How Much Is Scrub Daddy Worth?


Scrub Daddy is an innovative cleaning product featuring an adorable smiley-face sponge that has generated millions in revenue since being featured on Shark Tank. CEO and Founder Aaron Krause currently boasts an estimated net worth of $70 Million.

The company’s success can be attributed to its appearance on Shark Tank and investment by Lori Greiner, as well as partnerships with major retailers like QVC and Bed Bath & Beyond.


Aaron Krause is an award-winning inventor and businessman, amassing an impressive personal net worth. His success lies in his ability to identify and capitalize on new market trends; one such direction is Scrub Daddy becoming one of the top cleaning products available on the market and helping him create his successful empire.

Since 2012, this company has produced over 20 different products. Their flagship item is a circular sponge adorned with a smiley face punch-out that changes texture based on water temperature for cleaning purposes – this allows it to clean various surfaces and materials efficiently. They have even won awards and been featured in popular TV shows and commercials!

Scrub Daddy has seen its revenues skyrocket since appearing on Shark Tank. Since January 2017 alone, Scrub Daddy has seen sales surpass $100 million and lifetime sales reach over $209 million by October 2019. According to estimates, revenue growth for 2018 exceeded 80% year-on-year; profits were further enhanced through increasing production while using social media platforms such as TikTok to market the product.

Aaron Krause has not only expanded his company but has also engaged in educational initiatives. He has given talks at schools and universities about his entrepreneurial experience to encourage young people to pursue careers in innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he has worked to optimize production methods and materials to reduce his company’s carbon footprint and waste output.

Krause is taking steps to produce a film about his life story, with actor Michael B. Jordan attached as lead star. This will showcase his success as a businessperson while showing how innovation can propel startups to greater heights.

Scrub Daddy has quickly become one of the most sought-after Shark Tank investments ever, garnering partnerships with major retail stores like QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart to boost sales while increasing Krause’s net worth.


Aaron Krause is the creator of Scrub Daddy, an innovative cleaning product company that has made waves in business circles. His products are widely distributed domestically and abroad; their popularity has resulted in their net worth growing to an extraordinary $600 Million figure. This remarkable achievement can only be credited to hard work, innovation, dedication, and change commitment.

Aaron began his career in car washing before launching his own cleaning company. Using his entrepreneurial abilities to develop a scrubber that changes texture based on water temperature, Aaron eventually created what has since become known as the Scrub Daddy sponge; today, it remains one of the most popular household cleaning tools available. After garnering interest through social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, Aaron went on to pitch his creation to the television show Shark Tank; once there, all four Sharks offered various deals before offering him one from Lori Greiner, who gave $200,000 for 20% equity of ownership of his company – something no other TV show could do before!

Since its debut on QVC in 2012, this company has experienced great success. Sales have skyrocketed, and it has even expanded into international markets!

Aaron has also demonstrated an unwavering dedication to philanthropy and charitable contributions that have contributed to him building his net worth. Partnering with various organizations to make life better for individuals who may otherwise struggle financially and integrating sustainability into his business model by designing eco-friendly products with safe use practices, he ensures all his products comply.

Aaron enjoys not only success in business but an equally rewarding personal life. He and his wife enjoy traveling together and making time for their three children and the outdoors. Together, they support local schools and communities.

Scrub Daddy is projected to continue its impressive expansion at an astounding rate, having seen sales soar year-over-year by an astonishing 880%, reaching $209 Million in lifetime sales.


Since appearing on Shark Tank, Aaron Krause’s Scrub Daddy brand has enjoyed tremendous growth and success, increasing from $1 million to over $310 million in value. Scrub Daddy is a leading provider of sponge products in the United States and has become a household name. In addition to its signature sponge product line, Scrub Daddy offers erasers, cloths, and scouring pads as part of its product offerings – with each being known for unique features and innovative product design, contributing to its tremendous growth and success.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, revenue for this company has continued to soar, reaching a record high of $209 Million by 2023 due to their innovative operations and marketing strategies as well as partnerships with retailers such as QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart that have helped drive sales and brand recognition.

Scrub Daddy has seen great success because of their success, expanding their product offering and meeting various consumer requirements. Furthermore, they have established an online presence, making purchasing products more straightforward for customers while simultaneously building customer loyalty, which is critical for long-term business development.

Scrub Daddy has experienced impressive growth, yet obstacles must be overcome to succeed. Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, which presents both opportunities and risks for companies, remains among them. Furthermore, brand loyalty must be maintained by providing excellent customer service and increasing product quality.

Scrub Daddy’s founder remains optimistic about its future despite these difficulties, crediting his success to his hands-on approach and fair treatment of employees. Additionally, he has established strong customer relations through social media channels such as TikTok, where he interacts directly with fans to provide answers. These platforms have played an essential role in driving growth at Scrub Daddy – likely contributing to further success as time goes on.

Net worth

Aaron Krause is the CEO of Scrub Daddy, an innovative cleaning product company selling multi-purpose sponges with smiley faces that change texture depending on water temperature. Thanks to Scrub Daddy’s success, Krause’s net worth has skyrocketed, exceeding $100 Million!

Krause’s passion for invention and entrepreneurship emerged early, spending much of his free time tinkering with mechanical devices. After graduating from Syracuse University, he started his buffing pad and car detailing business; however, due to poor sponge quality available on the market, he created Scrub Daddy–now an iconic household brand name.

In 2012, Krause appeared on Shark Tank and successfully pitched his product to all five sharks. His energetic presentation captured all the judges’ attention. Kevin O’Leary offered 50% ownership for $100,000; Krause declined it; Lori Greiner showed $200,000 instead and invested into helping it expand and thrive.

After the episode aired, sales for Scrub Daddy skyrocketed. It became a household product within months and is now sold in major retail outlets such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Costco, and Walmart. Furthermore, Scrub Daddy recently partnered with 3M to expand distribution further.

Scrub Daddy’s success story inspires entrepreneurs everywhere and emphasizes the value of working hard toward realizing your goals. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Aaron Krause’s net worth has seen significant gains. Additionally, he continues to play an active role in Scrub Daddy’s growth while instilling complex work values into his children as well as building strong self-reliance skills, all of which have contributed to them finding successful careers within their chosen fields as well as learning the value of investing their hard-earned funds in companies they believe in.