American Virtual Cloud Technologies


American Virtual Cloud Technologies is a premier global IT solutions provider offering cloud, cybersecurity, and connectivity services.

The company exhibits several alarming red flags, such as its shifting business strategy and history of significant operating losses. Furthermore, major management changes have occurred, and stock dilution remains an issue.

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications combines business phone solutions, video conferencing, and file management into one user-friendly system, providing businesses with everything they need to increase productivity and connect with customers. It also cuts costs by enabling employees to work from home or elsewhere. Plus, it creates a superior customer experience that leads to increased sales and brand loyalty – which helps grow business!

Communication is at the core of business life. This is especially true within government, where sharing information across departments or even states and nations is vital to public services agencies. With unified communications solutions available today, working between offices, locations, and teams has never been simpler!

This system allows people to work from anywhere as long as they have Internet access. It enables companies to reduce office space while cutting energy costs and decreasing carbon emissions from employee travel. Reducing employee travel distance also lowers carbon emissions and other environmental impacts.

Provides an effortless integration of phone systems, video conferencing, and cloud-based tools into one seamless package. Their advanced unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform enables real-time communication capabilities for software vendors, enterprises, and other providers in the application programming interface economy.

This company’s unified communications as a service offers businesses a fully customizable experience, allowing them to meet their specific requirements. Their platform includes advanced features like call center monitoring, call recording automation, and AI support. Their pricing plans begin from $20-40 per month for basic techniques, with higher-tier ideals offering unlimited calling outside North America and other advanced tools.

Security is paramount in all business ventures, and unified communications is no exception. The platform’s advanced integrated security systems encrypt data to prevent unauthorized individuals from intercepting sensitive information. At the same time, most providers offer regular backups that protect against accidental deletion of important files by an employee or malicious hacker.

American Virtual Cloud Technologies Inc offers IT solutions. Their products and services include private and hybrid data centers, enterprise networking solutions, unified communications as a service solution, managed services cybersecurity, and enhanced connectivity solutions to clients throughout the US. American Virtual Cloud Technologies offers its services nationwide.

Managed Services

Managed services offer numerous advantages for small and mid-sized businesses with limited IT budgets, including reduced costs, more flexibility and scalability, access to talent and technology expertise as well as helping minimize downtime due to maintenance issues and increasing productivity. They are an ideal partner in terms of costs and expertise for avoiding maintenance-related downtime while increasing productivity. Managed service companies may be particularly suitable partners.

A good managed services provider should offer various services, such as system integration, help desk support, and cybersecurity. In addition to scaling resources according to business demands and negotiating better rates for hardware and software purchases.

Managed services companies offer an array of services and can save money regarding staffing and training costs. Many services provided through managed services providers come as part of one monthly bill, which makes their prices far more cost-effective than employing in-house IT teams and helps make budgeting for IT expenses simpler.

Before implementing managed services in your business, it is crucial that you fully comprehend their limitations. Ask yourself whether the solution they offer could outgrow or suit your future needs; an excellent MSP should comprehensively assess your current IT infrastructure and suggest appropriate solutions tailored specifically for you and your needs.

MSPs can save time and effort by managing compliance requirements and audits. This service is particularly beneficial to businesses subject to stringent regulations like PCI DSS and HIPAA; violating them could cost businesses dearly in terms of penalties; an MSP can help companies to stay compliant by conducting regular audits to report on their organization’s compliance status.

American Virtual Cloud Technologies may be well-positioned in its market, but it may not be suitable as an investment choice for you. Revenue growth has been slow and ongoing losses indicate significant challenges facing this business.


The internet can be an insecure place. Hackers are continually looking for opportunities to steal information and money from organizations, individuals, and government agencies – cyberattacks have increased dramatically with no signs that they’ll slow down anytime soon – leaving everyone on edge: consumers being wary about where their data goes, governments putting preventive measures in place to protect citizens, and companies investing time and resources against cybercrime.

As the internet connects people and places across the globe, cybersecurity is essential to our global economy. Cybersecurity encompasses designing, implementing, and monitoring security systems to prevent cyberattacks and ensure a secure digital ecosystem. Homeland Security’s mission is to strengthen national and sector resilience to cybersecurity attacks while investigating malicious cyber activity while furthering cybersecurity within democratic values and principles.

As technology develops, the need for on-demand access to ubiquitous data and information platforms increases exponentially. Unfortunately, high-speed connectivity heightens the risk of data breaches which can be highly damaging for any organization; consequently, many businesses are investing in platforms capable of storing, managing, and protecting large datasets.

American Virtual Cloud Technologies Inc (AVCT – Get Report) is an information technology services company. Through its Computex and Kandy segments, the Company provides technology solutions such as unified cloud communications, managed services, cybersecurity, and enhanced connectivity solutions. Kandy business provides carrier-grade proprietary cloud communications services such as communications platform as a service (CPaaS), unified communication as a service (UCaaS), Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service, and real-time APIs to create enhanced connectivity solutions.

AVCT’s revenue decreased throughout 2021 due to difficulties generating positive cash flow from operations, and is currently exploring strategic options that may include selling assets. Nonetheless, the Company remains well-positioned within its industry and boasts an established customer base; furthermore, its UCaaS solution may provide some pandemic relief that may give AVCT an opportunity for rebound shortly.

Enhanced Connectivity

Enhanced Connectivity refers to a service that allows users to connect more reliably to the internet, improving business productivity while helping avoid costly network downtime. It has become an increasingly popular managed service offering among businesses; however, when selecting an enhanced connectivity provider, several aspects must be noted.

Computex specializes in IT solutions for enterprise and mid-market clients, offering cloud communications, managed services, cybersecurity, enhanced connectivity and enhanced connectivity services to enterprises in various industries such as energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing logistics, retail hospitality, public sector. Operating two segments, Computex and Kandy, it has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc and two affiliated debtors filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 relief with the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on January 11th, 2023, listing assets and liabilities up to $50 Million each. The filing allows American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc to continue operations while it works out a repayment plan with creditors. Northland Capital Markets and SOLIC Capital Advisors were appointed agents during this process.

AVCT shares have seen impressive gains so far this month, but before you jump the gun on investing, take some time to understand its story. As an emerging cloud communications company with solid partnerships, including AT&T, IBM, and Etisalat, among many others, AVCT shares are poised for continued gains.

The chart below presents a historical overview of AVCT’s stock performance over the past 12 months, highlighting highs, lows, and volume fluctuations during that timeframe. Furthermore, this view depicts its strength compared to NASDAQ 100 index stocks.