Arbolus Technologies Announces $15 Million Series A Funding Round


Arbolus is a cloud and AI-powered network that makes it easier for investors to locate external experts, serving investment banks, private equity funds, strategy consulting firms, and survey companies among its client base. Arbolus also conducts client surveys.

AI can digitize offline data. London-based firm Sentient Solutions recently secured a $15m Series A round led by Element Ventures and Fuel Ventures.

Arbolus is an expert knowledge platform.

Arbolus is an expert knowledge platform that facilitates connections between subject-matter experts (SMEs) and clients who require insights into specific industries. Established by two former AlphaSights managers – Will Leeming and Sam Glasswell -, Arbolus believes knowledge is often lost due to traditional expert networks where one-hour calls often prove ineffective and interview findings may get lost in PowerPoint presentations or reports; Arbolus seeks to index all human knowledge globally and make it searchable.

Their powerful sourcing engine and matching tools make it simple for companies to locate the expert they need, while professional collaboration tools allow teams to collaborate simultaneously on projects. Furthermore, this company facilitates fee payments to experts using its services.

Recently, the company expanded its team with Pau Beltran as CTO, who brings 15 years of experience in machine learning and natural language processing to bear on new product development to increase global consultation capabilities further.

Alongside its knowledge platform, this company provides consulting and project management services to SMEs. Their team of experts can assist with research for business cases or help inform decisions regarding your next steps; they may even help create a growth strategy.

Arbolus may be relatively young, but he has already made waves in the expert network industry. Over the past year, it has increased revenues and client numbers by over sevenfold – now operating across the US, Spain, and India with co-founders who were once employed at AlphaSights; its technology combines machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

Arbolus is a Barcelona-based tech firm that connects businesses with on-demand expertise. Their intelligent platform digitizes offline data, conducts interviews with experts, and stores the results in a searchable database for future access. Users include major firms such as KPMG, UiPath, and the Big Four accounting firms; CEO Sam Glasswell of Arbolus believes professional networks such as Arbolus may become increasingly important as the future of work evolves.

It uses AI to digitize offline data.

This platform employs powerful machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to digitize offline data, making it easier for large businesses to find suitable industry professionals while guaranteeing they gain all relevant knowledge.

The company provides clients with a user-friendly platform to manage projects efficiently, experts, and insights in one place, allowing them to focus their due diligence efforts rather than schedule calls and hire outside counsel. Furthermore, this saves them money on hiring outside counsel while improving project management efficiency by eliminating long transcripts for manual consolidation.

Additionally, this platform enables users to read transcripts of prior call sessions and quickly reengage with industry professionals. Furthermore, there is a secure file-sharing feature, and confidential data can be safely kept under lock and key. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of multiple languages available as the software – making their connections worldwide much simpler.

AI digitizing offline data opens a world of opportunities for companies. Analyzing and processing newly generated information much quicker than traditional methods allows businesses to identify better solutions to problems more rapidly, making more informed decisions more quickly, which is particularly crucial in industries that must react swiftly to changing market dynamics.

Seva is an automated knowledge management platform designed to share wisdom across customer-facing teams in real-time, enabling them to respond faster. Sales, marketing, and support teams can use Seva to focus on tasks that matter, engaging more effectively with customers while cutting costs by freeing up time spent searching for or recreating information repeatedly.

London-based firm Knowit recently secured a $15 Million Series A funding round led by Element Ventures and Fuel Ventures with debt funding provided by Silicon Valley Bank, helping meet growing demand and continue disrupting how knowledge is shared within organizations. Over the past year, revenues tripled while team size doubled dramatically.

It offers a video Q&A platform.

Arbolus, based in London, offers an expert knowledge platform that digitizes offline data to facilitate conversations between clients and experts. Arbolus helps businesses manage and expand their expert networks while protecting the value of their knowledge assets. Small businesses can leverage the expertise of external consultants and partners more easily with this platform without spending much time searching for information. Arbolus offers video Q&A platforms, databases of transcribed calls, search engines, and payment history dashboards as part of its services. Recently, they announced raising $15 Million through a Series A funding round which will be used to meet customer demands while creating new features on their platform.

This company, with offices in London and 100 employees, has received $6 Million from Plug and Play Ventures, Fuel Ventures, and Element Ventures as venture capital investment and a debt facility from Silicon Valley Bank for a debt facility. Revenue has tripled yearly while team size doubled while expanding into US, Spain, and India markets.

Expert networks typically rely on phone and video conversations with their experts to gather client insights, but this process can be inefficient and expensive for both sides. With Arbolus Canopy technology, experts can now offer more in-depth answers via video – saving both time and money for clients.

Once you complete the questionnaire, an Arbolus associate will review your answers. A calendar invite with dial-in details will be issued if chosen for an interview call. You will be asked to sign a compliance document stating you agree not to disclose confidential or proprietary information.

Laima stands out as an innovative platform because it connects business needs with software solutions that address them effectively. Working closely with software engineers, operations, finance, and marketing teams to understand their challenges before providing technology-based solutions that address them effectively.

It facilitates surveys

Arbolus is a knowledge discovery platform that makes offline human knowledge available via advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. Their proprietary technology enables large businesses to source appropriate industry professionals and sources quickly, collect data from multiple sources simultaneously and produce unique data points unavailable elsewhere on the market.

Canopy, the company’s latest offering, provides an innovative method to manage large projects efficiently. By streamlining processes and freeing analysts from administrative tasks, Canopy enables analysts to focus on actual analysis rather than administrative duties. Furthermore, Canopy assists data collection efforts by replacing high volumes of repetitive expert calls. Furthermore, its automated summaries save hours on research while giving analysts greater flexibility when gathering insights.

Companies are turning to Canopy increasingly for assistance with strategic and operational decisions. Common uses for the platform include deeper market understanding, speedier scoping or due diligence processes, and expert advice sourcing for specific queries. With Canopy, you can also take advantage of additional questions arising during projects, post readout, surveys or after the initial launch; instead of needing an extra 30-minute call with experts for each one, send it off via Canopy for prompt and concise replies within hours.

Technology like this effectively removes barriers between clients and outside experts, enabling both parties to work more flexibly together. This is particularly advantageous in industries like finance, where strict compliance policies prevent sharing of proprietary or confidential data.

Established by Sam Glasswell and Will Leeming of AlphaSights, the startup has experienced rapid expansion since it was launched. After recently raising $15 million from Element Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank – who will provide equity investment and debt facilities – and opening offices in New York and Barcelona (while maintaining its London base).

Arbolus’ growth has been driven by its unique approach to expert networks and Gig Economy. Its intelligent matchmaking algorithm and robust project workspaces set them apart from traditional competitor platforms. Arbolus plans to increase its market presence further while soon unveiling new products.