Doug’s Plumbing


Doug’s Plumbing was established by Walter and Juanita Nichol in 1959. Today, it is managed by their grandson Geoffrey Nichol, 4th generation plumber.

This company offers not only superior repair and maintenance services for plumbing issues but also advanced testing services like video pipeline and hydrostatic testing.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

If your plumbing emergency cannot wait until business hours, emergency plumbers provide prompt service that addresses urgent matters such as burst pipes, sewage backups, and water damage. Finding top-rated local emergency plumbers may involve asking friends and family members for recommendations or searching online reviews; alternatively, calling multiple plumbers and getting estimates over the phone before selecting one may help as well.

Do-it-yourself solutions for most plumbing issues can often suffice, but issues like leaking pipes or sewer backup should never be ignored. Not only is it unpleasant, but these problems can quickly cause significant structural damage. Leaks can quickly lead to flooding and mold growth, necessitating fast repair from emergency plumbers in order to limit further damage and discomfort. On-call services tend to cost significantly more due to being delivered instantly; this is particularly evident when extensive repairs like burst pipe replacement or sewer backup remediation must be conducted immediately in order to avoid additional damages and additional cleanup fees.

Drain Cleaning

Doug’s Plumbing has long been known for their promptness, professional service, and fair prices. Their experienced plumbers can tackle everything from fixing clogged tub drains to installing new toilets with their expertise, saving many homeowners costly home repairs. Doug’s also provides seasonal maintenance tips that keep plumbing systems in great shape, as well as teaching homeowners the five causes of drain clogs, helping prevent costly drain blockages in the future.

Video Pipeline Testing

Doug’s Plumbing offers advanced testing services for leaks and other leak-related problems, using video pipeline inspection to locate them quickly. Once found, they can recommend the appropriate repair procedures to their clientele. In addition, hydrostatic testing employs microphone technology to pinpoint water leaks or clogs quickly.

Clogged drains can be an enormous annoyance in any home and lead to significant water damage. Doug’s Plumbing’s team of professional unclogs specializes in unblocking kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, and floor drains, as well as grease traps and central lines, using advanced methods while replacing any old or damaged fixtures as necessary.

Doug’s Plumbing can use video camera inspection to detect any potential problems with Houma or Thibodaux plumbing systems using video technology, making detection more accurate. They can repipe sections of plumbing to address leakage or slow flow, as well as install new fixtures like garbage disposals or toilets.

Hydrostatic Testing

Doug Turner, Plumbing of Houston, now provides hydrostatic testing services to its clients; this helps determine if a property’s drain lines are functioning well or have any leaks that need addressing immediately. Otherwise, unrepaired, leaky sewer lines could cause extensive property damage and release hazardous sewage into the environment.

Plumbers typically perform this test by gaining access to a home’s “clean-outs,” located near its foundation, and filling them with water before monitoring to see if the pressure decreases; if so, this indicates an under-slab sewer leak, in which case more tests should be run to locate potential culprits.

Test results can also be used to inspect the underground piping running from a house to the city sanitary sewer main, providing peace of mind to homebuyers as they look for signs that the confidential plumbing needs replacing or has recently been adjusted due to leveled foundations. The service may be particularly beneficial for home buyers who wish to ensure all is in working order prior to making their investment decision.