Apostrophe Skin Care Products


As seeking skincare treatments from a dermatologist can be costly and time-consuming, Apostrophe (formerly YoDerm) makes it simple and cost-effective for customers to gain prescription skin treatments without visiting an office directly.

After paying the $20 consultation fee, users complete an in-depth questionnaire about their skin with photos before waiting to hear from a dermatologist and receive their prescription recommendation. Products will then be shipped to their home address.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is an antiseptic that works by stopping bacteria from multiplying, which in turn helps prevent acne outbreaks. Additionally, benzoyl peroxide acts as a mild bleach and an oxidizer, making it both keratolytic and comedolytic (reducing blackheads). You can find it in lotions, gels, cleansers, and washes with concentrations from 2.5-10%; its use may be combined with other topical or oral medications – such as antibiotics – to achieve its success. It works by altering cell membranes and oxidizing fatty acids within cells.

Benzyl peroxide is one of the most potent topical treatments for acne. Although more likely to cause red or peeling skin than salicylic acid, its speedy effectiveness makes up for it.

Benzoyl peroxide may take several weeks or months to begin working, so you must continue taking the medication until your skin clears. If irritation arises while using benzoyl peroxide treatment, try decreasing frequency or increasing strength.

Benzoyl peroxide-containing products can be found at most grocery stores and pharmacies; check for it on the product label. In addition, many skincare brands also produce benzoyl peroxide products with lower concentrations; Brevoxyl, Triaz, and others make products with this ingredient.

Apostrophe offers prescription-strength topical and oral acne treatments at Apostrophe. All patients can access our virtual dermatology visit starting from $20 for personalized advice on the right product(s). Once purchased, Apostrophe delivers your products directly to your door for easy use! Give it a try now.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an abundant plant packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory, skin protective, and moisturizing properties make it helpful in treating conditions like psoriasis and helping wounds heal faster. Aloe vera contains various compounds such as lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, and sulfur that possess antiseptic effects – providing multiple uses.

Aloe can also assist in other ways, including helping lower blood glucose and controlling diabetes. Aloe contains vitamins A, C, and E and essential folic acid, potassium, and choline for health purposes – plus mucopolysaccharides to increase skin hydration.

Moisturizers provide many significant benefits to those with dry skin. Aside from its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, moisturizers can also boost collagen production in the skin to slow the signs of aging and treat dry scalp by increasing lipid content in its outermost layer – the stratum corneum.

The apostrophe stands out from other dermatological brands by using compounding pharmacies to formulate effective and advanced treatments, which undergo stringent quality assurance testing to ensure safety and quality assurance.

Topical tretinoin and clindamycin for back, chest, or butt acne are among Apostrophe’s top-selling products. Not only is this treatment powerful enough to keep acne under control, but it’s infused with shea butter and aloe vera leaf juice for soft and hydrated skin – one customer who used the Apostrophe product to treat hormonal acne reported that its formula helped balance out her hormones to reduce breakouts around her jawline; another customer confirmed this when trying different products but Apostrophe was the only one that worked for her.


Niacinamide is a fantastic B vitamin with multitasking powers that make it essential for anyone looking to reduce pores, even out uneven skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dull complexions, and strengthen their skin barrier. Not only is Niacinamide an anti-aging ingredient, but its soothing properties help diminish red marks left by blemishes as well.

Niacinamide is an effective skin care ingredient because it protects the skin against free radical damage caused by exposure to sunlight, pollution, stress, and poor rest. Free radicals cause healthy cells to break down prematurely, leading to signs of aging like discoloration, wrinkles, and weakened skin. According to Dr. Gonzalez, these damage-causing free radicals have even been known to reverse some damage. According to Dr. Gonzalez, Niacinamide’s antioxidant properties help stop and reverse some damage.

Niacinamide applied topically is essential for those with sensitive skin to strengthen the barrier function, aiding ceramide production, which acts as an effective defense mechanism, keeping irritants out and moisture in. Furthermore, this ingredient also works well at fading discolorations caused by inflammation and reduces redness caused by inflammation.

Niacinamide should be part of your skincare regimen both morning and night for maximum effect since this water-soluble ingredient should ideally be taken in through serum rather than moisturizer. Just be sure to conduct a skin patch test when trying new skincare products that contain niacinamide to avoid an allergic reaction – and within 48 hours, you can usually tell whether an ingredient has irritated your face.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cells from damage while acting as an antiaging ingredient. It can diminish signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, blotchiness, and redness and help heal acne blemishes – making it an indispensable addition to any skincare regime.

Shea butter is another popular component of apostrophe skin care. Not only is this moisturizing ingredient fantastic at moisturizing your skin, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and puffiness caused by acne; plus, its abundance of vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects it against free radicals that contribute to premature aging.

Niacinamide is a trendy skincare ingredient with various advantages for your skin. It can strengthen its barrier, reduce inflammation, and even prevent hyperpigmentation and wrinkle formation – perfect additions to any skincare regimen; it can be found in several Apostrophe products like Custom Topical Formula and Body Acne Treatment.

Apostrophe, formerly YoDerm, was established in 2012 to make accessing dermatologist-prescribed skincare treatments easier for patients. Their platform allows users to submit virtual consultations and receive prescriptions quickly from dermatologists. With their own pharmacy, they are also faster in filling prescriptions than other companies and offer oral medications for treating conditions like acne or male pattern baldness and eyelash growth. Their telemedicine platform makes telemedicine treatment possible, so people no longer need to visit an expensive dermatologist; they can receive treatment at home instead.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant used to gently exfoliate skin layers from the top layer, offering an alternative to physical scrubs. By loosening glue-like substances that adhere dead cells together on topmost layers of the skin, glycolic acid reveals newer, fresher, brighter-looking skin, helping even out skin tone and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

As part of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family – including ingredients like lactic acid from milk, tartaric acid from grapes, and citric acid from citrus fruits), and glycolic acid from algae – glycolic acid stands out due to its unique ability to penetrate the skin deeply without irritating it. It’s one of the few products within its category capable of doing just this!

Melasma patients can also benefit from using it, as research shows it significantly reduces dark spots and discolorations when used either at higher concentrations in a skin peel or low concentrations as part of a daily skincare regime. Melasma treatment is one of our Custom Apostrophe Treatments, explicitly tailored to address individual skin concerns.

Are You Looking to Achieve Clear, Blemish-Free Skin? Reach Out Now! Our friendly customer care specialists will ask a few questions about your skincare goals and needs before connecting you with an experienced dermatologist who can craft an individualized acne-fighting regimen tailored just for you – simple, fast, and free – on the way to healthier and happier skin in no time!