Golden Corral Buffet Review


Golden Corral Buffet is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with excellent value at competitive prices. Their chain of locations is popular among families and seniors alike. Their extensive menu offers tasty items like meats and seafood.

Restaurants also provide low-calorie dishes and beverages, making it easier for you to manage your caloric intake. Smoked pit ham contains only 110 calories, while the pork sausage patty is only 80.

Cost per person

Golden Corral offers an all-you-can-eat buffet that is economical and delicious, featuring pot roast, fried chicken, steaks, desserts, drinks, and much more. Prices may differ depending on the time of day or item served.

Golden Corral’s buffets tend to cost less than you might anticipate. Yet, you must check their menu beforehand to see what options are available – as menu offerings change frequently, it would be best to refer back to their main Golden Corral menu selection page for reference before visiting a location.

Golden Corral offers online ordering to make life more convenient, especially for busy families. Order for pickup if time is of the essence – their service is consistently outstanding, making it an ideal place to meet up with friends or family!

Children are welcomed and receive discounted buffet pricing at Golden Corral, starting with kids aged four to eight at $6.99 on weekends and $5.99 on weekdays; for nine 12-year-olds, the cost drops to only $7.99!

Golden Corral’s salad bar provides many healthy eating options for diners seeking better overall health. Their salads are low-calorie and offer an array of vegetables and dressings; sugar-free desserts are also offered. Furthermore, their new smoked menu boasts baby back ribs, brisket, turkey, and chicken that have all been marinated with hickory.

Golden Corral stands apart from most restaurants by not including gratuities in its meal costs; however, you are welcome to leave one as you wish for your server. Though waitresses don’t do as much work as in traditional dining settings, they will still serve beverages, refill your bottles as needed, and clear away when your table is full. Furthermore, reservations for groups of six or more can be made via their website.

Cost per child

The Golden Corral is a buffet-style restaurant renowned for its variety and quality. Food is prepared fresh daily and served at reasonable prices, making this an excellent option for families. In addition, catering services are provided for special events; customers can even select their items by age group!

Prices of buffets differ by location, with most sites charging less than $10 per person for dinner and lunch service and children three years of age or younger eating free of charge. There are also promotions such as the Family Dinner Special offer, which runs Monday – Friday in select restaurants.

There is also a selection of food choices suitable for people with specific dietary requirements. The buffet features almost 150 items, such as sirloin steak, smoked chicken, and beef, and homestyle favorites, such as salads, mac and cheese, and meatloaf – not forgetting fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, and desserts! Plus, a drink selection that includes unlimited fountain soda!

Golden Corral stands out as an exceptional buffet that welcomes children of all ages – their prices for children aged four to eight are exceptionally affordable, and costs even drop on weekends! Additionally, this restaurant features a special buffet dedicated to seniors that proves especially popular with this demographic.

Golden Corral offers an assortment of appetizers, such as chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese, while their dessert selection features pies, cakes, and soft-serve ice cream. In addition, drinks such as tea and coffee are also offered here.

Golden Corral offers an extensive and varied menu, so reviewing their nutritional information before visiting is wise. You can access this data online or speak with one of their managers directly; additionally, the restaurant also provides an allergen list for those with food sensitivities or allergies.

Many people enjoy eating at Golden Corral as an after-work dining spot. Open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, you can have an indulgent lunch while making it home for bedtime!

Cost per senior

Golden Corral is a family-friendly buffet restaurant offering delicious and reasonably-priced buffet-style food, making the experience enjoyable and affordable. Prices depend on the time of day and location – with weekdays being less expensive – though children always eat free and seniors get 10% discounts; as an early bird special treat, there’s even an early bird special for seniors!

Golden Corral Buffet’s cost per senior depends on several factors, including type and promotion status. Dinner pricing typically falls within $7-14 for adults, while lunch prices hover around $10; weekends bring higher costs, whereas breakfast prices can vary widely and could even come under $10 depending on location.

Golden Corral’s dishes are high in calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight, you must be aware of what you consume. They provide detailed nutritional information for their items on their website, making informed choices while eating out easier.

Golden Corral offers more than just buffets; they also have a vast array of meals for dine-in. Choose from their various steak, chicken, and pork options and delicious dessert options like ice cream. Various bakery rolls and side dishes can also be selected. Popular menu options at Golden Corral include pot roast, fried chicken, and meatloaf!

Golden Corral’s buffet offers an assortment of beverages for you to enjoy, but drinks costs can quickly add up if you’re on a tight budget. If possible, bring along drinks from home as staff will refill and clear away tables throughout your visit – however, staff members always appreciate a tip!

Golden Corral offers gift cards as an easy and thoughtful way to show appreciation for friends and family – plus coworkers or the mailman! Available at their restaurants and online, gift cards can be purchased to show yours today!

Cost per party

Golden Corral stands out as an exceptionally welcoming establishment for children and their parents alike, as evidenced by their extensive menu items designed to appeal to younger diners and affordable family options.

Golden Corral offers an outstanding buffet in your area, featuring a variety of healthy, low-cal dishes packed with nutrients. Additionally, their salad bar provides plenty of choices that help you eat healthily while adhering to calorie limits.

Golden Corral is known for offering a vast array of food and their outstanding wait staff. Enjoy delicious fruits, veggies, steak, chicken, fried shrimp, ribs, mashed potatoes, desserts like ice cream and banana pudding, and drinks like white sangria or pina colada!

Golden Corral’s prices depend on several factors, such as time of day, food type served, and any discounts or special promotions available; however, most dishes are priced below average for a buffet, and there are options for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Golden Corral’s buffet does not offer a separate children’s menu; children aged 9-12 can dine for just $7.99 on weekends and $6.99 on regular weekdays – including beverages! Children four and under eat for free.

Golden Corral’s website features an online ordering option, making placing orders more accessible than ever from home or a mobile device. Simply select “online order” on their menu and enter your location – this way, the site can display all available menus near your current location.