Choice Learning Academy – Catering to the Whole Child


Choice Learning Academy, established with help from COVID-19 relief funds last year, has quickly created a vibrant learning community since opening. Both teachers and students at Choice say it demonstrates that schools can thrive without physical structures.

Bree’s self-awareness about which learning options best suited her made the experience enjoyable, but with less developed self-awareness, Pete found having too many choices overwhelming.


Choice Learning Academy preschool emphasizes meeting all aspects of child development. They believe a strong foundation should be laid before entering formal education; to this end they provide their pupils with meaningful and authentic experiences while encouraging creativity and expression in learning activities. This method has proven effective and has improved long-term academic achievement for these youngsters.

Children are taught in small groups to receive personalized attention from teachers. Students are also encouraged to interact with and learn from other students – this allows them to develop social skills and gain confidence. In addition, an array of activities is offered, such as music and dance lessons, as well as nutritional meals and snacks at this school.

Students come from diverse backgrounds and speak multiple languages, such as Spanish and Vietnamese at this school. Although most are Hispanic, there is also an increasing presence of Asian and Black children.

The school employs several security measures to keep children safe. These include a fenced-in playground and restricted access doors. Furthermore, the Procare system enables parents to use fingerprint-scanning technology to check in and out of classes, – providing extra peace of mind.


CHOICE Elementary recognizes the need to educate all aspects of students–mind, body, and soul. Their goal is to foster personal relationships between staff members, students, and families to provide personalized education programs. Students can take traditional courses onsite or collaborate with school staff to create an independent elective offsite; examples include musical instrument lessons, horseback riding, and dance.

Choice Learning Academy, located in Phoenix, AZ, is a public school serving 441 students in grades 6-8 with an 18:1 student-teacher ratio according to state test scores. 5% are proficient or above in mathematics, and 9% are professional or above in reading; additionally, its diversity score stands at 0.49, significantly below that of Arizona schools.

The school’s revenue comes from four sources of public revenues–state, local, county, and federal. Click on any bar to compare this school’s payments with those from similar schools within its peer group or state averages. This institution has also utilized private funds as part of its operational costs – this may include foundation grants or donations from foundations; 48 individuals from Arizona supported it while 24 from out-of-state offered support; this helps uphold its teacher-founded mission while assuring it will continue serving those not finding success within traditional institutions.

Middle School

Choice Learning Academy Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona, serves students in grades 6-8 with an 18:1 student-to-teacher ratio – higher than the state average of 17:1. Based on its state test scores and graduation rates, as well as needing improvement, this public charter school was given a rating of C.

Choice Learning Academy boasts a highly diverse student body with a high percentage of minority students, most Hispanic. The school achieved an outstanding diversity score of 0.49, below the state average of 0.65.

CHOICE offers traditional-type courses and independent electives that students may take either on- or off-site, such as musical instrument lessons, equestrian riding lessons, dance and theatre arts programs, and physical education options. Students also have the option of opting into an offsite physical education program.

CHOICE also provides two leadership academies for elementary and intermediate school students. These programs feature an instructional schedule incorporating a leadership curriculum and critical thinking skills development. Admission into these academies depends on space availability; applicants should submit an application via Student Services for transfer approval.

Choice Learning Academy’s mission is to educate the whole child by working with families to form collaborative triads of teachers, parents, and students. This personalized approach enables each child to thrive within an atmosphere that fosters flexibility and care so they may reach their fullest potential.

High School

CHOICE offers traditional-type courses for students in grades 9 through 12. In addition, students may opt for an independent elective or physical education program off-site created by their family with guidance from CHOICE staff. Furthermore, each student is assigned an advisory group that meets daily to offer advice regarding graduation plans, life skills, future planning, off-site elective presentations, and other essential topics.

Alhambra Elementary District 4280 comprises this school with an 18:1 student-teacher ratio and has an ethnic mix mainly composed of 95% Hispanic, 17% Black, 4% Asian, 2% American Indian, and 2% Two or more races.

At 0.49, this school falls below the state average of 0.65 for diversity scores and boasts an excellent teacher retention rate, with 90% of teachers having worked at least five years at their respective campuses.

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