Advantages of a Business Card CD


A business card CD is an effective way of showcasing your skills and experience to potential clients or employers.

CD business cards can store many media and resources for companies and employees, including company brochures, product demonstration videos, photographs, and audio.


A business card CD provides a practical and durable means of communicating information about your company to current and potential customers in an interactive format. Unlike paper business cards, CDs are capable of including multimedia presentations as well as video clips; you can even include links to websites, social media accounts, and email addresses for current and potential clients alike – an attractive addition that sets you apart from competitors and impresses clients alike!

A CD business card takes advantage of one of humanity’s fundamental traits: curiosity. Your audience may be intrigued by the idea of giving out CDs with more than contact details and an electronic version of brochures; giving out CDs with interactive video presentations will set you apart from competitors and show that you understand how technology is shaping our world.

Personalize and Select a Logo

Customizable business cards are essential for most professionals, and many choose designs that reflect their brand and personality. But the method may also depend on the position, industry, or organization in which the card will be used – for instance, a nail salon business card would differ significantly from those created for florists, bakeries, tree services, or power washers; similarly, interior designer business cards vary dramatically from those intended for mechanics or landscapers.

Customize a business card by changing colors, shapes, lines, and fonts to meet your preferences. Plus, you can add and edit text objects, graphics, and logos for extra customization! When complete with your design using the Design Wizard, save your design as an.iso file that will preserve directory structure folder placement startup programs settings for future use!

These credit card-size, hockey rink, or wallet-size CDs hold up to 50MB of data and are often called credit card-size CDs or wallet-size discs. They can be stored in CD-ROM drives on desktop PCs and laptops and will play just like standard 12cm round discs.


Business card CDs can be an ideal tool for distributing multimedia presentations. These pocket mini CDs, like traditional business cards and paper brochures, allow potential clients to retain information. In addition, this digital format offers more excellent product and service demonstration capabilities that will engage audiences at trade shows.

Business card CDs can tap into one of humanity’s fundamental traits: curiosity. If you hand someone a CD, they’re likely to open and read what’s inside, especially if its contents pertain to their industry or field of interest. By tailoring its contents toward these interests, business card CDs make an effective tool to capture their interest and convince them they should share their contact info with you.

A “business card CD” is a compact disc crafted to resemble the shape of a business card upon production, often called an oval, hockey rink, or wallet-size CD. Easily fits into most CD drives’ center wells for convenient access while holding up to 150MB of information.

Business cards are an indispensable marketing tool, providing information to prospective customers about a company or its product/service. Unfortunately, business cards don’t always offer enough space or capability for multimedia presentations – which makes a CD such an invaluable asset to many businesses.

Your CD business card offers you the flexibility of creating videos to introduce your products and services or simply including links to your website, making your company easily accessible for potential customers to learn more about you and visit your company. Plus, FlipHTML5’s selection of pre-made designs for interactive business cards that you can personalize further to fit the needs of your company – along with user-friendly software makes creating custom cards more accessible than ever!


If you want your business to stand out, durable business cards could help set itself apart. Constructed of synthetic paper with superior water-repellent properties and durability properties that set them apart from standard paper cards, durable business cards provide professionals with the necessary cards to withstand repeated handouts over time.

Business card CD-ROMs are small CD-ROMs designed to resemble printed business cards with up to 30MB capacity and are typically used as promotional or product demonstration tools. A business card CD can store and present multimedia resources like presentations, photographs, videos, audio, and text files – ideal for promotional and product demonstration purposes.

Business Card CDs can be printed on both sides with full-color printing on both surfaces for complete visibility. They fit most standard computer CD drives, though slot-loading DVD drives may not accept them due to being too thin; often, their shape fits snuggly inside the drive tray’s inner well – similar to mini CDs!

Business card CD cases feature rounded corners as a safety measure to avoid injuries caused by sharp edges, while their shape makes them easier to grip than traditional CD cases. They are available in various colors and finishes to easily match your brand identity.

A business card CD is an effective and economical way of leaving an impressionful first impression with clients and potential customers. An inexpensive means of spreading the word about your company, it can help build strong relationships between yourself and clients while providing information about it and promoting products/services offered by it. Furthermore, business card CDs are great tools for networking contacts, giving contact lists for events, sharing presentations/audio/visual material among organizations, and offering advertising on the Internet!


Business card CDs are an effective and cost-efficient way to market your business. They feature video presentations, electronic company brochures, and contact info in addition to your logo and other text – perfect for meetings with busy potential clients or customers! CD Business Cards will leave a lasting impression and give your company an edge against its competition.

A Business Card CD is a CD-ROM cut or pressed to fit the dimensions of a business card (commonly referred to as hockey rink or wallet-size). These discs may be created using full-sized 120mm discs or mini CD format (smaller than regular CDs that fit inside CD trays). Both can be printed on both sides, and each can store up to 100MB of data.

These CDs are frequently used to demonstrate commercial products, mail to prospective customers, or give away at trade shows. Customizable with your company logo and contact details for maximum brand awareness, these discs come with full-color printing on both their surface and packaging for maximum impact.

MC Squared New Media offers custom CD business cards tailored specifically for your company in various styles, from standard cards with 50MB capacity to writeable CDs that allow up to 50MB MP3 tracks. We can supply preloaded versions in straightforward plastic wallets or blank ones where users can write themselves.