Come and Take It Shirt


Come and take it is an enduring symbol of strength, representing courage and character as well as a stubborn determination not to quit. First employed by Spartan King Leonidas during the Battle of Thermopylae and later by Texas revolutionaries at Gonzales.

Do your part to support the Second Amendment with this stunning, bold t-shirt made of soft, comfortable cotton blend fabric.

Product Description

The Come and Take It shirt is an ideal piece for freedom-minded accelerationists. It features an iconic Graphics Processor Unit (GPU), which symbolizes technological advancements related to Artificial Intelligence. Underneath the GPU stands the phrase, “Come and Take It,” an allusion to the American 2A rights movement’s fierce advocacy for individual liberty. This slogan stands as an open challenge to those seeking to regulate or restrict AI acceleration technology – daring them to try to take it away from us before it’s time! Crafted from high-quality fabric for maximum comfort and available in multiple sizes. Show your commitment to technological progress at AI events or gatherings by wearing this T-shirt proudly printed here in America.

Product Details

“Come and take it” is an unforgettable reminder of the Second Amendment’s inviolable right to individual ownership, conjuring images of strength, courage, and an unwillingness to surrender when faced with difficult odds. At the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, Spartan King Leonidas used it as a defiant response to demands by the Persian army for surrender; later, it would be employed during the Texas Revolution against Mexico at Gonzales Battlefield in 1835. This unisex tee features an artistic rendering of a graphics processor unit (GPU) as a representation of AI advancements, symbolizing its engine. Printed on Next Level 60/40 cotton polyester crew neck shirts, which can be machine-washed and dried safely for your convenience, this piece makes a defiant statement against those attempting to restrict or regulate GPU compute capability. Printed with pride for accelerationists who fight censorship advocates–you won’t take this technology from us until our dead hands! Printed on Next Level 60/40 cotton polyester crew neck shirts, which can also be machine washed and dryer safe! Machine wash and dry safe!

Josh Woods of Eternal Ink Pro Team fame is responsible for this eye-catching piece, and it can be found on a Next Level 50/50 cotton/polyester crewneck tee from Next Level.

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Come and take it is an iconic American patriotic phrase made famous at both Fort Morris in 1778 during the Revolutionary War and Texas independence from Mexico in 1835. This shirt aims to embody the same spirit of freedom and defiance espoused by accelerationists defending GPU compute capability against AI safety advocates who seek to restrict it through registration, regulation, or other controls. This shirt features a stylized GPU compute power engine with “Come and take it.” Machine washable for your convenience and printed in the USA by ASA for your enjoyment, it comes in various sizes and comes as part of their limited edition collection – don’t miss out – get yours while supplies last! Please select size/color options before adding this product to the cart – processing should take 7-14 business days via USPS First Class Mail or UPS Ground delivery service.