Digital Top Trumps Trading Cards


Fans of Top Trumps will be pleased to know that digital trading cards are now available; each token costs $99 and can be bought.

There have also been some special packs designed for specific events, including the Royal Wedding pack and Grandmamma card. Some groups, known as Super Top Trumps, are considered rarer than regular cards.

Game rules

Before playing Top Trumps, all cards must first be shuffled. After that, each player must choose which card they’d like to play, either from their hand or off the table – winning cards typically contain those which score the most points; players should try matching their skillset with which card they choose to beat opponents more easily.

Top Trumps(r) is an established trading card game featuring packs with different themes, such as sports and fictional heroes. First introduced in the UK by Dubreq in the 1970s, subsequent production has come from numerous companies; many cards featured vehicles, modes of transport, and military hardware that appealed to boys at that time.

2012 Top Trump’s video games for video gaming consoles were introduced. The collection includes Donald Trump and other recognizable characters from movies, TV, and music; it cannot be purchased in stores but must be ordered online; prices vary significantly among cards; those of higher grade may fetch higher sums of money than less desirable cards.

Some packs include Super Top Trump (STT) cards that aren’t part of the regular pack contents. These unique cards may be issued alongside merchandise, events, or promotions related to them, such as when given out free to Scouts at a sleepover event in Roald Dahl pack depicting Grandmamma as a promotion for the sleepover event.

Unique cards have also been issued for specific pack titles, such as American Sealife in Danger and Wildlife in Danger. Cards have also featured popular television programs like All Blacks Pack and Cricket Australia Pack.


Top Trump’s card games come in numerous variations. Cards on various topics such as movies, sports, animals, and transport can be found. Children and adults enjoy this card game that features cards with multiple themes – films, sports, animals, or transport being among these topics. It has proven both entertaining and educational, often given away as gifts or used by companies for promotional material purposes – not forgetting its academic potential!

Super Top Trumps (STT) cards feature 3D images when answering questions, giving a distinct 3D effect when answering. Although rarer than traditional cards, collectors can make significant profits when selling these rare STTs individually; one collector noted how valuable Nazgul cards from the Lord of the Rings series fetched high prices when sold separately; however, since these STT cards tend only to come released with specific packs it may be hard to come across them all!

Before Winning Moves’ takeover, several companies produced their own Top Trumps cards; these included Waddingtons, Dubreq, and Ace. Their offerings tended towards boyish themes like military hardware, racing cars, and aircraft – prices allowed children to save pocket money over several weeks to afford more packs.

In the US, playing cards are called Supercards and are designed to educate and entertain children. Printed on thicker cardstock for added durability and packaged in tuck boxes instead of plastic cases, Supercards provide hours of learning fun!

Top Trumps has become a versatile teaching resource since its introduction into schools. Teachers can access various resources for teaching about geography and the environment – for instance, River cards featuring critical information for different European countries; planning overviews; reading comprehension activities; and counting worksheets can all help bring Top Trumps alive for children!


Donald Trump promised the world a “major announcement,” yet nobody anticipated he would surprise everyone by unveiling a set of uninspiring trading cards that sold out within one day – earning him $4.5m in profits from their sale alone! Yet these cards still hold some value for collectors.

Card decks often cover specific subjects such as cars, movies, military jets, TV shows, etc. Each card features an image and statistical information about that subject, with some text added on some cards. A standard pack of playing cards consists of 30 or 32 cards called Super Top Trumps (STT in the USA) which may include exclusive or unique edition versions (such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Gift Set containing some STT cards or Balrog promo card being distributed with limited edition boxed sets such as Doctor Who 45 Years of Time Travel).

Many companies have also released special packs based on sports or other subjects, such as All Blacks Top Trumps and Cricket Australia Top Trumps packs exclusive to New Zealand and Australia. Winning Moves UK also produces Collectors Edition packages comprising multiple packs in one box, such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Gift Set with nine exclusive Super Top Trumps cards and the Wedding Pack, which was given out during its director’s wedding celebration.

Super Top Trumps

These unique cards contain images that can display 3D content, making them great for special promotions such as showing video clips. An Optimus Prime card may even say them, with video being streamed when placed before a computer or television screen; Hamleys 3D announcement cards offer another solution and can be downloaded with content directly from their leading site.

Winning Moves’ Super Top Trumps and regular packs feature smaller miniature figures based on specific subjects such as cars, planes, or movies. You can find these Super Top Trumps online, at stores such as Hamleys, or in schools; their popularity among children and adults makes them particularly fun!

Top Trumps have long been popular in the UK and have created various packs. While initially designed as a boys-only game, it has now expanded to include girls as a family game. Each group consists of cards featuring pictures and statistical information about things children might find interesting, packaged neatly into a tuck box for easy storage.

Playing cards requires using a spinner, six Scorebars, pegs, and a hub with recesses for each card – the player who earns the most points wins; However, there may also be other variations, such as using a calculator to determine each card’s value.

Activity Packs provide children with cards featuring combinations of two pictures, word searches, mazes, and mazes in a tuck box. They target younger children.


Top Trumps is a viral card game in the UK with various decks. Some feature cars, planes, films, or particular themes like zoology or London history; others feature specific subjects like zoology. Each pack contains pictures, numerical statistics, and additional text; bonus cards may even feature your player name for tournament play! Each tournament can offer bonus cards; winners receive an extra prize card!

As well as trading cards, collectors of Donald Trump can also find premium inserts and unique edition cards featuring him that command high prices, especially if signed. Collectors may also come across his Decision cards from 2016 election sets, parody cards, or GPK stickers that poke fun at his controversial moments.

Top Trumps boast unique cards known as Super Top Trumps or Supercards that can only be found in specific packs. Although not the best cards in each group, they may help players win tournaments more quickly than regular Top Trumps cards. Collectors often collect these rare collectibles; tournament prizes or eBay sales could be another use.

Other Top Trumps cards are exclusive to specific packs or events and feature different stats than standard cards. For instance, All Blacks and Cricket Australia packs feature bonus cards only available there that cannot be purchased anywhere besides Winning Moves’ website. Another notable special card was Gunmetal Holder, which could only be won through the Winning Moves site competition.