Gator Plumbing Review


Gator Plumbing excels in all areas of plumbing services, including backflow certification, repairs, and installations. Their family-owned-and-operated business boasts many years of experience and is known for providing superior craftsmanship with superior customer service.

With a BuildZoom score of 108, they are one of the highest-rated contractors in Florida and specialize in water safety and transparency through their Gator Guarantee program.

Plumbing Repairs

Gator Plumbing provides residential and commercial plumbing services, repairs, remodeling, backflow testing/repairs as well as customer service excellence for new construction or remodeling projects. Their reputation has earned them praise from satisfied clients for the high-quality work and customer service provided to new projects or remodels alike. They are a local family-owned business with over three decades of experience, licensed and insured, and known for delivering innovative solutions that go through attic spaces or down walls in order to save money. Their customers love them, and they’re an advocate for the industry, involved with local charities, and strong supporters of home builders associations state and national, offering competitive prices Monday through Friday with 24-hour emergency service available when necessary.

Backflow Recertification

Backflow prevention equipment helps protect public water supplies against contaminants like toxins, harmful chemicals, and human waste. But for it to function efficiently and remain safe for consumption, it must be tested and maintained regularly – recertification from a reliable plumber is critical to ensure both you and your property’s plumbing systems stay safe; an accredited backflow tester can inspect and test the device to make sure that everything is functioning optimally.

Backflow certification requires inspectors to pass both a written exam (25 questions) successfully and a field test, in which they assemble an anti-backflow principle assembly, double-check valve assembly, and pressure vacuum breaker assembly without using notes or assistance from any outside source.

Bac-Flo Unlimited’s 40-hour BPAT certification course offers both classroom-based instruction and hands-on training to enable its students to become NEWWA Certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspectors/Testers. This comprehensive curriculum covers everything necessary for becoming one, such as understanding cross connections and their associated health hazards, types of backflow devices, testing three separate backflow prevention devices simultaneously, procedures for trying them, as well as regulations/codes associated with testing devices.

Once certified, technicians can utilize their expertise to test backflow prevention devices on commercial and residential properties. This career choice for plumbers allows them to increase income while providing customers with invaluable services; additionally, certification provides them with an edge over non-certified technicians by showing that they possess knowledge about backflow prevention equipment as well as dedication to protecting public water supplies.

Water Heater Installations

Gator Drain and Plumbing’s experienced team is on hand when you’re ready to replace your water heater, offering an extensive inventory explicitly designed for your home or business. Their skilled technicians offer installation at times convenient for you; plus, contract work, service work, backflow testing/repair, and backflow testing/repair services are also provided here.

Gator Plumbing is your go-to provider when your toilet becomes clogged; your pipes burst, or your garbage disposal malfunctions – with customers commending them on their fast response time and exceptional customer service. Serving their community for more than 25 years now, they are members of the Better Business Bureau as well as licensed and insured businesses.

Sewer Line Repairs

At the center of every plumbing system lies sewer lines, essential in carrying waste and wastewater away from your home to a septic tank or main line for disposal. However, these lines are susceptible to common issues that require repair or replacement in order to remain effective and functioning as expected.

Gainesville plumbers with Gator Plumbing offer both traditional and trenchless sewer line replacement methods. In a conventional replacement, a backhoe will excavate around your sewer line before replacing any damaged sections and refilling any uncovered areas with dirt. Our trenchless sewer line replacement process uses an in-line camera to detect issues in your line before only replacing affected sections.

Whatever its source, a clogged sewer line is a serious matter that requires professional intervention. Signs include bubbling or gurgling toilets, slow drains, and foul odor from your kitchen sink, indicating something could be amiss with the line; food debris (FOG), hair products, and non-flushable items (non-flushable items) could all blockage it as well as non-flushable materials like paper products clogging the way.

Maintaining your sewer line by having regular inspections by professional plumbers at Gator Plumbing can save money in repairs or premature drain line replacement costs. Contact them now to arrange for an in-depth video inspection of your sewer line!