimmighoul until Gholdengo emerges!

Gimmighoul in its Chest Form can be found worldwide, often appearing atop towers. You might see some clustered near an abandoned castle or as you traverse through the Paldea region on the trek. They may also appear in select Ruins across the globe or on remote cliffsides.

When you’re ready to level up your Chest Form Gimmighoul, place it in your party and visit a watchtower nearby. Once you reach the required level, Gimmighoul can evolve into Gholdengo, an enjoyable Steel/Ghost hybrid whose lifestyle differs significantly from its Chest Form counterpart. Developing Gimmighoul into Gholdengo requires using all coins from its inventory, so be prepared when this step becomes necessary!

Roaming Form

Pokemon GO introduced Gholdengo into its world and showed him/her ability to evolve through coin collecting. Trainers will have to collect many coins for Scarlet and Violet to watch this unique new Pokemon emerge as its particular steel-type version – instead of simply leveling up.

The process will be an uphill struggle; to see this form of Gimmighoul emerge in the Sinnoh region, you’ll have to connect your mobile account to one of Scarlet or Violet’s games and send a Coin Bag between them – this bag acts as bait to attract Roaming Form Gimmighoul; players can use one every day!

Start searching for these unique items near the Poco Path Lighthouse. Look at its base, in Team Star Segin Squad Base’s ruins northwest, or in Cascarrafa West Pokemon Center, where there may be one along its cliff which cuts through its fence – there will always be one somewhere.

Trainers looking for rare items will need to search all over Paldea to collect more. Some things can be found on the ground, while others must be battled and managed; players will require 999 Gimmighoul Coins before seeing this evolution take place; once players have achieved this milestone, they can begin leveling up Roaming Form Gimmighoul to see it transform into Gholdengo.

Grass Form

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer players a host of new Pokemon to catch and collect, but one particular coin-chest-dweller stands out: Gimmighoul is an adorable coin chest-dweller from Paldea Region that stands out. To harness its full potential and evolve it into Gholdengo successfully, players will need to follow a straightforward evolution process – luckily, this process should prove smooth and pain-free!

Like a classic Mimic, Gimmighoul’s Chest Form and Roaming Form act like chests in their environment, giving players a way to interact with them without fighting or catching them (though battle and capture will still be necessary if players wish to level up and evolve their Gimmighoul). These chest-like creatures can be found throughout the Paldea region; some locations, in particular, provide more opportunities than others for seeing them.

Start by visiting West Province Area One (North), specifically its Pokemon Center. Locate Gimmighoul on a cliff by a rock northeast of it, before visiting Team Star Segin Squad Base in Cascarrafa West to search for another on a rock in its northeast corner near its river crossing point. At Glaseado Mountain ruins, you may also discover another Gholdengo. There’s often a herd near golden PokeStops during special events, which reappears every half-hour. Once players have collected 999 Gimmighoul coins, they can transform this Pokemon into its Gholdengo form and evolve it further. Trainers will then have the chance to teach their Gimmighoul a new move in battle and gain other valuable abilities. While this process can take time and patience, eventually, trainers can transform their Gimmighoul into a gold-plated snowboarder-like creature with increased stats.

Water Form

Gimmighoul, one of the Coin Chest Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is an irreverent ghost type modeled after classic fantasy Mimic creatures found throughout Paldea in two forms – Roaming Form and Chest Form. Players may come across this little fellow and even capture him, yet they must understand its evolution process.

Players begin by amassing 999 Gimmighoul coins, which they can do either by interacting with roaming Form Gimmighoul across Paldea or by catching and leveling up Chest Form Gimmighoul they encounter. Exact coin rewards from interactions may vary; the maximum coin cap at any one time is set at 999 so this goal must be accomplished over multiple days or longer if possible.

Once players have amassed enough Gimmighoul coins, they can begin evolving Gholdengo into its evolved form, a Steel-type Ghost Pokemon with the Ability Good as Gold and an armor-plated body made entirely out of solid gold that protects it from status effects such as Defog from other Pokemon.

At first glance, collecting 999 Gimmighoul coins may appear daunting; however, the process can be pretty simple in practice. Players can use a map to pinpoint each Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Paldea and visit these spots daily to collect coins.

Fire Form

Pokemon may usually evolve through battle or leveling up, but some require unconventional approaches. These strategies range from playing at specific times or flipping the system around; one example is Scarlet and Violet’s Gimmighoul, an adorable treasure-hoarding Ghost-type that evolves into Gholdengo when collected as rare coin Pokemon by Trainers. Unlike most Pokemon, however, Gimmighoul cannot be found fighting another battle; Trainers instead need to collect this rare coin Pokemon before seeing Gimmighoul transform into Gholdengo, unlike most Pokemon other than that found during the war. To see it change.

Players can encounter roaming Gimmighouls that drop coins when confronted. Still, the best way to gain these is through Golden Lure Modules, which transform regular PokeStops into Gold PokeStops and reward players with coins every time they spin them. Watch towers, ruins, and other places where Gimmighouls may hide can also help.

Once players have amassed 999 Gimmighoul Coins, they can evolve any Roaming Form Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, using up all 999 Coins but yielding a Steel/Ghost type Pokemon with good stats and resistance against Fighting, Normal and Poison types. This process will consume all of these resources. Still, it will result in Gholdengo becoming an excellent Steel/Ghost type Pokemon that provides substantial resistance against Fighting Normal Poison types – and provides for great battling potential!

Although this method may take more time and patience than other evolution methods, players must fight countless Gimmighouls and collect hundreds of coins before seeing any evolution occur. Newcomers to the region may require time to collect these 999 Coins even with Golden Lure Modules; nonetheless, it should still be straightforward enough for patient players.