Garden Fresh Gourmet Recipes


Garden Fresh Gourmet is one of America’s premier producers of refrigerated salsa, offering mild, chipotle, mango peach, and screaming hot flavors in refrigerator-friendly packaging. Additionally, they produce hummus dips and chips.

Campbell Soup Co. is divesting various businesses to narrow its focus and reduce debt.

Meatballs with Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

This delicious meatball and salsa verde combo makes an easy weeknight dinner everyone will love. Serve family style on a platter, or toss with pasta and top it with more parmesan for an easy weekday dinner at home. Additionally, this dish freezes and reheats easily if meal prepping ahead is your goal!

Garden Fresh Gourmet founder Jack Aronson’s uncompromising palate and refusal to compromise on ingredients have contributed heavily to its rise to America’s No.1 refrigerated salsa brand status. As an employer and community advocate, Jack takes great pride in the jobs his business has created in Ferndale, Michigan, while its products can be found on shelves across many local grocers.

Kroger approached Aronson with the concept of mixing salsa and cream cheese, and he was determined to find a winning recipe that met his high quality and taste standards. Aronson mixed the two perfectly to achieve maximum flavor.

Once his product was complete, Aronson began taking samples to local grocers to test. He was overwhelmed by their positive responses; many encouraged him to sell his salsa in their stores. Soon enough, Garden Fresh received orders from Jim Hiller, Nino Salvaggio, Tom Violante, and Rocky Russo.

Make sure to allow this recipe to marinate for at least 30 minutes for all its flavors to come together for an optimal and vibrant salsa dish. Play around with spices (more or less chili, paprika, or salt) according to your taste – for added variety; you could even swap out paprika with ground cumin or cayenne pepper for added spice, or even add sugar as needed for sweeter flavors!

Spicy Black Bean Soup with Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

This authentic black bean sauce adds incredible flavor to any meal, especially with hearty black beans! Plus, making your own is much cheaper (and better tasting) than store-bought Chinese black bean sauce, and you know exactly what’s going into it!

Start this recipe by sauteeing some onion and garlic before combining fire-roasted tomatoes, black beans, vegetable stock (or water), ground cumin, chipotle chili powder, and s&p for an effortless simmer. It makes an ideal winter dinner served over some shredded rotisserie chicken!

Modifying this fresh tomato salsa recipe to suit your preferences and the ingredients available locally is an effortless feat. Try adding extra peppery, herby oniony goodness with paprika for an extra peppery kick or swapping in some vegan feta cheese for salty, creamy notes. Crushed red pepper adds subtle heat, while diced bell pepper provides crunchiness – fresh cilantro or parsley adds a splash of vibrant green color for that final flourish.

Garden Fresh Gourmet was established by three siblings who grew up working in their parents’ restaurant at Woodward and 9 Mile in Ferndale and has become the nation’s leading refrigerated salsa brand. Garden Fresh also produces dips, chips, hummus, and dressings.

New products from Garden Fresh Gourmet(r) Artichoke Garlic Salsa combine savory artichokes and bold garlic with the sweet flavors of juicy tomatoes and onions for an irresistibly delicious spread. Also introduced was Organic Restaurant Style Medium Salsa made with certified organic ingredients combined to produce a velvety sauce with subtle jalapeno spice for some kick – more varieties, such as mild Scotch Bonnet salsa as well as exotic Mango Peach salsa, will soon follow as well. Their goal is to offer unique combinations that meet consumer demand while creating new recipes produced right there alongside original products made in identical kitchens where their initial products were designed!

Sweet Potato and kale Hummus with fresh garden gourmet Salsa

Make for an exceptional vegetarian meal by mixing Garden Fresh Gourmet black bean salsa with sweet potato and kale hummus from Garden Fresh Gourmet. It’s packed with protein and fiber while remaining deliciously light — add some quinoa or chopped red onion for extra texture and flavor!

Hummus is delicious, but the combination of sweet potato and kale salsa takes it one step further. Made with certified organic ingredients for maximum nutrition and low-fat consumption. Sweet potatoes and kale add crunchiness for a tasty dip!

Garden Fresh Gourmet was approached by a large food company looking to acquire them several years ago, but owner Aronson refused as he is dedicated to keeping his all-natural product line local and supporting up-and-coming food companies that create jobs in Michigan.

Garden Fresh Gourmet uses High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) to treat its salsa and hummus products, killing off bacteria, mold, and yeast while increasing shelf life. This change was an immense boon for Garden Fresh Gourmet as they expanded distribution significantly while developing new offerings like their soon-to-launch line of stuffed proteins – featuring chicken, turkey, and beef burgers filled with Aronson’s original cheese blend – and other innovative offerings.

Aronson takes great pride in his work, and those he employs know it. Since Aronson first started making salsa with a bucket in his backyard, it has operated as a $100 million business with approximately 423 employees (many located in Ferndale). Aronson is well known in the Ferndale community, often working closely with Kroger on unique salsa and cream cheese combinations only sold there – sometimes getting his best ideas while lying in bed or even napping!

Eggplant & Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

Whether from your garden or local farmers market, fresh ingredients can create delicious dishes! Try this tasty eggplant recipe filled with creamy ricotta cheese and served alongside savory red sauce with generous sprinkles of melty mozzarella and nutty Parmesan for an easy dinner that pairs perfectly with chips!

When making salsa, use fully ripe tomatoes. Firm and deep red, with no bruises or dark spots, should ensure that your finished product boasts a rich flavor and the ideal texture. Use a food processor to pulse all ingredients for maximum convenience before stirring in lime juice and salt as needed for optimal results.

This recipe provides a fantastic opportunity to experiment with various kinds of chili peppers. While the original recipe calls for medium heat levels, you can easily customize your salsa according to your taste; add more jalapeno or cayenne pepper if you prefer spicy salsa; for an alternative milder experience, use another type of onion instead.

Ingredients for this recipe are easy to source; gather fresh organic components that are available year-round, plus a blender/food processor and a large bowl for mixing all of them. For an unexpected twist, experiment by adding other vegetables, such as carrots, celery, or zucchini.

Start peeling and seeding the tomatoes using a sharp, serrated knife for optimal results. Doing this quickly will prevent tomato skin from sticking to your blade and tearing during this critical step. Also, remove all seeds containing lots of liquid that could dilute your salsa recipe.

Once the seeds have been extracted from your tomatoes, combine them in your blender or food processor with all the remaining ingredients for your fresh garden salsa! It can be enjoyed alongside various meats or as a tasty snack served alongside chips – an excellent way to stay healthier with every meal!