Central Florida Health Care


Medical care can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs. Medicare provides monthly premium coverage of hospital costs, home healthcare services and hospice services; alternatively a short-term plan may cost less and be renewed later on.

Central Florida Health Care (CFHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center serving three counties in south central Florida with culturally sensitive programs that are both accessible and cost effective.

UF Health

When it comes to medical care, UF Health can help. With its network of hospitals and physicians, this Florida institution stands as a beacon for scientific discovery and clinical advancement – not to mention being a leader in treating complex conditions like cancer.

UF Health offers access to nationally-recognized experts and specialists, bringing advanced care closer to you. Their six health colleges, nine research institutes and centers make an enormous impactful statement about healthcare in north central Florida and nationwide; its hospitals rank among the best nationwide; patient satisfaction with services is acknowledged.

The University of Florida Health system features five hospitals and two specialty hospitals located within Gainesville and Gainesville area. Shands Hospital is one of the region’s premier academic health centers, featuring a Level 1 trauma center as well as regional referral center services for cancer and cardiology referrals. Furthermore, UF Health enjoys strong presence throughout north central Florida.

Gainesville Health System’s newly renovated emergency room boasts shorter wait times and greater pricing transparency, offering non-emergent care so patients won’t visit for minor issues as frequently. This dual model decreases costs while improving care while increasing hospital efficiency.

UF Health is committed to providing compassionate and quality health care, with hospitals earning national recognition for excellence and continually expanding to serve more residents of Florida. In particular, UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital received national acclaim as one of the “Best Children’s Hospitals,” according to U.S. News & World Report; additionally it ranked first among Florida hospitals for its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

In addition to hospitals and clinics, UF Health boasts an expansive network of over 60 primary care practices and physician medical offices that offer a wide array of health services on evenings and weekends – as well as same-day appointments for urgent care needs.

UF Health will expand its presence in Volusia County this year with three specialty practices at The Oaks Mall. This move will give Volusia County residents access to high-quality care and cutting-edge technology offered by UF Health.

UCF Lake Nona Hospital

The UCF Lake Nona Hospital is a joint partnership between HCA Healthcare and University of Central Florida that opened its doors for business in Orlando’s Medical City at Lake Nona in 2016. Offering healing to patients throughout its region while training healthcare providers of tomorrow and supporting brilliant medical researchers that produce lifesaving ct&i treatments, this full-service acute care hospital boasts 64 beds with 20-bed emergency department, four operating rooms, six delivery suites, cardiac catheterization lab and comprehensive imaging and laboratory services.

Hospital offers maternity, childcare and wellness classes for expectant mothers and newborns alike. Their state-of-the-art Family Birthing Unit ensures more comfort and support during labor for expecting parents. In addition, there is also a bariatric center specializing in weight loss surgery with post weight loss support available – Sheila O’Ben is one such patient at this hospital who has managed to shed 145 pounds since having gastric bypass surgery last year!

UCF Lake Nona Hospital was constructed with sustainability in mind and earned LEED Gold certification, an internationally-recognized rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council that promotes design, construction and operations practices that enhance human and environmental health. UCF Lake Nona Hospital became one of the first hospitals nationwide to achieve this honor and could serve as an inspiration for others across the nation.

UF Health is a nationally ranked healthcare system known for its scientific research and clinical advancements. Their doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are recognized experts in their respective fields – cancer care, heart/vascular care, neurosurgery, orthopedics/urology care. Furthermore, this company boasts excellent customer service!

According to a survey by local hospitals and organizations, Central Florida residents’ top health concerns include mental illness, access to healthcare, obesity and quality of life issues. Based on responses from residents in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola Counties this research posed questions regarding quality of health, feelings about their community and whether or not there was sufficient access to health care.


CFHC provides quality healthcare to people regardless of their ability to pay, with services for adults, children and families in medical, dental and behavioral health ranging from pediatric dentistry and behavioral health counseling, health education programs, community outreach and advocacy aimed at strengthening communities. Their programs are funded through various sources including grants and private donations; additionally CFHC also offers financial counseling so individuals can manage their finances more effectively.

CFHC operates three clinics in Polk County, Florida, including Castle Family Health Center in Atwater and two others in Winter Haven and Lakeland, Florida. A fourth location may soon be added as its medical staff sees approximately 70,000 patients annually for 220,000 visits across its facilities – this includes uninsured or underinsured people as well as Medicaid and Medicare recipients requiring care as well as uninsured people who qualify for their healthcare plans through Medicaid or Medicare recipients. It focuses on primary and preventative health.

CFHC provides primary and urgent care, dental, optical, OB-GYN and behavioral health services in addition to primary and urgent care. Behavioral health services aim to assist patients in managing life’s stresses and difficulties as well as treat psychological symptoms – with services offered both in English and Spanish for maximum accessibility.

CFHC strives to offer culturally appropriate care to its patients. Their health team members are bilingual and understand that individual backgrounds impact healthcare needs. Furthermore, they provide care coordination services which assist people in navigating healthcare systems effectively.

CFHC is a non-profit organization that works to provide healthcare for low-income residents of Polk, Highlands and Hardee Counties. Accreditation from the federal Bureau of Primary Health Care ensures all residents can gain access to affordable quality healthcare services.

CFHC provides a sliding fee discount based on income and family size. To qualify for it, apply at CFHC, and the staff will assess your eligibility. Please remember that this is only an estimate; your discount amount may change at times based on changes to income or family structure; therefore if you are already a member be sure to inform staff of any such changes as soon as they occur.


A pharmacy is a health care establishment where medicines are sold and healthcare professionals consult with patients. Furthermore, pharmacists provide services like administering vaccinations, dispensing prescriptions, managing and counseling patients on medication therapy therapies as well as dispensing and dispensing vaccines and vaccinations. Pharmacists play an integral part in public health by informing other health professionals on proper administration procedures of medications.

Pharmacies are increasingly expanding their clinical offerings to better meet patient needs, increasing both revenue and patient enrollment. To maximize these services, pharmacists should implement protocols that enable efficient service provision; advertise these offerings via social media or on-hold messaging; visit local physician offices with their new offerings to promote them and collaborate on patient referrals with them; and finally visit them themselves to promote and explain these new services and collaborate on patient referrals with them.

Pharmacys also offer point-of-care testing. These tests can be administered right at the pharmacy and tend to be less costly than hospital tests; in addition, they reduce wait times and improve patient experiences – for example offering CLIA waived tests such as flu and strep tests that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Pharmacists are highly-trained healthcare professionals who can advise patients on over-the-counter medicine for minor ailments like colds and coughs, as well as advice regarding nutrition and exercise to maintain good health. If additional help is required, pharmacists can refer you to a GP or nurse – in addition to dispensing drugs they offer clinical advice as well as over-the-counter remedies that may help. Many are open late into weekends too!

Many communities are witnessing an increase in people with chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease requiring long-term treatment regimes, prompting pharmacists to play an increasing role in providing information regarding drug therapies to their patients, including how best to take medications without experiencing harmful side effects. They can also advise their clients how best to take their medicines safely without adverse side effects.