Bright Minds Learning Center


Bright Minds Learning Center LLC of Floral Park provides safe and loving childcare to children living nearby. Their teachers assist kids in learning through curriculum-based educational activities; additionally, this home daycare offers an ideal atmosphere where children can socialize and grow together.

Please reach out directly to the provider for current status and inspection reports.


Bright Minds Learning Center’s mission is to provide children with a safe and healthy environment that supports them physically, emotionally, and cognitively. They aim to nurture students’ confidence, creativity, critical thinking skills, multicultural awareness, and passion for learning – they strive towards this through successful partnerships with families and the community. Bright Minds believes the first five years enormously influence a child’s future – they aim to assist their development in ways that will be impactful throughout their lives.

This childcare provider is licensed, so please visit their profile on CT’s licensing website for up-to-date details and inspection reports. In addition, this childcare center participates in the State-subsidized childcare program – age range: infant through school age.

Learning Environment

Bright Minds Learning Center provides children with a safe and nurturing environment where they can play, learn, and thrive. Their curriculum features activities designed to foster creativity and build social skills. Great Minds is committed to helping every child reach their academic potential, providing high-quality curricula covering mathematics, English language arts, science, and more for everyone’s use.

This company provides nutritious meals to the children in its care, prepared on-site by a certified chef using only fresh, healthy ingredients – free from additives and preservatives – prepared daily by accredited chefs. Furthermore, qualified teachers and staff work alongside the children to ensure they receive top-quality education in a nurturing environment.

Young Bright Minds Daycare And Learning Center provides families a simple yet comprehensive child care and education solution, seamlessly transitioning children from home into an educational environment. Their full-time schedule fosters community spirit as the children get acquainted with one another, become acquainted with their surroundings, and form strong bonds among themselves.


Bright Minds Academy child care centers provide an educational environment where students can develop while having fun. Parents receive weekly progress reports on their child’s development. Bright Minds encourages focus and productivity among its students within an organized, clutter-free workspace, while instructors at BriteMinds help overcome any visual or physical distractions to ensure students can work efficiently without disruptions from optical or biological sources.

Children will be accepted based on the availability of space. Fees will vary based on your child’s age group (infant/toddler, preschooler, or school-agers) and childcare schedule (full-time vs part-time). Payments can be paid with Debit or Credit Cards bi-weekly; should any changes to fee structures arise, the agency will give notice at least one month in advance.

Bright Minds Academy operates multiple locations throughout Australia. Each center is staffed with caring and qualified teachers who offer your child a nurturing and secure environment to build social skills and be creative. In addition, they offer extracurricular activities that encourage exploration and play; these programs may benefit children with special needs and those developing at a slower rate.